ma king hands again fry ali rent changed the lives of one hundred million people

Fried king ma hands again,

today, and have a talk with you on alibaba.Ma is more active, recently began to explore new investment projects, the richest man in the name of did not wave get hollow reputation.Recently launched a ali rent.If this pattern once promotion, leasing market is will go without intermediary.So why do you say that?

if we want to rent our own and homeowners to face photos and upload documents.What sounds like alipay and face recognition!Yes, in fact are to operate in this way.Corresponding homeowners and house property card information, as well as automatic identification, to say the owners and tenants can ensure their information is accurate.

on the payment of it, the deal can be said to be transparent, without any additional cost.People watch the house that rent a house, began to form in the computer registration.And then draw up directly by on ali system good pay can stay after signing the contract.

Fried king ma hands out again,

the previous two steps is one of the more go, don't worry, the ultimate big recruit just behind a

now launch right of lease with a lot of places, that is to say can obtain some of the locals that rent a house right, including the application for admission to the child's education, etc.Then that is as long as the contract is concluded, ali database will guide is passed to the relevant functional departments, this part later as long as you to deal with things, as long as the id card can do a good job.In general, you rent a house to handle the residence permit, is the need to bring the contract, the room, in general the landlord won't give you, that can only go to accompany, and if you have any inconvenience would be a waste of time and low efficiency.So this link has now gone, because all information is available on the Internet.Is this a maximum convenience to our people.

Fried king ma hands again,

if you can't afford to pay the rent, ali financial can also is the escort you help you rent a house.House is used to live, not to stir fry.Ali to innovate on this for us, it is an innovation.Finally, small make up think after dozens of years, a lot of physical circulation pattern will be broken by ali.

Fried king ma hands again,

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