Home WiFi signal is weak?A few small trick to slow speeds

Wifi completely changed our lives, it makes our life full of color, it is everywhere in our life.But it also some signal coverage is limited, use fixed number of year will also affect the quality of the signal.Take charge of with WiFi signal is weak every minute is suffering.Don't try so hard, the below small make up to introduce several kinds of solutions.

1, the router as far as possible away from the household electrical appliances.Such as microwave oven, refrigerator, TV set, etc., so can reduce signal interference, household electrical appliances to the router to prevent home WiFi signal is weak.

home WiFi signal is weak? A few small trick to slow speeds

2. The location of the router is very important, large family had better put the router in the middle of the room, the small family also to be in a more spacious place, it is best to put in the home in the middle of the part, because the Wife is assumes the circular emits a signal, and no obstructions around the best.

3, will the old cans recycling, unfolds button on the router antenna, and appropriately adjust the Angle of the antenna, can greatly enhance the Wifi signal strength.

home WiFi signal is weak? A few small trick to slow speeds

4, routers on high as far as possible, because the WiFi signal is sent down, so the floor will absorb part of the signal, put high can increase the signal transmission range.

5, antenna placement Angle is also the important factors influencing the wifi reception.Most wireless routers with omni-directional antenna, for example, generally is a standard dipole antenna, wireless more widely in the vertical direction, but in the reception will be affected, above and below the wireless receiving device so try not to be placed in antenna above and below.

home WiFi signal is weak? A few small trick to slow speeds

6, modify the router passwords on a regular basis, prevent others network.

modern home wireless Wifi network use is very broad, almost indispensable for many people.So take charge of with WiFi signal is weak try the above method, from slow speeds

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