Blackmail virus-writers appearance!

since late on May 12, blackmail virus outbreak in the whole world, and quickly into the enterprise and agency network, caused a large number of user data is locked for unlocking a ransom.

as people went in for extortion virus, the malicious software developers really unexpected appearance, like a "demonstration" to the world.

blackmail virus-writers appearance!

today early morning, a ID for @ SpamTech Twitter users said in a news release, blackmail virus is developed by the team member.And says the NHS computer team has been captured and the main engineering system operation module.

at present, whether for @ SpamTech blackmail is the maker of the virus status is not yet final confirmation, but the negative effects of the virus is real.

according to statistics, at present more than 100 countries and regions in the world are affected by extortion virus, estimates that more than 100000 computers have been infected.

blackmail virus-writers appearance!

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