Hacker community around the world a disgrace WannaCry in return for only 340000

WannaCry this blackmail software have formed a global disaster, Internet hackers make a lot of electronic equipment in crisis worldwide.Hackers use blackmail software goal is money, but the attack continues to this day, only for hackers change back about a ransom of 340000 yuan.Attack was so large gains only so "little", this is really a disgrace to the hacker community.

WannaCry after the attack, was the attacker will be asked to pay $300 worth of COINS, and then can be unlocked.And if not paid within 72 hours, double that amount will be changed, don't pay within a week will be unable to unlock.But the main reason for hackers to choose the currency because it is much more difficult than traditional means of payment tracking.

hacker community around the world a disgrace WannaCry in return for only 340000

domestic users also move a lot of

however, this does not mean that the currency can't track, the London company Elliptic Enterprises is one of the best track illegal use of the currency.According to the company said that as of Monday user just like hackers paid a ransom of 340000 yuan.This number obviously on the low side, the main problem comes from two aspects, there are COINS of enterprises basically has the data backup, and enabled the backup and recovery procedures;And locked the ordinary users although want to back to their own data, but they don't have COINS!

storm WannaCry attack is still going on, but even if the hacker for COINS also still have erratically, law enforcement agencies may through the flow of the currency to help find the criminal.

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