Internet dark prequel: dark net "silk road" beginning and end of the end

dark prequel: Internet web of beginning and end of the

tiger sniffing note: blackmail WannaCry virus is still spreading in the whole world, the affected area of the quantity and the toll is rising, from panda to WannaCry, plus countless large data leak, malicious attacks again woke up let people addicted to the Internet is good, the other side of the Internet and technology in the face.

dark trading network is another parallel world of the Internet and social networking on those who accompany our information flow operation at the same time, every day old as the history of them.Four years ago, the story of "silk road", is considered to be a Internet history one of the prequel of evil.

one day in October 2013, a man named wu bray (Ross Ulbricht) the young man was arrested in San Francisco, a library, at this point, the hustle and bustle of drugs and weapons trading website "silk road" declared dead.

from secret was set up to rise rapidly, from the nuggets countless to murder people, from the crisis to the collapse of a night, the silk road and its founder's story as a Hollywood blockbuster.

therefore, columnist Nick Bilton wrote a book and long article in vanity fair, reproduces the rise of the silk road, the degradation and destruction, and expressed his deep concern for abuse of science and technology trends.

the following content is original in Vanity Fair, the author Nick Bilton, original titled Silicon Valley Murder Mystery: How Drugs And Paranoia Doomed Silk Road , the tiger sniff compilation (cut).

one, the problem is not who would have listened to me, but who will stop me from

wu bray (Ross Ulbricht) have really thought about not from the date of arrival.He knew that one day, in the silk road is still hot, heyday, he had to make a cruel choice.Now, in the spring of 2013, is the time.

he want to do the choice was simple: really want to pick up the knife, to protect his company that make?

the tech world claim to change the world, and beautify the world has for a long time, but in its declaration of aspiring, hides a lot of really dark.

in silicon valley, after all, in order to preserve the inheritance, many founders will stop at nothing - either pay heavily, let those who had given their inspiration friend darling shut up (such as Facebook, Square and Snapchat), either relentlessly drive co-founder (for example, Twitter, Foursquare, and Tinder), or again, is to challenge the law, make tens of thousands of people forced to unemployment (such as Uber, reality, etc.).

but for wu bray, the costs of enough malicious.In order to preserve his silk road, the similar to giant amazon's "dark net goods shop", he who had to "Cinderella", interrupt a thorn in the side.

mine this of course is not the original intention.

in fact, like many gen mills, the silk road starting is very simple.It is derived from a mine students' curiosity, curiosity.

this looks very handsome boy finally home and into the lives of Texas, glory in the Penn state college of materials science and engineering in practice.During this period, he like other young heterogeneous (especially some tech community), became the author of atlas shrugged, Ayn Rand (Ayn Rand) fans, and advocating liberal philosophy;He no longer accept this appearance of the world, but from the perspective of their default to observe the world;And he also like Uber CEO Peter teal karan Nick and investment of the godfather, the highly aggressive words as their own creed:

"the problem is not who listened to me, but who will stop me."

-- ayn rand

dark prequel to the Internet: dark net beginning and end of the

she became his creed

in school, in restaurants, in the political debate club...Young wu bray staring at the U.S. government to "legal", the definition of "illegal", and stick to the seemingly contradictory place.

his reasoning or student gas, such as: big MAC can lead to diabetes and heart disease, but McDonald's is not legal?Car led to tens of thousands of casualties accidents each year, but they don't or can roam around?Also, that every year ten million people die of cigarette wine, they don't also is a legitimate business?So, those who only for recreation pill son how to hide?

for wu bray, such discrimination is a kind of arbitrary.Besides, tube he what fast food, alcohol, tobacco, or marijuana, is ultimately responsible for the body, not or yourself?The real problem, he speculates that, lies in the dose control the bad size and transparency of the high and low.

in this way, an idea ended up in his heart bud: if we can have a similar to Yelp, classification of buyers sellers site, it can in the drug trade is not fair and transparent?But also can reduce the risk of causing death due to excessive buying, isn't it?

