global voltage why vv why global voltage standard inconsistent?

we all know that our country standard voltage is 220 v, but the rest of the world do not match the voltage standard, many appliances not directly lead to buy abroad, need to convert the voltage converter devices such as the voltage is suitable for foreign electrical voltage!

electric power technology is so advanced today, why don't you consistent global voltage standard?

small make up this time to understand the "love/hate" voltage standard!

about power, just have to say that ac/dc war!

global why voltage 110 v, 220 v, why global voltage standard inconsistent?

ac-dc war was invented by Edison's invention of dc and tesla is the fight between alternating current (ac).Edison used 110 v voltage to provide users with direct current, tesla by three phase 110 v ac power supply.Because the alternating current (ac) transmission has the advantages of the long-distance transmission loss is small, ac/dc war is ultimately tesla victory!

global why voltage 110 v, 220 v, why global voltage standard inconsistent?

ac successfully after direct current (dc), to vigorously promote, but due to the low voltage 110 v, so in the process of long distance transmission loss is bigger, so Europe and other regions will eventually boost voltage is 220 v, in Europe to form the standard 220 v / 50 hz ac power grid;America because of too much use 110 v appliances, if change will cause a lot of waste, finally can only use compromise -- 220 v input power users, into 110 v to electric power supply.

global why voltage 110 v, 220 v, why global voltage standard inconsistent?

using current mode in our country, is mainly influenced by the Soviet standard, because of the Soviet union adopts is the European standard, then standard 220 v / 50 hz has become China's power grid.It is worth mentioning in the northeast part and Shanghai concession area has been used before in the late 1960 s is 110 v voltage, after its slowly into 220 v voltage.

what is the difference between 220 v and 110 v voltage?

small loss at 220 v to 110 v, the transmission distance is farther, double voltage, can save half of the section of cable!

how to normal use overseas online shopping in China 110 v electrical appliances?

need switching power transformer, the 200-250 - v voltage is converted into a 100-125 - v!Rookie 2017.7


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