wifi strategy: how about borrow the neighbor's wifi emergency use by yourself

the first statement, this strategy only applies to need emergency use wifi, not recommended for long time ceng other people's network, for example in this paper, the author Jiang Chen, emergency only two months.

to do a good job, must first sharpen his device.If you want to quietly and rub the neighbor's wifi, you first need to prepare the following tools:

  • external network card, a chip is recommended "8187 or 3070", personally recommend the latter, Jiang Chen buy is the former, the price of 40 yuan.

  • virtual machine software (Jiang Chen USES a VM)

  • CdLinux mirror

  • can relay router (Jiang Chen USES is the last time to listen to the lecture free nyc H3C)

above, is Jiang Chen prepared materials, you can also according to their own way to choose.

first, install the VM virtual machine, as shown in figure.

Wifi strategy: how to out of thin air and borrow the neighbor's Wifi emergency use

and then create a new virtual machine, select the typical, later installed operating system, Linux, 3 X kernel operation, CdLinux in front of the mirror mount is prepared, then you can open the virtual machine.After opening, the external wireless card via USB to share in, in this way, your virtual machine have wi-fi.

then enter Cdlinux desktop, open the minidwep - GTK this tool, select the S scan, and then select a router with the WPS function directly click can L started.

Wifi strategy: how to out of thin air and borrow the neighbor's Wifi emergency use

as shown above, actually run the dictionary also is pretty good, but the dictionary, Jiang Chen have no preparation, and after we see the real router password, estimates that were not in the mood to say anything.

the following is wait for, a night basic there is harvest.Is obtained from the router's pin, generally speaking, the basic will not change the pin, and only eight digits.

when we get wifi, may not want to use in a corner, only then can relay routers play, because each router's firmware is different, so do not do the tutorial.

the following figure, Jiang Chen router as a relay, via a cable connected to the computer, mobile phone use wifi.

Wifi strategy: how to out of thin air and borrow the neighbor's Wifi emergency use

however, repeater has meet a half of the problem, so the network speed will decline, but on his mobile phone use, but also do not have what distinction, computer with Ethernet cable is good.

the router name, should be Tenda, access can enter the Settings, the login page is the default password, generally after logging in, we can see the following information:

Wifi strategy: how to out of thin air, borrow the neighbor's Wifi emergency use

you see, this is the Wifi password, it looks like, run dictionary basic is hopeless.So, could be pin pin.

in addition to this method, there are some wifi key on the phone, enter the others through the "share" of the network, if you want to see the password can be RE file manager to enter in the/data/misc/wifi wpa_supplocant. Conf file, you can see all of you had connected the wifi account and password.(of course, need Root access.

above, it is more civilized way of get wifi.These methods may have on the Internet, but as my personal notes posted, it is worth reference.Necessary resources to download, you can Google.

in the end, please civilization over the net, don't download files, and please do not rub the net for a long time, such as Jiang Chen, only two months.(of course, after I left home, the router or in the house better.)

* about Cdlinux, if can be installed in the U disk, there is no need to buy the external network card, after all through U disk boot, you can directly use the laptop adapter to crack.

& gt;In this paper, the author Jiang Chen, starting in the dream the wind's official website, the original address: https://www.mhcf.net/628.html

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