tencent sue netease cloud music copyright infringement china a dominant

recently, many netizens found netease cloud music playlist in some Hong Kong and Taiwan singer's songs were pulled from the shelves, click on the track, at the bottom of the page hint information display: "due to the partner's request, the resource temporarily unavailable".

late on August 11, tencent music group to the latest reply, said the first financial journalist because netease cloud music exists infringement for many times, so the suspended part and netease cloud music authorized cooperation, at the same time, tencent has been sent to the shenzhen court music entertainment group, until the piracy problem clear and related legal responsibility.

netease cloud music aspect, according to a recent song really forced to part from the shelves, about 1% of the order of magnitude in netease cloud music library.

tencent further stated, "recently, because of netease cloud music has several tort, seriously disrupt the market order, tencent has been sent to the shenzhen court music entertainment group, at the same time to suspend cooperation with netease cloud music part turn authorization, until the other piracy problem clear and related legal responsibility."

includes music works by tencent music enjoyed by the exclusive including queer paid album "6" wu song, tencent music to the shenzhen court, order the defendant to stop immediately in netease cloud music website, PC client, mobile client, the client terminal such as broadcast, download, sound recordings, involved joint compensation for economic losses, in a statement and a public apology to the plaintiff.

music into tencent netease cloud music's biggest rival

netease cloud music though it is the latter of the online music sector, but power is through friends recommend and social functions such as rapid rise, particularly among young users occupy important position.According to figures released by the netease cloud music, founded just four years to surpass the 300 million user base, value 8 billion yuan.This obviously bring are actively seeking public tencent music group pressure.

a QuestMobile mobile Internet Q2 2017 summer report issued in terms of mobile music APP, netease cloud music rising momentum, new download user strong growth in June 2017, 19.0528 million people, year-on-year growth rate of 109.77%.The report also shows that users under the age of 24 in QQ music accounted for 44.6%, in netease cloud music accounted for more than 54.8%.Netease cloud music users have more younger, more press close to youth.

in addition, netease cloud music users in first-tier cities accounted for 21.1%, second-tier cities, 39.3% higher than that of QQ music 15.2% and 39% respectively.In urban distribution of users, netease cloud music users are more focused on a second-tier cities.

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