You must know the 17 classic marketing case (dry goods collection!

you must know the 17 classic marketing case (dry goods collection!)

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marketing kits fable series a: two salesman

this is a marketing world the well-known fable:

two shoes manufacturing companies sent a salesman go to exploit market, one is called Jackson, a compete well.

on the same day, the two came to an island in the south Pacific are arrived at the same day, they found that all of the locals barefoot, wear no shoes!From the king to the poor, from the monks to the ladies, no shoes on.

in the evening, the boss took Jackson to domestic headquarters a telegram: "god, the people here don't wear shoes, who will also buy shoes? I'll go back tomorrow."

plate Wells to domestic company headquarters also took a telegram: "good! People here don't wear shoes. I decided to move to, in the long term stay longer!"Two years later, the people here are put on the shoes...

marketing enlightenment: many people often complain that is hard to develop new markets, the fact is that the new market is right in front of you, just how do you find this market.

marketing kits fable series 2: two china-pakistan

door there is a car line, is from the corner to the railway station.Don't know whether because of short circuit or less people along the way, only passenger transportation company to arrange two folio back and forth between China and Pakistan.

open 101 is a couple, and a couple of open 102.

is mostly some boat ride, because they often period in aquatic life, therefore, a city is often a first.101 the hostess rarely let children to buy a ticket, even if a couple with several children, she is also blind, only require boat to buy two tickets to adult.Some boat vividness, determined to give older children to buy a ticket, she smiled and said to the boat of children: "to bring a small mussels come next time, ok? This time let you ride for free."

no. 102, on the contrary, the hostess as long as there is with children, older to unanimous, smaller also have to buy 'delegates.She always said, this car is contracted, every month to pay the how much money to the passenger transport company, which is not to pay the full month, immediately stem not bottom go to boat people understand that a few people to pay some tickets money, therefore, every time also peaceful.However, after three months, the door of no. 102 is missing.Heard that off.Immediately it fulfilled the hostess, 102: stem not bottom go to, because very few people take her car.

marketing enlightenment: is to rely on feelings to cultivate loyal customers, also is to rely on preferential gain loyal customers, bit by bit as we stubbornly enforce our sales policy, we have let many loyal customers?

marketing marketing fable series of three: two shop

there are two sell porridge shop.

the left and the right of the customers in almost every day, are flowing into the.Settlement of the evening, however, the left this is always more than on the right side of the one hundred yuan.So every day.

so I entered on the right side of the gruel store.Miss service welcomed me with a smile, give me a good a bowl of porridge.Ask me: "add do not add an egg?"I said.So she give me add a eggs.

every come in a customer, the waiter will ask: "add do not add an egg?"Also have said, also have said no, about half.I walked into the store on the left.Miss service also welcomed me with a smile, give me a good a bowl of porridge.Ask me: "add an egg or add two eggs?"I smiled, said: "a."

again come in a customer, the waiter ask again: "add an egg or add two eggs?"Love requires add two eggs, not the love eat requires a.Also have requirements do not add, but very few.The end of the day, on the left side of the shop will be more than that on the right to sell a lot of eggs.

marketing enlightenment: leave room for others, as large as possible for their territory.Only in this way, to win as quiet as a mouse.Sales is not only a method problem, more is the understanding of consumer psychology.

marketing kits fable four series: the antelope and the lion

every morning, an African antelope wakes up, she knew it must be faster than the fastest lion of Africa, or she'll be eaten;Every morning, an African lion woke up, he knew it must be faster than ran the slowest antelope, otherwise he will starve to death;

no matter you are a lion or antelope, when the sun rises you must start to run.

marketing enlightenment: run, in this competitive society, if the enterprise has stagnated, still immersed in old glory, then eventually end up or be eaten or starved to death.

marketing fable five series: Bai Yan arrested

geese often gathered in the lake, where many Bai Yan often choose the right place.

his chief has also arranged a Bai Yan vigil, saw someone to just call the police.

