The currency blackmail virus awkward situation in China

COINS blackmail and the embarrassment of virus in China, a global outbreak of blackmail computer virus, "disease" has spread to more than one hundred countries.Many countries, including Russia, Britain, the United States, were the virus get make trouble.In addition to the British national health service (NHS), federal express, the Spanish telecommunications company, Russia's interior ministry of more than 1000 computers are "scam", severely affected.Let a person feel helpless COINS blackmail virus met some accident in China.

m "$600, it is better to buy computer"

blackmail virus called WannaCry (and its variants).After infection, user files will be encrypted in a computer lock, and presented the victims pay a certain value of the currency ransom to unlock.And according to the red star news reporter learned that, victims extorted ransom amount is not the same, some $300, or $600.

COINS blackmail virus awkward situation in China

in ningbo university sophomore in urban and rural planning profession strong (a pseudonym) is one of the victims of the virus.He said he saw the news on mobile phones, in order to prevent one thousand, he also specially produced for some time, never use the U disk, prepare to backup the computer files.But after boot, on a computer screen has completely dumbfounded by his blackmail the pop-up window, strong computer blackmail the pop-up window.

COINS blackmail virus awkward situation in China


"I have not connected to the Internet."For "scam" computer, strong said looked puzzled.Strong told reporters, web page above Chinese blackmail, said "the best payment within 3 days, after three days will be doubled, non-payment within a week, will never be back," the strong firm, says he is not give hackers ransom."$600 (4138 yuan), it is better to go to buy a computer."

blackmail virus invasion computer embarrassing scene: configuration is too low, be forced to run

print says Taiwan netizens lane 15 "computer bad to run virus."(WinXP + antique configuration) Ryan computer initially extorted virus infection, but runs when the virus was prompted to "lose response" and forced termination.Suspected configuration is too low, can't meet the demand of running...Face this embarrassing situation, netizens have also comment: "even abandon XP virus", "beat the ultimate method is to use rotten computer virus", "lost the qualification of poisoning."

COINS blackmail virus awkward situation in China

blackmail virus attacks is equivalent to the global technology could hit

COINS blackmail virus awkward situation in China

since May 12, the currency blackmail the worm.More than one hundred countries around the world, hundreds of thousands of computers, some colleges and universities in China, medical institutions, enterprises and some government departments and institutions network attacks.According to media reports, some hospitals abroad reservation system paralysis, the patient to make an appointment surgery, entry and exit system paralysis caused people to the entry and exit, some college students graduation thesis was locked, and some gas stations terminal effects cause can't normal payment.Ripped a hole in the real world, network virus has affected People's Daily life.

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