IPHONE6 solve wifi signal is weak Low cost declined to black maintenance

use iPhone6 users, most will have a problem, is the wifi signal one left, only to search a wifi.This is called the wifi signal is weak.Go to ask how much is the repair mobile phone shops.150 ~ 300 yuan price.

wifi signal is weak, let's analyze what causes.

  1. wifi antenna loose in the long-term, or aging.

  2. wifi antenna cover screw, or not good.

  3. there is something wrong with the wifi module.Generally if it is the problem, wifi switch will dust off directly, or click the wifi switch caton, the phenomenon of crash, but the mainboard problem, is rare.

now we will explain the first one again.Is the most common situation.

come on, let you to check out the look of the wifi antenna.

IPHONE6 solve wifi signal is weak Low cost declined to black maintenance

wifi antenna positive

 IPHONE6 solve wifi signal is weak Low-cost refused to black maintenance

wifi antenna opposite

a wifi antenna, as I was in a treasure to checked the, generally is 10 yuan package mail yo.

iPhone6 by dividing is wifi antenna, so it broke, or use for a long time, would be easy to contact undesirable, replacing full health to life.Replacement of such an antenna, need to open the mainboard oh, because it is on the part of the main board, button on the main board.

IPHONE6 solve wifi signal is weak Low cost declined to black maintenance

this is the back of the 6 generation motherboard

wifi antenna, this clasp on the motherboard, there are four feet.Be careful when you take it out, because sometimes too strongly held foot out, so you need to master professional maintenance to the welding foot.

IPHONE6 solve wifi signal is weak Low cost declined to black maintenance

now you can see no wifi antenna of four feet

general to replace a new wifi antenna, the signal is back to normal.

change the wifi antenna need to disassemble the mainboard, can open motherboard tutorial on baidu search, buy wifi antenna will typically provide dismantling machine tools?Must remember warm prompt, open the screw position, on the wrong screw is easy to beat the mainboard to wear, it is not worth the cost.

as for the wifi antenna cover not good screw is more simple, open screen, make up for all the screws are ok?

although the wifi antenna, the principle of change is quite simple, but also see how your baby's beginning ability.Beginning ability is poor or go to repair shop to earn some money others good ~ ha ha ha ~ however, know the principle, will not be so black repair shop pit.Usually I help guests in the shop maintenance is 50 ~ 80 yuan or so, after all, open the mainboard is quite laborious.Ha ha.If is the wifi module ash, generally require 150 ~ 200 yuan of the oh ~ after all, this is the need to repair the mainboard?If the baby need to go out to repair, can consider the price to bargain with others oh ~

life is not easy, it's harder to make money like the look of this article, a thumb up, baby ~ ~

there are other knowledge add welcome advice oh ~ after all player in the world.Have counseling can also comment on, I will reply you oh ~

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