Solve the problem of public WiFi security?Take a look at Google and WiFi master key is how to do

solving safety problems of public WiFi? Look at Google and WiFi master key is how to do

in 2016, the world's Internet users reached 3.2 billion, accounting for about 44% of the world's total population, the total number of mobile Internet users will reach 2 billion.According to the Internet society of China issued "China mobile Internet development condition and its safety report 2017, China's 2016 active mobile Internet code number to 1.247 billion.

mass users, fragmentary online habits, just need to make public WiFi mobile era.Because pain points, seize the users provide free WiFi master key networking services launched just four years, had 900 million users;In overseas, Google and Facebook also has launched a similar service in multiple areas.

"public WiFi is not so not safe as you think."During a security in salon, WiFi master key chief security officer Mr. Gong said, "the vast majority of the public wi-fi hotspots, are safe. Some tiny hot spots, risk using WiFi master key networking, will be much safer than directly through the phone system networking to."

Mr. Gong is a famous network security experts, industry for 20 years, he supported and participated in hundreds of large-scale security services, for the local government bodies, the provincial telecommunications companies, Banks and brokers to provide security services.In May 2015, Mr. Gong to join the WiFi master key, lead the security team to build complete WiFi security system.

public WiFi impregnability pay software

"financial payment caused by public WiFi connection class account stolen, the possibility is very low."Mr. Gong said.

according to the regulations, the mobile end financial pay the class information transmission and processing must be used internationally recognised encryption transmission mode, guarantee from the client to the final between bank data cannot be restored or tampered with, prevent data in an arbitrary transmission nodes is stolen or destroyed.

this requirement for traffic encryption before the public WiFi popularization are mandatory requirements, in order to prevent possible traffic hijack each node.

so, network transmission of the loss of money due to networking is how to happen?According to Mr. Gong analysis, there are several possible.

one possibility is that the user after fishing WiFi connection, the attacker pop up a fake bank page, if the user within the fake bank page enter the account password, may be obtain information.

another possibility is that users encounter on the way and code installed applications, if inadvertently swept counterfeit software download the qr code, the malicious software may be intercepted at system level data, and then steal information.

a greater possibility is that the users in the public WiFi connection at the same time, suffered other fraud, for example, SMS fraud or social account theft.

Mr. Gong also proposed another data: in September 2015, WiFi master key and the Ann insurance jointly launched a safety risk, the user if the property damage caused by using WiFi master key networking, can be to insurance company claim for compensation, the security risks online more than a year of time, still keep zero claim.

Google and WiFi master key security solutions

although public WiFi connection is unlikely to cause damage to property, however, if the user accidentally WiFi connection on risk, is still possible to cause the leakage of personal information.

WiFi master key "security tunnel system" also offer the same protection.When the user through the WiFi connection, versatile system can real-time detection, to determine whether the current network environment have the behavior of the attack to the user.

"is just like you are driving on the highway, the side with other car may hit you at any time, and the safety of the tunnel is real-time protection, as long as you are on a highway, we will make you a barrier, that is the route completely belongs to you alone, no one can walk this path."Mr. Gong is introduced.

"a lot of people would say, public WiFi is unsafe, but did not give the solution." do not use "is not the solution."Mr. Gong said, "the real solution should be to let users can rest assured use without any worries."

400 million hot big data according to the WiFi master key, Mr. Gong and its security team found that can cause potential security risks to users of the hot spots, accounts for only 1.52% of the total hot spots.

if the WiFi nodes in wangjing SOHO today and tomorrow to wudaokou, that I have a problem;WiFi connection number and length of survival, every day is just live today or existed before one year, how many people are there in the WiFi connection portraits of people connect it, what is the WiFi hardware manufacturers, have occurred in the history of ARP attack...WiFi master key security team will be extracted from the data after building a model, according to the results, to advance the safety of the anticipation that node.

so, Mr. Gong suggest user, use the WiFi master key networking is better than a direct connection to insure the safety of the user.


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