global inverse global!the future of the global village might collapse

this word no man not familiar with globalization, with the development of science and technology, many people believe that globalization is an inevitable trend, the future, the earth will become a global village.But it has never been so simple, the development of the world is complicated, as the change of the international order, reverse the trend of globalization has emerged, at any time may break people all efforts for globalisation.globalization/inverse globalization! The future of the global village might undermine ~

inverse globalization comes from western appeared structural antagonism between winners and losers of globalization.If see globalization as a kind of modernization, the "losers" modernization theory, on the whole, can explain "inverse" globalization trend and the cause of the surge.The so-called "losers" modernization, refers to the western economic, social, cultural and political change in the process of continuously, can not adapt to modernization, status and reputation is affected and their exclusion by the society of low income, low level of education.This is the original inverse globalization sound, but now more and more loudly, in addition to these unknown truth to eat the melon masses, and in the face of emerging market competition there is no way to government, globalization inevitably weakened to some extent the advantage of these countries, you know, capital is profit, it will only go to the place with the greatest profit and, in the hinterland of the third world was originally capital into emerging markets competitive, although the old capitalist countries grabbed a large part of the profits, but in the future, these countries have no way to continue the exploitation, this is a place for their most fear, in under the protection of no profit, the end of the lazy society.

globalization is a double-edged sword, have many countries in the world are irrelevant, you have you, I had my, from far away, right now, you stomped upstairs a waste, I can't sleep downstairs, more close, we two live in a house, you all those bad habits is obvious, maybe two people will be fought, this is inevitable.

so after the globalization of economic prosperity, and terrorism are rampant, every country faces threats, consciousness conflict, ethnic conflicts, the contradiction between religious conflict will be more sharp, these problems with the indelible, without cutting bloodletting almost no solution.globalization/inverse globalization! The future of the global village might undermine ~

China, and even the whole east and South Asia, is in the process of globalization to obtain many benefits, we hope to further the process of globalization, of course, before we accept something that others give us more, now we are going to output, however, we can't in the west under the set of rules, we should have good its own rules and order, the contradictions are irreconcilable.Originally, the Soviet union collapsed, no country dared to challenge the United States, but, must stand up, and it is doomed, as they don't you uncomfortable?The Chinese government is the principle of mutually beneficial and win-win, but they don't want to mutually beneficial and win-win with you, I win you lose for western people, is the best situation.But against night, under the trend of globalization, prevent doesn't, what can we do, only high trade barriers, each have each day.

more importantly, the development, never is balanced.Except, of course, the nature, not a thing is balanced, human is break the balance of nature, how can achieve their balance?In the face of globalization, is the same, a lot of countries cheer up ship like this, where know that there is no such thing as equality and freedom are there on board the ship?Strong scientific and technological progress, productivity development, weak is still marking time, what is the end of the future?Nothing is to big, the gap can never match.

millions of years ago, the differences between apes is more and more big, the part eventually evolved into a person, now society, countries and between countries, more and more big gap between the rich and the poor, the end result is what?Nothing is bigger than the difference between humans and monkeys and.

globalization/inverse globalization! The future of the global village might undermine ~

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