Dong mingzhu claim to be the best washing machine midea, haier, Siemens, ha ha

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experience points: dare to jump into the washing machine stock market ", "hegemony between feudal lords as well as the track, only dong mingzhu;Dare to the shareholders' meeting domineering declaration "replace applause with money", only the dong mingzhu;BUT, haier, midea, Siemens is not a vegetarian, and alone and stick with the little swan washing machine and millet and playing on the Internet, with the firm dream, someone move stool, I don't think about seeing.

dong mingzhu claim to be the best washing machine midea, haier, Siemens, ha ha

miss dong home

dong mingzhu to do the best washing machine, midea, haier, Siemens will be afraid?Employees are not, but the gree.Ms dong to do the best washing machine, midea, haier, Siemens will be afraid?Employees are not, but the gree.Can't, dong boss there is a precedent, a while ago staff hands with gree phone let people quite disturbing, well not to apple and the gree phone opened is dong boss appearance, work can't want to be lazy, always feel where dong boss peep at you.Also good electric car was rejected, otherwise people a car, don't work steadfast...

dong mingzhu claim to be the best washing machine midea, haier, Siemens, ha ha

this boot screen, let me two hours to work overtime again

but the came, on May 18, gree electric appliances shareholder meeting, dong mingzhu said, "we will do the best washing machine, in the hope that we use money instead of applause, buy gree washing machine."(male fukaicaijing: gree employee staffing a washing machine.)

gree into washing machine industry is not a fresh thing, gree washing machine also put on the store shelves, but in the shareholders' general meeting is so important occasions, dong mingzhu a hype surrounding "replace applause with money" is easy to produce lenovo, whether this money is referring to?

the washing machine is quite mature white electric products, and has the end of the industry high-speed development period, the relatively mature technology, products, market structure is relatively stable, and gree acquisition jing hong refrigerator is the stuff of five or six years ago, refrigerator products out of the generation after generation, the washing machine is not on the gree brand camp, after a long forgotten, until now gree more mature products, so in the field of washing machine, gree or merely a brand.

product enterprise to do washing machines, refrigerators from resources allocation are relatively easy, especially refrigerators and washing machines are complementary products, summer is the season of freezer, winter is washing machine sales season, some can share production line equipment, makes the staff to maximize utilization rate.So gree do washing machine, this not only take out Gao Jingyin fist products, especially for passing a more radical pluralism.

home appliance manufacturers have flagship product, at the same time there are all sorts of auxiliary diversified products is a kind of mainstream configuration, Chen dong mingzhu interview last year when the gree, dong mingzhu line "the rice is made of gree electric cooker, is the most delicious of."Have nearly luyu choke is broken, the wide hard playing, it's too humiliating.(male fukaicaijing: boss, dong interview program, let's do hard can widely later into?)

the gree washing machine is unambiguous, dong mingzhu in March took it on the TV Wang Han, Wang Han directly into zero TV shopping crazy, every night, was a mouthful of "1400 turn, as long as 3999, only 3999."

dong mingzhu claim to be the best washing machine midea, haier, Siemens, ha ha

1400 turn!As long as 3999!!!!!As long as 3999!!!!!!You don't listen to wrong, you're worth it...

after all, electric cars to mobile phones, washing machines, than do.

really makes false sichuan fan favourite, or the pattern of the washing machine in the future market, air conditioning industry leader who, gree bai;The refrigerator industry leader who is haier bai;Who's washing machine industry leader, well, look at your washing machine what brand...

as a representative of the white electric main washing machine, is a leading light of the lack of leading industries, haier, midea, little swan, Siemens, and play millet coincided with the Internet, many brand is numerous, but the brand differentiation is not obvious.Washing machine industry is currently in a state of the stock market, to replace the type of demand is becoming the main demand of the market, while washing machine into the gree is obviously aimed at this cake, can't, the mosquito again small is also meat, how to say washing machine market a year more than 60 billion the size of the market, is a much better than that of the rice cooker tinkering around the edges.

from now I can see you on the marketing of gree washing machine, hit a "static", from "clean" to "wash dry static", differentiated personality is distinct, plus the gree proud technology, intelligent equipment, dong mingzhu reality show, in the washing machine industry "warlord infighting" situation of the existing, tear off a piece of meat a possibility.

given the sichuan fan is like little swan and haier the two brands (since I did not remember my mother started chanting things), and little swan is not only one of several major domestic brands in washing machine field, is also a public company, so take it say washing machine the "meat" of data, and that kind of fat.

little swan, according to data from the 2016 annual report 2016 annual business income is 2016 yuan, up 24.4% from a year earlier.Net profit of 1.175 billion yuan, up 27.84%;Gross profit margin of 25.86%.This achievement is not easy enough for little swan, also shows a good washing machine industry profit level, after all, after the buyout by midea group, other companies are hard the whole industry chain, only a little swan solitary lonely my washing machine, like a kannika nimtragol, which also not allowed to go to, what also don't let dry, can only do the washing machine.Number in an activity, the male fukaicaijing sichuan fan fake encounter little swan some executives, the somebody else is very modest, in business card when a bit embarrassed: "we do little swan washing machine, do not have what to write news."People blame embarrassed?

to see the washing machine industry trends, from the cloud network data show that in 2016 China's washing machine market retail sales of 34.28 million units, up 2.2% year-on-year, in the second half of the year sales volume is much better than the first half of the year, and intelligent product growth obviously, WIFI type intelligent control products share rose to 24.4% from 45.7%, looking ahead to 2017, the washing machine will also have more than 2% of retail sales growth.

dong mingzhu claim to be the best washing machine midea, haier, Siemens, ha ha

there was still no counting gree more than 70000 employees "just need to"

dong mingzhu, of course, not like a gree phone naked to employees to promote gree washing machines, but there is no denying the fact that the washing machine can fill the gree group, product line board, enhancing utilization rate, production line and staff benefits far outweigh the disadvantages, there are old base in crystal wong chi so long finally introduced a washing machine, the vortex of gree finally from mobile phones and cars, came out.

gree electric performance is very good, 2016 revenue of 110.1 billion yuan, up 9.5% from a year earlier.Net profit of 15.4 billion yuan, up 23%, profits growth is more than double the sales revenue, more out "10.8 billion" plan of share out bonus.This beautiful beautiful annual report also let in the back of gree electric appliances, pressure for more diversified road this not wrong, as long as not too ones, let consumers and investors, gree electric appliances sales and stock prices, is lying to earn money, the next meeting, not servants in general applause, dong boss and money on that.

dong mingzhu claim to be the best washing machine midea, haier, Siemens, ha ha

the boss girl ~ ~ ~

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