National excellent public security grass-roots units: tianjin municipal public security bureau traffic police corps team tianjin team on the highway

national excellent public security grass-roots units: tianjin municipal public security bureau traffic police corps detachment beijing-tianjin highway brigade

team tianjin tianjin municipal public security bureau traffic police corps highway brigade honours collective merit citation class ii, each class 3 2 times was named tianjin excellent public security grass-roots units, 2015 by the municipal public security bureau named "people's satisfaction window unit".

the beijing-tianjin group insisting that strengthening the team construction in the prominent position, in an effort to improve the quality of their own leading cadres at the same time, the unified thought, mutual assistance, solidarity, dashing, cogent accomplish great principle, small style, continuously strengthen the solidarity and collaboration between team members, effectively improve the team cohesion, combat effectiveness, execution and charisma.Work, the beijing-tianjin brigade for highway speed quickly, the characteristics of traffic accidents, will effectively prevent the shift traffic accident, to create a safe and smooth traffic environment work as the first priority, positive improvement measures, efforts to secure them open.They work in routine inspections of combed through the files for the accident, classification, analysis, found that business tianjin city at the junction of two rare south station for a high incidence of accident, and in the morning time is generally high incidence of accident, while's a high incidence of deaths.Therefore, great scientific adjustment police deployed, service arrangements and patrol time, route, strive to do the inspections of all-weather, the whole accident section, the effective control of the traffic accidents, since 2012, traffic accidents within their respective jurisdictions ratings and the death toll from declining trend year by year.On the basis of full pressure accident, brigade strict traffic violations, committed to create a good environment for the road traffic, since 2012, continued to focus on illegal behavior, a total of 5585, correct punishment was not wearing a seatbelt 2934 illegal, dangerous goods vehicles, 1820 cases of illegal parking, effectively improve the road traffic environment.They also pursued "one station police" system, strengthen highway communication and coordination with the company, solicit opinions from all parties advice, continue to improve and enhance the efficiency and level of traffic management, to help combat evasion highway tolls, damaged highway traffic facilities such as illegal behavior, the maximum to maintain the normal working condition of highway operating unit and a good road traffic order.

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