the lakes of the hunter familiar with Bai Yan life habits.At night, they intentionally lit a torch.Sentry goose saw flames, quack cried, hunter and the fire went out.By the time the trailing geese fly surprised, "" no, his safely fell back to rest again.Such repeated after three or four times, the wild goose group of thought is a sentry goose intentionally deceive them, it all went to peck.

at this moment, the hunter to take fire to his close.

sentry goose fear of the group of geese pecking it, dare not to call again.Of his was the hunter a net to catch a deep sleep, no one escaped.

marketing enlightenment: every enterprise will face the test of the market, when the competition to test for the first time, the enterprise establish the early warning system, "sentinel Bai Yan" played a role, enterprise ready, but not react.But after repeated testing, even the enterprises themselves also gradually relaxed vigilance, the competitors of the first world war and winning.

marketing fable series 6: animal cart

pike, shrimp, and swan three do not know when to become good friends, one day, they also found a car, the car has a lot of good things to eat and then want to pull down the car from the road, three guys take a heavy burden, together they spoiling the vicious, stringy, use the strength to stand up after kowtowing, however, no matter how they drag ah, ah, ah, the car or the old place, can't move step.

the original, swan into heaven, shrimp back step by step, pike and toward the pond to, who to who wrong?Anyway, they are hard.

marketing enlightenment: a firm's marketing team have different people of talent, they all have the spirit of enterprise fengxian, but if companies didn't will use their talent, make the enterprise marketing power mix, then, finally who complain is useless.

marketing fable series 7: tiger orders

there is a high rank in jingzhou, the mountain tiger often out for people and livestock.People asked who remove the hungry tiger.

this person only under an order of the expulsion of the tiger, call a person on a high rock, happened to the tiger left the jingzhou, he proudly thought his command.

soon, he was transferred to another place to do it.The local people are very strong, very not easy to management.

command on the rocks since he believes in jingzhou to uniform the fierce tiger, then thought that also can suppress the literacy of the common people, then passed to jingzhou to depict the stone carving.As a result, not only the place without good governance, the officer, but lost his seat because of the improper governance.

marketing enlightenment: many enterprises have the history of marketing success, they rely on these methods to obtain the profits.But when appeared in front of a new market, the environment has changed, consumer psychology has changed, enterprises "success" of the original method and then make the enterprise.Here is the enlightenment, every enterprise has its own marketing model, but when the market changes, companies should adjust their own marketing strategy to adapt to the market, the market is always right, after all.

marketing fable series 8: two consumer experience

at the gate of the heaven, met two foreign lady.God let them say their own life the most happy thing.

"I saved up for a lifetime, and finally to live for a day, a new house, I this lifetime to live nor hatred."The old woman said happily in China.

"the house where I lived all his life, before I died finally got to buy a house loan to pay off."The old woman said happily.

god sighed and said: "choose a different, the effect is also different."

marketing enlightenment: many consumers in China ever deposited backward consumption consciousness, make its in the case of consumption ability is limited and not willing to choose consumer credit, can only be in China the old lady's sadness.However, the potential demand is a kind of stock resources, can try to guide through the propaganda.Marketers by creating new marketing methods to obtain consumer recognition, achieve the goal of mining potential demand.

marketing fable series 9: tiger survival

there was a hunter, in the mountains to dig a trap, planted a trappers tools, beast feet just touching it, it will be the beast hoof firmly clamped.On one occasion, a bad tiger out foraging, accidentally stepped on the trappers tool, the tiger how also earn not to take off.Tiger know are the hunters will head, how to do?Isn't it a few inches of the small ball to this body for up to seven feet suffering?No, or flee for life important.Tiger initiate nu, desperately hopping curvet, broken chain clamped ball, finally escaped.

marketing enlightenment: every enterprise in the market is likely to fall into market trap, the trap may come from a shortage of funds, disorganized, customers abandon, dealers rebellion, etc., but companies realize that this is a trap, whether in the case of a crisis like this tiger would rather sacrifice local want to preserve the whole?

