as a marketing concept and marketing also marketing small nameplates, classmates tragedy!

After the

in 90 has gradually become the main force of consumption, marketing concept gradually began to pop "base SAO wave", which means that whatever you products have a competitive advantage, only in 90 after the pursuit of "personality" and "base SAO wave" unique temperament, can get the success of marketing.As long as you are able to make after 90 "cool", so they will pay for your goods.

the last two years the fire up small nameplates, classmate, for example, as a not so nice (small make up personal opinion) drinks, its success can be fully that the success of the marketing concept, it was declared to the traditional marketing "base SAO wave" era has come.Small nameplates, students can be said to be one of thunder, a night, but rarely seen in the first half of 2017 people in the small tea drink classmate.In small make up, it seems, small nameplates, classmates is into marketing and marketing too!

into also marketing and marketing, small ling Ming classmate marketing concept of tragedy!

like fire up to 2012 ma jia jia, she used the idea of "wave base SAO" won the favour of after 90, has been a success, and also said that "we as long as we don't buy a house after 90, novel and fun", the real estate to nothing sooner or later, but, a few years of SAO, SAO not up, so her business was dead, also bought a house, at the beginning of rhetoric can only embarrassed smile slightly too!

to success in the small ling Ming classmate, unity is very important small mingyuan's classmate, formed a small tea division, but 2017 years no matter how marketing still cannot prevent small classmate of thing of the past.So small nameplates, students of "wave base SAO" marketing, why not?

a, the marketing success

first of all we have to say is, "wave base SAO" marketing concept is not wrong, because now is gradually in the notification time after 90, the main problem in the traditional marketing people think of "wave base SAO" marketing concept of lift, but for the "wave base SAO" have the wrong understanding.

small nameplates, schoolmate's blaze investigate its reason is to grab a IP, both xiao Ming.Xiao Ming classmate in 2015-2016 special fire, all kinds of jokes of "xiao Ming roll out" emerge in endlessly.The emergence of small nameplates, classmates, personality, unique packaging, base and the expression of xi xi, immediately attracted the attention of many 90, thunder, no two at one time.But not after all small nameplates, classmate xiao Ming classmate, it is a fake after 80 the memory to 90 after the novelty.For fake itself after 80, 80 after tasting, don't choose;Just up to 90 before the consumption psychology.

into also marketing and marketing, small ling Ming classmate marketing concept of tragedy!

2, small ling Ming classmate?

small tea ice tea is a classmate, but it's the name and make tea is not a dime.In addition to face and balls after 90 young people, other consumers don't know is what you sell!Mature consumers holding will be very embarrassed, too naive.

second, "wave base SAO" actually to go the traditional marketing strategy, will be 90!After small nameplates, fire a classmate, sponsored a variety show "I go to school, terminal shop goods!Feed, but synonymous with base wave SAO ah, you went to do the traditional marketing, terminal on the shop, this is not despise after 90?

well, sure enough, it was 90 abandoned.Positioning itself in 90 after the consumers, but things abandoned after 90, it is not who is dead?Develop new market need to keep the old, and I will be thinking your consumer groups active, no loyalty, small nameplates, the classmate return to "half-hearted", is certainly ".

3, small ling Ming classmate marketing concept of tragedy

similar to small nameplates, students have a business, also depend on base SAO waves do marketing, but it does little long all appropriate.That is WeiLong spicy dry tofu.WeiLong spicy dry tofu and critical diffuse, B for the young, secondary yuan culture development, himself a "web celebrity", rather than using the hot jokes, "xiao Ming classmate" the gap is obvious.WeiLong wrap yourself as a web celebrity, no matter how consumers fickle he can wrap yourself up by marketing, but little nameplates, classmate!Although small nameplates, classmate with xiao Ming classmate fire up, but when xiao Ming classmate joke nobody continue to fry, no one attention, who knows what are you doing this little nameplates, classmates is!

into also marketing and marketing, small ling Ming classmate marketing concept of tragedy!

90 itself after the mind is not stable, they need you to make the sense that need you to create a sense of humor, but little nameplates, classmates, but also after with xiao Ming classmate fire up with xiao Ming students engage in a lawsuit, lost in the packing, but it is after this change, how many 90 can remember?Small nameplates, students could have xiao Ming and small classmate all development students the IP, but they are for the benefit of the eyes didn't do it!

so little nameplates, students in the marketing, is the base SAO wave camouflage, just brush paint young, dressed in SAO wave base coat, is the traditional marketing.It also gave all my marketing people wake up, you want to base SAO wave, from nature to base SAO waves, only you itself is a man of mean SAO wave, to play up the marketing concept!Wore wave base SAO coat dry with traditional marketing, the moment to the fire, but will eventually be eliminated.

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