Uber engineer shot suicide!Widow saddened at Uber high culture

Uber engineer shotgun suicide! Widow saddened at Uber high culture

one day in August last year, Joseph's wife after sending the children come home from school to find her husband has been sitting in my car, so his wife curious walked into the co-pilot position.

and then she saw the blood.Less than 34 Joseph in Uber shot himself after five months.

add Uber

when the called Joseph Thomas software engineer to join Uber last year at the San Francisco office, everyone agreed that the $170000 annual salary job can bring his career took off.Joseph Thomas and his wife had just bought a dream house property, and raising her two lovely children, everything looks so happy.

Uber engineer shotgun suicide! Widow saddened at Uber high culture

before joining Uber, Joseph once worked as a senior engineer in Linkedin.Then, with the Uber post-marketing can get huge stock of vision, he rejected the offers and choose Apple to join Uber.

join the unicorn company, with a decent salary, have a perfect wife and two lovely children, had just bought a new house...Looks all is perfect happiness life should look like, but no one knows the nightmare is approaching.

not like that!

then, he was surprised to find everything here, and he had more than a decade of work of science and technology industry culture is completely different.Every day, he would need many extra hours in class.He even began to tell his father and his wife, the pressure of work really hard to bear, and ourselves in the removed fear every day.Joseph's family began to persuade him to seek the aid of a psychiatrist.Everyone began to suggest that he should resign, but Joseph that he must insist on doing it.

Joseph's wife and children

according to Joseph's father, "he is the smartest children in the house since I was a child, but ever since he started working for Uber he began to lose confidence... he started to become fragmented."

Joseph's wife also said: "since joining Uber, he is no longer the man I know. He always quietly chanting, 'I think my boss doesn't like me.' he's character is beginning to change completely. His work began to produce a terrible panic, before almost completely impossible to happen to him.

suicide a week before the

Joseph on Facebook Messenger sent his friend Neil information, which revealed the depth of despair:" the elder brothers, I have no words to describe my present situation, although I live but I absolutely is not everything OK.The most sadly, Uber have been destroyed to me, I even find a job now have not enough strength."

Neil, said Joseph has always been a man of character is very stubborn, but his heart always is very gentle."I absolutely can't imagine people like Joseph would be suicide."

 Uber engineer shot suicide!Widow saddened at Uber high culture

after the

Joseph's father, and the widow, all point to the Uber. They think that it is Uber high-pressure work environment led to the tragedy happened.

Joseph father said:" if you're a as an energetic person to do not a realistic task, then you tantamount to 'open their failure mode."It is reported, Joseph told his father, Uber has an aggressive corporate culture to brainwash people tradition.

in addition to the unreasonable pressure, Joseph in the Uber is the racial discrimination. And all the other silicon valley companies, employs a handful of black engineer Uber. Uber in March this year, according to a report released black engineers account for only 1% of the company's all engineers, and which no one in technical department as a management position.

 Uber engineer shot suicide!Widow saddened at Uber high culture

Uber response

after the tragedy happened, Uber says the relatives of the dead never complain with us any questions about the company high culture and racial discrimination! A spokesman Uber even publicly said:" we will pray together with his family."

prayer useful words, but also compensate do?!

to face charges of the families of the dead Uber refused to compensate, they say, the California law firm does not need to employees in the position within the spirit of the damage is responsible for six months, while Joseph suicide in just five months.

for Joseph's wife, his father's pain has inevitably caused. She just said:" Joseph work attitude is very serious, he gave all his contribution to the work, I believe that the Uber will properly deal with the matter."

 Uber engineer shot suicide!Widow saddened at Uber high culture

behind these plain text, we cannot know for this woman lose a" from high school grade two acquaintances "is a kind of feeling. How Joseph died, his wife also sold the house once two people dream, and choose to move to live in north Carolina. She is now work in a small company as a project coordinator, and at the same time study master's degree in the field of analysis and network security.

" I just want to rebuild my life now, and for my children to make enough to live on.I don't understand why this thing will happen to him...He is so young, so successful, so smart...I never thought my life would be without him, it destroyed everything."

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