Business is bad!Shop transfer!Mr. Ma to harm?Open a shop necessary thinking (1.0)

business is bad! Shop transfer! Ma harm? Open thinking necessary (1.0) many bosses because of unwilling to work to others working in the path of open a shop to make money, but 10 people set up shop 9 people cook however three years is closed!Why is that?By especially for nearly three years of visiting these years, 90% of the open a shop business owner does not have open mind, with a burning desire is opened, they tend to the interests of space only clinch a deal valence and pleased price difference, all kinds of produced in the process of operating cost no detailed calculated carefully, the basic operating costs are not clear, don't even understand business cost, no reasonable pricing?Don't know or don't reasonable price, with what consumers want to choose you instead of your competitors?Who is eventually lead to the closure of reason, consumer sentiment of or marketing?- chaotic hero!When everybody is sigh and complain that business difficult to do, some shops do indeed popular around us, cause now rising!Why is that?Is more than these people than you head or smarter?

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you know a lot of people is impossible to find their own reasons, so just can have full avenue "location transfer"!Perhaps some people say Mr. Ma to harm, affected by electronic retailing entity in selection, online store is tuyere in rise -- -- -- -- -- -, good, has the certain influence, but not all.Reason is that there are brisk business stores!Why the somebody else also sell similar products or services of brisk business themselves have to be closed?Isn't this gap?

set up shop, to solve the following problems?

business is bad! Shop transfer! Ma harm? Open thinking necessary (1.0)

(1), where is your customer?

one of the biggest differences between person and person's head), head (not to say that some people more knowledge, thinking dimension is different, the results of the achievement is not the same.Open a shop before whether to consider where is your customer?

(2), compared with competitors, to your advantage in where?

clear what makes your clients come to your shop where the consumer instead of your competitors, because any industry is full of competition, which street stores of the same kind is not a lot of home?Give your customers a reason or more must come to your shop.

(3), why did you choose your customers rather than your competitors?Do you have any reason to let the customer can't wait looking forward to your shop open?Let your customers like a child looking forward to New Year's day looking forward to your opening, and lock him into your wire customers for a long time.

(4), at least once a month promotions, interlocking between activity and activity, like to do.

-- -- -- -- -- --

business is bad! Shop transfer! Ma harm? Open thinking necessary (1.0)


I am notoginseng porter, like my thumb up on me!Welcome to liao.Do you have any good way to open a shop maintain, welcome to discuss together, also can leave a message in the comments below!

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