MB broadband which is the most value

this past May 17, is the world telecommunication day, operators have launched their own plan.Unicom, for example, announced 100 m below the bandwidth of the user free to 100 m;China telecom launched binding 200 m broadband mobile and broadband integrated package....At present, already has more than 150 countries around the world issued a "national broadband plan" of his own.According to "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning", our country will also be "broadband China" strategy rose to national strategy, operators to speed up the construction of network infrastructure, have carried out a new round of policies prevailing worldwide to speed up.

MB broadband which most value

correlates broadband network start

the telecom day, the three operators will MB broadband as family broadband packages start, we get to the Internet rate to a new level.In a couple of years ago, MB broadband need expensive money to enjoy.Some areas are not even complete fiber modification, but also in the use of copper "small pipe", not to mention the MB broadband speed, it was a dream!Let's in Beijing, for example, will be on the market mainstream operators MB broadband wraps year cost comparison, take a look at any more value?

MB broadband which most value

in mainstream broadband operators package rates compared to

above, operators MB broadband wraps year cost, and the broadband fee or monthly pay.We can see from the table, the three carriers in the correlates of Beijing telecom broadband is the cheapest, users only need 880 yuan can enjoy a year of service, high-speed Internet access (monthly fee is 73.33 yuan.Beijing mobile power is more malicious, users only need commitment to 158 yuan of 4 g plan for a year, a year can free use MB broadband, very suitable for mobile phone users, the equivalent of broadband for free.Beijing unicom in Beijing area has been belong to the position of the leader, but in the face of telecommunications and mobile attack also have to reduce the price.The MB broadband of original price 1780 yuan a year, now buy 10 send 4, equivalent to the user needs to spend about 127 yuan a month.Even so, China unicom is still the most expensive MB broadband.Great Wall broadband, broadband access, broadband, gehua ticketmaster founder broadband MB broadband between these operators, the user needs to pay a monthly fee are to be controlled in 81 yuan.

MB broadband which most value

family more and more high demand for network

our point of view:

1. From the measured result, the speed and stability of the region in Beijing unicom still ranked first;

2. The telecom and mobile is constant progress, telecom fiber directly from the start, the mobile charges have advantage, after integrating the tietong fixed network resources, also is the new force of the market.

3. Life difficult for small and medium-sized operators.After three carriers accelerating JiangFei web experience and the price will be accepted by more and more users.Choose a large part of the reason of small and medium-sized operators because of cheap, now cheap and usable brought wide, who would hesitate?

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