fu cheng: young people growing four keywords

Fu Cheng: young people growing four keywords

these days, the cheetah teenager in cheetah final-year students started in 2017.All the way to take this opportunity, I also share some of my experience of growing up, these also need to share it to a friend:)

time is one of the largest resources in young people. you are a master's, Ph.D., record of formal schooling is higher than me.But I think is more important than the degree of is time.

whether undergraduate or Dr, outstanding students or students with poor grades, entered the work, everyone will be back on the same starting line.Because, college is four years, master's, PhD, for several years, and you work, are likely to be 40 years or more.It is 40 years, let your achievement, has the difference.

today, cheetah is you, the first job.Life is so important a node, I prepared for you a few keywords growth.

is the first key words: goals and dreams

I close contact with a lot of Daniel, they are different style, different.Some people particularly clever, such as Zhou Hongyi, thinking running very fast;Some people for a meeting with you to thinking still running at high speed in the morning, for example, lei jun;Others say words, always feel that a word a word to jump, such as ma;Mr. Li, basically is not how to speak. but they have something in common, especially big one thing in common sense of purpose.

these people is a strong sense of purpose.

I have seen a lot of smart people, the final achievement.Why is that?Very important thing, is that they feel life is so, live well today.It's not like that.Early to set a goal, it is very very important.This goal is not clear enough, it doesn't matter, as long as there is a big direction, vision, probably it would have looked like a lighthouse, on the choppy and boundless sea, tell you where to go.

my first contact with the Internet is in a company called 3721, written there is a problem ask me, who want to be five years.I write, I want to be CEO.HR to see this answer, he asked me, do you know why the CEO is?I said I don't know.I just think you can do management.Later, although the time a little bit older than five, but today, I was became a CEO.

when it comes to dreams and goals, must not open around the United States.Recall, my generation to accept education, has always been "everybody has the way of diameter, learn the bitter for boat".As long as you work hard can succeed.Can I go to the United States for the first time, I feel is not the case.Standing in front of Stanford's lawn, I thought, their environment and well, and can often leave, running every day, finally say we copied him every day, it's not fair.But I don't argue.

because, a lot of great innovation is indeed from them. then I thought, the core problem could be the target.Imagine, more than one hundred years ago, the statue of liberty had just built, if you saw a big on board is a symbol of the statue of freedom slowly zoom in, you can feel the land of dreams.It is how to support you to build your goal in life.

a few days ago, cheetahs do a Japanese web celebrity party.There are two American web celebrity dedicated to supporting her.Write their own songs, play, and then to sing.In the United States, there are a large number of such people.They can't afford a ticket, but they also don't care much about.They only had a pursuit, is to let oneself become different.

is at that moment, so I began to think about our China's emphasis on hard work and hard thinking system.Cheetahs are also small, although it did not any international business, I myself have no overseas background, but we dare to think, then can make it a global company.

I want to explain? a man want to have a big goal, first to have the opportunity to close to the target.The so-called, take on it, including;Take on them, have to deny it.

our whole education especially lack is a sense of purpose and dream of life education.All of our education is education skill.Who send a sheet, fill in the well, who is a good student.Never taught you, what will be, or how to set goals for yourself.Skill education is not to tell you, how to go looking for an open environment, the ability to set yourself a subject.This is not the same as the difficulty of answering question completely.

we always laugh at American mathematical fundamentals that bad, but why the best mathematicians was born in the United States?Because, they don't have the skills in the first place, but the interests and goals in the first place.Many people used to say, a basic mathematical ability, the Chinese americans.But we ignore, we practice is to strengthen the education, in the United States, if a student is interested in mathematics, middle school can accept much more deeply than undergraduate mathematics education.If this is his goal.

the difference in the whole education system, we both core lies in their ability to pay special attention to cultivating target. we often said that zuckerberg college drop out of school, university of Bill Gates dropped out of university of jobs and drop out of school, if only people who drop out of school to entrepreneurial success.But you don't know is that somebody else in high school to accept education, may be many levels has been beyond our undergraduate education.

