map eat beijing emergency update because ma opened stores in beijing


jack ma, and give you a surprise!If just please be online women before, this time, the big bombshell is aimed at the version!

after two years of secret research and development, the secret of the new retail platform alibaba, in their first appearance in Beijing recently!

box of Mr. Ma!?

no, call box Ma Xian born!Is the fresh raw fresh!

map eat Beijing emergency updates Because Mr. Ma opened stores in Beijing

this box Ma Xian life what's unique place?

in 3 kilometers, within the scope of the order for 30 minutes to the home.There is no doubt that this is the world's most extreme user experience!Behind this is, of course, alibaba cloud computing and big data processing ability, calculate the Courier little elder brother, the optimal distribution of path;In addition, bold abandoned electric business platform for the sorting center, inside the store looked up and there was a hemp rope winding grid, hanging from a metal chain above, from time to time with "box Ma Xian life" bag from her head, and the hanging chain system is get through the logistics of new retail channels.Orders, packaging, delivery!Less than 30 minutes, that is, went downstairs to buy a MSG time at home!

map eat Beijing emergency updates Because Mr. Ma opened stores in Beijing

what can buy?

king crab, salmon, sushi, lobster, all kinds of fish, the most fresh vegetables, all kinds of cold and hot drinks, all kinds of daily necessities..

the most exaggerated, there just wrapped Hun blunt, only need to Courier to home, you have a pot to boil...Is especially suitable for lazy people shout networking natives!

map eat Beijing emergency updates Because Mr. Ma opened stores in Beijing

of course, box Ma Xian living is by no means a supermarket or a convenience store!Because, in the store can also be processed immediately, there is a very large dining area, can immediately experience cuisine!Expensive processing fee?Of course not, that is, 10 to 15 yuan!

to be honest, this price is really a conscience!

the seafood is very expensive?Wrong!Box Ma Xian gave birth to a completely using proprietary procurement system, broke the middlemen and price in the link of logistics.So, the price can only say that...Ahem..., for example, eat small lobster in GUI jie street, general is 98 yuan a;Born in box Ma Xian, as long as 50 yuan, more and more fresh!Why is that?Because it can be in accordance with the mode of supermarket operations, so there are such a populist price bottom spirit ah.

map eat Beijing emergency updates Because Mr. Ma opened stores in Beijing

here, to say the most important information!Today, officially opened two stores in Beijing.A television;In fengtai CuiWei department dacheng road shop!

in addition to hot, or hot!Line up these days need more than two hours, it is said that box Ma Xian born the most crazy thing now, is received around the shop requirements.Because of its service radius, only three kilometers!Compared with "the school district room", now has a new term "box room area"!

the boss also very capricious, I want to make a best experience, so do only 3 km range!

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