Taobao shop and personal taobao shop advantage and disadvantage

taobao shop, enterprise and individual advantages and disadvantages of taobao shop yesterday netizens to want me to write taobao business shop and taobao the advantages and disadvantages of the individual store, I just have a chat.

a, taobao shop advantage as follows:

high weight, can have a few stars, can drive train, weight is better, better reputation.The rest is no good really.Enterprise shop shop is the best fit for intellectual property, and patented shop, it is making money, literally planning a raise, can sell hundreds of thousands to millions and millions.Raise must be first, the taobao shop has not released products, second to photograph has been the boss (head office) of enterprise legal person, the third, make the raise of product design, and product copy, fourth, do all three to four price level raise, fifth, if you don't worry on the raise, is very simple, as long as you are looking for the local residents' committees or villages and towns (the government) build a government to support your business in taobao, the raise in activities, such as documentary evidence, cover the official seal of the government, basic on the safe side, after this activity, you store up is difficult.The raise you want to have more than 2 million of liquidity can start to do it, why, because you have all the raise goal is 500 one thousand events, so buyers only made $3.5 million in cash to you, but the target is 1.5 million, and then you go to put the $1.5 million in, activity is effective, so the raise in order to be successful, if you don't have, buyer will give you 3.5 million, you are don't get a penny, do you have buyers of money, go to production. Products, give you 30 days time production, 30 days of delivery.This is the benefits of the enterprise store,

2, shop taobao enterprise disadvantage as follows:

trading after 15 days, can arrive, shop deals are likely to be taxed, this is the state, do not know now, later, no one knows, not loans, and easy to be bad review division and blackmail to file a complaint, trouble, the purpose is to make money, and met such a thing, not solve, can contact me, I teach you.

3, order risks is not opened, are to be completed 15 days can arrive, cycle is factory.

4, in addition, enterprises shop disadvantage is no shop, can't do, taobao personal shops, individual stores of the best can be loans, there are flowers bai, can be shipped today, tomorrow take money.

more than simple say, is like this, finally advise you, have no money don't do taobao, don't start Tmall, as a novice, you can't afford to lose, can't afford to injury, the taobao ready, are you on a trip to the mountains.

taobao is the best electric business platform in China, don't make money all difficult.You would like to venture to learn technology, for the money it is cheater, don't believe what a great god, master, is shit, then cattle, still have time to teach others, their number money to count, believe in yourself is the best you can, don't understand the question, I'm going to write articles, according to your, please?At the same time also thank you for your question, I have a chance to write this article, you need to write what, you comments, I will give you write, thank you for your attendance last, give me the opportunity, I am still me, taobao's brand "the imperial emperor ku," is me, love me, please pay attention to my "the imperial emperor ku".thank you

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