I want to say is that we accept the education of today, the essence is skill education, is done in the field of a closed question solution ability.But in an open world, to find their own goals, you would benefit from real life.

of course, also want to believe that a hero is known in the time of misfortune, opportunity is important, there is nothing wrong.But the people to seize the opportunity, the goal must be particularly strong.

the second key word is: the principle of

act to set up some basic principles is a very important thing.Buffett had a partner, called Charlie munger, his fame in China than Mr Buffett is big, but he has a huge impact in the investment community, it also has partnerships with buffett is very strong.

munger said, in fact, I can do these achievements is: first, to find some basic principles;Second, according to these basic principles to strict work.

an example.I recently met an entrepreneur, the first 10 Meituan employees, he founded the water droplets and mutual assistance.It is the fastest growing Internet insurance industry project.He said he is in college set up the goal, later have to start a business.But he thought that with his graduate with the ability to be done.He have to join a team to learn.Finally into Meituan so he left no stone unturned, after go in, in striving work, later became the youngest Meituan district manager.

unfortunately, hired a COO Meituan from ali.Observe his work after a period of time, he is given two options: either translation without core department, either by two stage before subordinates reporting to him.Do you know what did he choose?By two notches.

I asked him why, he said, his principle is to learn for entrepreneurial experience, to exercise ability.The COO, my performance is desperately, rather than rely on a team, so he would rather to study management skills, rather than to avoid injustice.This principle is exalted.

I'm at a very early age began to set up the principle.Such as growth principle.I ask myself don't too concerned about the timely return, and going to see a long-term have reached level. nature of this principle is the pursuit of personal growth.

so, out of the yahoo!, I went to the qihoo, while baidu gave me much more than qihoo paid well.Because I have a chance to get in there, a product, and try my best to do it.Then you can see, I take up 360.Of course, someone must have wondered why, 360 do so I left again?Or principles.Zhou Hongyi said, you don't worry about the business, I also give you a salary, after you have a lot of money, of course I wouldn't be so choose.For violating the principles of my growth.

and adhere to the principle of no intuition .Is absolutely not head to make a decision.I met things must first precipitation, requests itself with my logic and thinking framework to exercise the whole thing.This is my second principle.

the third principle is not to be emotional control. people often said to me, it hurt me.If we are so easy to damage, at the end of the day or our own inner fragile.

the fourth principle is to believe in probability theory. although you cannot guarantee that every decision is right, but you can definitely improve the probability of correct decisions.So, through continuous closer to the fact of decision, eventually will be able to make the right decisions on important issues.

, principle is a ruler.You give yourself to set up a few ruler, do things have rules.These rules will bring you a better decision.

young people just work, really is a learning again.To learn a lot of social knowledge, industry knowledge, and the ability to learn how to do a job.

principle is also a kind of thinking habit. we take we often meet with hesitation and entangled with the two emotions for example.

think carefully, you will find that they are not character, nature is a sign of lack of judgment.We always praises, so-and-so good have the courage to do what decision.I don't find right.It is not bold than other people or not, but whether a set of thinking habit, or judgment principle.

I think I'm five or six years before have a job, work efficiency is very low.Because there is no to summarize these principles.Until I hesitate not character, want to know, but you don't have that kind of thinking mode, the situation become different.

I left yahoo has said, the 360 is my lucky.Behind it there are principles - that is not because the pursuit of security and to make a seemingly safe decisions.

so my advice to you is to establish their own principles.You will encounter all sorts of problems in the future, then you can write down the problem, to check with your these principles.

once I eat with Mr Luo, he told me, if not, absolutely can't imagine yourself so lazy people can become so hard.The essence of diligence, or he would have identified the principles of their work.

this principle can also avoid the pony across the river.How can you say ?I interview the person, we will often meet some people say, I went back to talk it over with my wife, or talk it over with your parents.I said, in fact you should not, you should go to consider is that whether it conform to the principle of acting on their own, and then to convince his family.For the simple reason that they get the amount of information and you are completely different.

the third keyword is: learning

must embrace learning state of mind to start your journey to work. munger said more than 80 years old, if I can't eliminate their thinking model of a year ago, this year I'm white.

today, the emergence of the Internet era pace of change, more and more striking.This time go to Taipei, where often tell me began to go to Beijing, don't want to stay in Taipei.Because every time to go to Beijing, feel good changed.Two months did not come, is full of Shared a bike.

this time really is not the same as in the past too.Previously, agricultural civilization era, emphasis on practice makes perfect;Theory of traditional Chinese medicine in one thousand remains the same, the old Chinese medicine more old more valuable. now, the knowledge of the three or four years ago probably will fail, two or three years work experience will be useless.We can only through continuous learning, grope for age behind the big rule, finally summarized into his own principles.

