In those years overtake my computer virus


see wants to cry (wannacry) virus so rampant, evoked memories of old gun son, today I took all the old gun IT twenty years had the virus.

a, "want to cry" virus: CIH

is about 2000 years or so, the elder brothers at the time the rich man do to a soil Internet cafe, then also do not have what big project, a more than 200 of the computer is one of the big project.One day the boss on the phone, said several machine cannot be started, I thought, that is, the hardware was broken, arrived was found to be infected by the virus.

screen that appears like the following, the impression is unable to start, afterwards just know this call CIH,

in those years overtake my computer virus

NND, want to cry ah, met the elder brother have no choice, someone said to BAIDU, BAIDU?Then I only know that sohu, sohu basically is not what, at that time if find information please see the PC.

later encountered this problem will be both moves

1, in main board, the other in order to prevent the virus, hard disk have for reshipment;

2, if in trouble back to factory, sometimes in the BIOS chip, then the BIOS chip well drawn.Than a stitch of chips, can brush to brush away diskless workstation also use it to digress... (do)

in retrospect, this virus is enough malicious, destroy the BIOS, that's waste mainboard which directly, 2000 cheaper board will be more than 500 a, also good virus, at that time, after all, the Internet is not developed, speed is a QQ chat, U disk is not popular, infected with a virus haven't reached the host, the network has already dropped;But also enough for people, meet a reshipment system, so think about the ghost is the greatest invention in the IT industry.No Ghost, if will be a Ghost at least 300 a month, because you as long as the Ghost can when network management.

it also made some domestic anti-virus software, is rising, jiangmin of fire up;After all, when they could kill can prevent.

Win95/98 / win me all can't escape the threat of it, at that time in the Internet bar no young CIH, you are sorry and the somebody else say you open the Internet cafe.

I know this virus from 98-2003 has been active.

(friends question: why there is no home computer. A: buy a computer is a lot of rich people in 2000, the computer penetration rate is low, personal influence is not big.)

2, the bandits thief - gray pigeons

in those years overtake my computer virus

as the virus is called G_SERVER, this is a Trojan horse program, original intention is to do some remote operation, remote control computer tries to use unexpectedly be outlaws, basic it is to install malicious on some machines, flood in 2001-2003, during the years of the most popular Internet cafes, special handing this virus, steal the QQ number, said it is a little too much the bandits thief, not like you lost things now give you send a short message to let you take money to redeem, then you could not find any figure number lost.Then nothing other Qq password protection consciousness, lost his sister in the no. It's a pity, not value, lost a big deal in to apply for afresh, difficult to apply for six, eight of the nine more;And steal game number, would you sell the equipment, this thief is righteousness.

this virus commandeered the general feeling is the machine slowly, watching the task manager will find that there is a big unknown occupancy resources process, when the machine was unhappy, a program that takes up 20% of the CPU, immediately sensed, but Internet cafe machine configuration sometimes perceive higher, so Internet cafes most PC infection.(then there is a known poultry virus, basically similar, it is said that some still can control the camera, I am not seen)

at this point and sad memories, my think of that I lost in the net cafe six QQ I hate for you, I want to say to the number of girls, not elder brother don't contact you, is lost, don't want to stay, just when the elder brother is a legend.

ok I also have a number six, this number was afraid I don't have to, have been encrypted, mobile phone back function also opened, gave daughter-in-law do heirloom, pick up hot chicks to show off in an ostentatious manner in the future to my son.(estimated son then took over six QQ the first thing to do is: dad I can help you to put your QQ to delete these Boyle?.. Tears)

3, virus two big pearl - "shock waves and shock waves"

below is the appearance of them sick, in fact, they are in different time, but the symptoms are similar, both tips "is about to restart your system", like a time bomb, is timing.

in those years overtake my computer virus

in those years overtake my computer virus

is probably around 2004, after the symptom is prompted frequent restart, then there's antivirus software, although the use of NORTON, but didn't resist, had to change, and specifically to buy genuine, 150 a set of specially for this job, in fact, sometimes kill not thoroughly, effect a radical cure method can only reshipment, virus is killed because some files, system also has been destroyed, so at that time, Microsoft is also out of the patch, so we didn't start deployed using WSUS patch management (Microsoft), patch so far to do IT only to find that how important a thing IT is.

voice-over: rising during the years and that kind of contribution.NORTON now market downturn, apparently also shock wave down, after all had no.

