Still in its Windows XP?This is the fate!

WannaCry blackmail virus recently, wandered the world, a large number of institutions and individuals involved, especially there are a large number of users stick to Windows XP, Microsoft's conscience issued an emergency security patches, but still be hardest hit.

according to the Scottish health secretary, Shona Robison, the department of health (NHS Scotland) against Scotland at present there are still 6500 PCS running Windows XP, and all have no and Microsoft to renew the paid security services, the results of 1500 unfortunately extorted virus infection.

is still in its Windows XP? This is the end!

but the minister said, injured more than Windows XP, other system computer poisoning, including Windows Server 2003/2007 - the former is the Server version of Windows XP, Microsoft also gave patches.

he also stressed: "the media are very focused on Windows XP, but I want to say is, in a total of 153000 sets of equipment, only about 6500 units are still running Windows XP."

the Scottish authorities also pointed out that there is no patient data is stolen, because hackers as long as the ransom, not data.

the world is still about 7% of the equipment is running Windows XP, but believe that after this event, can upgrade must have won't defend.

although this a few days to blackmail the virus was much less attention, but don't let their guard down.Real-time monitoring data show that extortion virus still in countries and regions in the world, China is still a lot.

is still in its Windows XP? This is the end!

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