marketing fable series 10: imitation

a person want to do a set of furniture, went to cut down a tree in the woods, and began to put it into boards.When this man saw the tree, the trunk of a head resting on the stump, oneself on the trunk;Also play a wedge into the sawed the gap, and then he saw, after a while the wedge again and again into a new place

a monkey sitting on a tree watching him do it, thought: the original logging so simple.This man work tired, lay down a nap, the monkey climbed down to ride to the trunk, trees to imitate the action of a saw, saw up very easily, but when the monkey will draw wedge, tree a fold, in its tail.

monkeys screaming in pain, struggle, it give people to wake up.The last was tied up with rope.

marketing enlightenment: started with Japanese companies is to rely on imitation products in Europe and America, but they have in imitation innovation, it led to the Japanese economy 30 years of prosperity.Products of many enterprises in our country is an imitation of European and us companies, but we are not in imitation innovation, and so many TV, DVD and other products of the core technology is not in our hands, it's like the tail of a monkey, a carelessly by tree, thus, imitation is important, but even more crucial innovation.

marketing fable series 11: d hunchback

there is a claim to cure kyphosis of doctors, signs that read: "no matter very much like a bow, like shrimp, such as rice cooker, after I heal, set good!"

a hunchback, just ask him to heal.He took two pieces of wood, don't give humpback a prescription, don't take medicine to him, put a piece of wood on the ground, called hunched on the above, pressure with another piece of wood on the hunchback, and then use the rope tied tightly.Then, got his jump upper, desperately disorderly step.Hunchback bother to call for help, he also ignored, as a result, the hunchback to straighten up, "alas" people.

hunchback's son and the doctor reason, the doctor said: "I just get his hunched straight, which he anyway!"

marketing enlightenment: is a variety of customer requirements, customer's preference is also varied.Enterprise marketing problem is to find products and solution to customer requirements, and this kind of product and the method can meet the needs of customers, this is the successful marketing.

many enterprises in the advertisement boasts about his product can solve the problem of what, when customers buy after use it was not effect, think reason but find no one complained.

marketing fable series: twelve sheep are eating grass

A hungry lambs in the desert of found two meadow A and B at the same time, it first to A grass, when it is near to A grass, it found that the grass B than A more lush, it gave up and ran to B.

when it came to B near the grass, found that B is A flourishing.And then it returns to run A grass.

so after a few repeated, when it is no more strength, it is just between two pieces of grass.Due to which the grass to eat less than, so it was starved to death.

marketing enlightenment: decision-making theory, decision-making from many scheme selection of an optimal solution, but, in fact, in many cases it is not possible, so the decision is a principle and satisfactory principle, that is to say, as long as the result of the decision makers satisfactory.

in the marketing decision-making also carry out this principle, when we cling to find the optimal solution, good marketing opportunities slip away, eventually lead to nothing.

marketing fable series 13: clever newsboy

a particular region, there are two newsboy selling in the same newspaper, two people are competitors.

the first newsboy is very diligent, every hawk, voice is very loud, can sell the newspaper every day is not a lot, but also reduce the trend.

the second newsboy Ken in the brain, in addition to hawk, he also to some fixed occasion, every day after went to distribute newspapers to everyone, later to collect money.Run more and more places, also more and more newspapers are sold, of course, there are some wear and tear.

the first newsboy can sell is less and less, had to make a living way.

marketing enlightenment: great meaning in the practice of the second newsboy:

the first, in a fixed area, the same newspaper readers customers is limited.Bought me, won't buy him, I will first send the newspaper, the people get the newspaper, is sure not to buy other people's newspaper.Is my first occupation of the market, my hair, the more his market.This constitutes the confidence in the profits of rivals and hit

second, newspapers, this thing is not like other consumer goods have complex decision-making process, buy more randomness, generally do not return because of quality problems.Not very much money, you also can't don't give money, today don't have change, also can give you tomorrow.Well, well, not in children.

the third, even if someone looked at the results, back to not to give money, also does not have what relation, there will always be a backlog of newspaper, and he has already read the newspaper, it certainly won't buy the same again.Or their potential customers.

this story we will learn a lot about the consumer, market share, potential customers, loyal customers such as marketing, nouns.