4, funniest virus - panda

in those years overtake my computer virus

about this virus, I said why he funny?In fact, I didn't have much harm, one was cut in the deployment of the enterprise version of antivirus software, the second is his destruction is not large, that is all the files into the appearance of the panda, also will not affect the execution.Look at the panda icon is cute, but the Internet public opinion has begun, the slogan of the market is "panda decisively turned off";Maybe I didn't also met variant, perhaps more strict protection;And users of the U disk or CD automatic playback functions are all closed, drive completely uninstalled, when the company's machines inserted U disk should be authorized by the administrator, so relatively safe.

but even so, also is met once or twice, after all, with the virus and the virus software to shut down, at that time, also not line, kaspersky to fly, but also has the effects of, meet the poison off format, don't give LiuWeiBa virus.The user wants to file recovery?Sorry, turned down, what data is more important than the virus proliferation.

five, in the history of the rogue software virus, there is no one -- -- -- -- -- 3721 malicious plug-ins

to see this, someone must know what I want to say virus;Some netizens said, the somebody else to wash white white now, are you still with that old, after all, now also is to have the contribution.

memories, can't forget the history;Someone says: this is a malicious plug-in, not a virus.But Microsoft in 2005 it was defined as virus, this isn't what I said, and I also believe that it is virus.

in those years overtake my computer virus

3721 original is actually a Chinese domain name site, 3721 "network real-name", is the third generation of Chinese Internet way, users need memory complex domain, directly in the browser address bar, type Chinese name, can direct website or find enterprise and product information.There is nothing wrong with intention, for when some difficult to remember English site users (need to) hao123 is the just, it's a good thing, just way too disgusted, mandatory in IE add toolbar, some free tools, ghost system installed, the key is to uninstall it isn't clean, generally after unloading to regain the initiative, IE stubborn like shit plaster;Then out of a special governance its yahoo assistant, pour the other manufacturers of malicious software uninstall, wait to uninstall the yahoo assistant can't uninstall, just know what call "that," then I know is Lao zhou one masterpiece, routines too deep.

with the development of network marketing, this way of promotion to get 3721 flood, various IE plug-in, the home page changes, a group of network promotion find it good to follow suit, sometimes the malicious plug-ins, IE constantly kicked out a window, finally jammed, IE solution IE not make, reshipment system is valid.

when a lot of antivirus software vendors also concentrating on the virus, the new method is a bit at a loss, because you take it as a virus is not appropriate, not as a virus, its harm and abuse is much greater than the virus is terrible, so many antivirus vendors was having a lot of the software didn't force, of course, there are good, for example, kaspersky to solve this problem well, so the kappa in that year or a burst of fire;Then, in 360 was born, is to save the netizen with fire and water, netizens praised 360 kind of unknown background, key 360 and still and kappa make a cooperation, install 360 half year kappa service charge, netizens feel is encouraging, righteousness;Because 360 is responsible for the production of their own malicious software, kappa is responsible for the security, this is a win-win co-operation, although the machine to die slowly, at least no peace of mind that virus.Thought is a win-win result, have never thought will delete kappa cooperation, six months he had pushed a 360 antivirus, anyhow it is routine.

when users slowly wake up, but have been tied up completely, because the market work on free anti-virus software has not much.

but to be fair: 360 patch management, vulnerability scanning, software installation or very creative, after all, what you see is what you get the way to reduce the threshold of IT knowledge.(aside from the interests behind the talk)

6, tired, silly boy virus - dig

this virus infection commonly do not have what feeling, how do you feel is disk space consumption so fast, you will find a take up system resources particularly big process, key infections of it more than Windows and Linux.Infection is usually not a problem, it doesn't do anything else is to make it work for your machine, what live, dig bai.That is not the currency appreciation of, oneself machine resources is not enough to find a chicken in online to help him, you say it this kind of behavior is this stupid boy.(key then I study the COINS, I found that it is mainly to eat the Gpu, but I am curious about how a server Gpu can do I deserve time-consuming long laid.)

then I reinstall the system closed service networking capabilities, have never met.

7, the gentleman's underworld - Wannacry cry

in those years overtake my computer virus

online status description of it is enough, I am no longer supplement, from last year to now, I met twice, once I back half, I Wanna cry, reshipment.Commandeered, gentleman also introduce how to spend money to unlock this virus, explaining the also and you say sorry, you said it's not like underworld kidnapper suit?

sure someone curious, how so many people couldn't solve your resume, in fact I restore a backup is three days ago (data is stored in Netaapp storage, netapp a Snap function, I can restore the data to seven days.);By another heavy machine can't move, of course, business user key data on the server didn't move.

I didn't say there are also a lot of virus, basically can prevent I won't mention, some have not seen also didn't say anything.

thank you see I have had for so long, what is actually virus, it is the system's vulnerabilities in, you opened the 445, 3389, 139, etc. When you are likely to be infected, you might say, I fitted the isn't good, closed is able to solve some problems, but it also can bring you some inconvenience.

overall virus is the development history of evolution, the purpose of a virus maker I summarize it is nothing but the following several types

  • technology control damage king - typical CIh/panda

  • petty type - gray pigeons

  • type dog in the manger, shock wave

  • driven by the benefits - dig virus

  • marketing type - 3721

  • type underworld - wannacry

don't generally encountered this kind of new type of virus, can resist are known viruses;People's defensive style is no longer a simple installed an anti-virus software, safety consciousness is decided on the strength of the size of your chances of infection, also had better prepare a network backup, backup on a regular basis so that you won't afraid of it.

not redundant, the few words talk about viruses, thank you.

it old gun son with your it career.

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