I remember, with Zhou Hongyi meeting for the first time, he said, do a meeting minutes, to speak for about two hours, and the meeting minutes, I did it in the middle of the night at 3 o 'clock.I kept wondering, why should he say, constantly to think about it, to refine.Because meeting minutes need to come to the conclusion that some program, so I write the summary of main point line, the black key place, bigger bottom exploits points, you can finish it at a glance, also wrote a short summary, so that when he see the mail, even if not open the attachment, basic can also know what about the meeting.

and, more importantly, it is not only for the superior service, sorting, refining, reflection and deep thinking for yourself is also a learning process itself.

since then, only have me to attend all the meetings, Zhou Hongyi all let me do meeting minutes, looks like a physical strength live, are learning.

learning there is a very important point of view, I call the empty cup mentality, Stay Foolish.Really see myself very low, of course, this is difficult.

I was to have such a mentality, an important reason is that because of the undergraduate is not good enough, began to north drift and then meet with many difficulties.Looking back, it is good.I often meet some good people, you will think this person good smart, study hard, and not to say that this person silly, how how.

this is the point of view, bring me very, very big growth, so that every time, I can from communicating with others, from the meeting, to listen, to learn.

the fourth key word is: action

when you have a goal, set up the principle, and learning mentality, is need to continue to use action to improve their cognition.Through continuous practice to test their learning of the content, in turn, target principle, will eventually form a about self growth and closed-loop methodologies.

must have a lot of people know, I have the most fat to 190 jins, weight lost 40 pounds, but I lose weight first thought is not perseverance, but the methodology.I summarized a set of solution to lose weight, strictly follow the energy theory.A month will lose 20 pounds.

after reducing weight, also want to go running, but I run really poor, 1 km run down.When I questioned if they are not suitable for running, started running.The results show that the human is the king of long-distance running.

it is said that a long time ago, our ancestors see an antelope on the African savannah, go after it, have been chased by antelope vomiting blood and die, and finally ate it.And people is so alive.Actually reduce weight, too.My own training plan, after a recent half horse, I went to 2 hours.

action is inseparable with interest. if you are not interested in something, are you not know what is the fun.When you put something deep enough, you will find, a lot of people like it makes sense.

interest, however, still only the beginning, there are two things that is not open around action - that's goals and hard work. millet, and cheetahs, had come across difficult bottleneck, our solution is a spell while learning.

young men had just begun to work, sometimes may feel his talent, but I send you a word, this is lenovo told Mr Yang liu chuanzhi was., he said, first of all, you want to become strong.Neither chicken meet each other, feel each other of mine.Because everyone help yourself to a more or less, more or less low look at the others.Only when you become an ostrich so big, the other chicks will admit that you are indeed very big.So to make the different result, is the only can prove myself, and make yourself stand out from the sensible choice.

is bit by bit break through their ability to ring out.Today, young people's first consideration should not be to buy a house, but how to become the top 20% of the city.This is a major premise.If I can be the 20% of the people, nature have the chance to enjoy various welfare.

at the same time, you need to pursue explosive growth, rather than the pursuit of a simple social average growth.If you want to own life, gaining transition, first of all will be good enough in their own work.

I often tell a lot of colleagues, five years later you, not to you compare today, but those peers compared with you.Only at that time, you still so special, you just can have more opportunities.

I hope very much to provide more opportunities for young people, are looking forward to the emergence of young people.Because, companies and individuals would eventually mutual achievement, each other to grow.Your work is belong to the company, the but work back to you is difficult to replicate the experience and ability.

while you are working for the company, but more important is for your growth and jobs.This is the premise of all our efforts at the core.

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