marketing fable series 14: sheep and Wolf

a sheep to the heaven to saint Peter said: "my head Angle, the length of a pair is to attack the enemy and protect their weapons, but why do I always eaten by the Wolf?"

saint Peter said: "although you and wolves are mammals, but you make a living in the grass and tree leaves, the Wolf meat for a living. In the earth's land, as long as there is water, grass and trees and the land is, when you want as long as the mouth, much easier than a Wolf; survival and the survival is to beat the competition on the Wolf, eat, otherwise life. Taian with the status quo, you lack ego to protect consciousness and ability, although there are sheep, but there is no group together. And from a Wolf can see they have keen found that its prey sense of smell, to attack, with the courage of that kind of courage and indomitable spirit, they combine fierce and wit, to improve the ability to defeat prey, and wolves have synergy enemy spirit and ability. In other words, you only have a sheep, and the Wolf is the Wolf. This is the difference."

marketing enlightenment: "sheep" is actually said that the status quo, the lack of group cooperation intention, while the "Wolf" refers to the active competitive and group cooperation spirit.In marketing management, the choice of a sex Wolf leader is attack against rivals, win the key premise.

marketing fable series 15: the kangaroo and the cage

one day zookeepers found that kangaroos ran out of the cage, so a meeting to discuss and agree that is the height of the cage is too low.So they decided to the height of the cage extensions from 10 m to 20 m.The next day they found a kangaroo or running outside, so they decided to height to 30 meters.Next day they see the kangaroos ran to the outside, so administrators greatly nervous, decided a don, the height of the cage to 100 meters.

one day several giraffes and kangaroos in the chitchat, "you see, these people will go on raising your cage?"The giraffe asks."It's hard to say."The kangaroo said: "if they continue forgetting to fasten!"

management tips: things are "wrong", "weight", "priority", close the door is, at the end of the cage is higher, at the end of the line by sherburne, of course, not to the purpose.What is management?Management is the primary and the secondary contradictions analysis first things, to know the "wrong", "weight", "priorities", and then from the important aspects of laid hands on him.

marketing fable series 16: three traveler

three travelers to live in a hotel at the same time.Go out in the morning, a traveler took an umbrella, took a crutch, a third empty-handed.Back in the evening, when people get wet clothes, with an umbrella holding crutch body is mud in a fall, but empty-handed but nothing.Before the two people are very strange, that is why ask the third person.

the third traveller didn't answer, but those of the umbrella, "why did you get wet without wrestling?""

when it rains, I'm very glad to have foresight, umbrellas and bold walk in the rain, a lot of clothes or wet. Too difficult for muddy places, because there is no crutches, walk up carefully, there is no wrestling."

ask with crutches, he said: "when it rains, there is no umbrella I go pick can shelter from the rain place or stopped to have a rest. Too difficult for muddy places I use crutches to walk, fall instead."Empty-handed traveller laughed and said: "jian can shelter from the rain place I go when it rains, the road is bad when I walk carefully, so I didn't shower didn't hurt too much, do you have with the advantage of, is not enough careful, think there are advantages, there is no problem, so it has got wet umbrella, with a cane in the fall."

marketing enlightenment: in the marketing process, the advantage is relative, only depending on the marketing environment of objective advantage to win the market.

marketing fable series 17: sell wine with a dog

the state of song who sell wine, liquor made from mellow fragrance, honest and fair in doing business, to entertain people, courteous outside wine flag unfurled, high wine is not sell.Over time, turned sour wine.Liquor is very confused, went to consult a neighborhood an elder.The elder told him: "you keep of the dog is too fierce, people were afraid of the dog bite, who still dare to buy your wine, drink sour and predictable.

marketing enlightenment: from the business point of view, the song kingdom is in place for people to sell wine, but it has a fierce dog messed up a business. In the business enterprise marketing, dog fierce wine acid of truth everywhere. In many news report saw events, such as an affront to customer search, customer enterprise there are so many fierce dog, how dare the customer the door, goods are sold how?

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