in addition, wu bray disposition is not just a precocious, mind front sharp liberal believers, he was a gifted, self-taught computer high hand.Like many of the same age person of outstanding ability, mine one day wu finally went to San Francisco to open business.Arrived in silicon valley, where a rolling mills and the land, high fever.Everyone are tasting the financing easily, low interest rates, are also in the unicorn in the ranks of the crowded, at the same time, in view of the founder of "sports star" also in picking up......

wu bray tempted.He finally going to in the "dark net", in the depths of the eyes away from the government, and for his pills have a place to go.This idea does make some officer to eat become angry from embarrassment, but is not unprecedented.

that is to say, wu bray have predecessors.In silicon valley, and countless home companies are pushing for the legalization of marijuana;Others not marijuana business, but also gaining in fuzzy zone, such as the cover of dating sites pimp or something... here, in silicon valley, "legal order" a paper is not only a c, and will be with the name of "subversion" and therefore getting heavily reward.

this is not fake, but wu he saw the fact that when he arrived in silicon valley, in the place of Uber and reality are not provocative things all laws and regulations?They are a new generation of "rand" pioneers;They don't need to ask for anyone's permission to dry, dry.

wu bray, of course, and they come from.He gave the new company a considerable meditate on the meaning of the name, the silk road.This road is indeed like a ribbon to buyers and sellers together -- just a little commission, "goods" can be mailed home, is no different from ordinary objects.The supplier sometimes stick "goods" in DVD box back, or into the hollowed out of battery, but most of the time, "goods" is the envelope of a drum with a bitter fleabane bitter fleabane, can safely away from the federal law enforcement agencies noses.In conclusion, at least from a technical level, the silk road of the whole system is quite good.

if wu bray the purpose of the opening of the silk road is something of a "pure", so that "pure" soon lost.

he soon found that after opening the silk road has been transformed from pure drug trading center all cargo transshipment hub.Here, first appeared a hacking tools, pharmaceutical laboratory equipment, and then launched cocaine and all kinds of cyanide, and then more beretta and AK - 47 assault rifle.

in the end, all kinds of deadly poison also on stage at last.What's more, there are people in the online discussion of buying and selling human organs to......In short, the silk road rage.Just within a year and a half, the website of the week turnover reached $500000, Mr. So fell into the pile of money.

no matter what he had to draw the silk road before, these boundaries have been ambition to break through.

2, nothing said, disable him

in 2013, wu bray first encounter internal crisis.Curtis, a Green's employees were arrested in cocaine deal, while he believed that the man has stolen from the silk road's coffers of $350000.

a long time, wu mine safety as a top priority.For all his talk of conducted on an encrypted chat App.Stolen, he told a never met face-to-face, but have been doing business in the silk road of canadians (not his real name Variety Jones) for advice, the other gave him two solutions: first, find the staff and threatened, make him vomit money;Second, the pain hit him a meal.

to both socialist wu bray weigh for several days at a time.The life of the silk road in his trust in the offline already, also in the offline "fear" for his boss.If this is not punishment "offence", maybe others will suit.Only, he is the more than 20 years old young scholar, really can be harnessed to violence?

at this moment, Variety Jones reminder came over."All have already thought for a few days... you are the boss, decided to do now."

"nothing says. Disable him," he answered.

dark prequel: Internet web of beginning and end of the

this sentence, the handsome boy really comes from the

3, the dark side of silicon valley

every new technology is appeared with the purpose of good, however, was perfect, none of ten.

such as Twitter.The birth of their purpose is simple: it is to help users in a noisy nightclub, can rely on the sound "flap" realized that someone is sending a message to him.But soon, as the month living growing, Twitter variation.It became a ISIS recruiting tool, has become the trump of the campaign platform.

Tinder.At first it just want to act as teenagers in the matchmaker, the result became some men capture tools in women.

Facebook is no exception.It became false information collection and distribution center, and ultimately affect the election results in 2016.In addition to 3 d printing - almost at the date of birth, it becomes the people tools used in the manufacture of guns and other weapons.

the silk road is no exception.Mine uzziah had only intended to help those people who want to buy cannabis and hallucinogenic mushroom "convenient", didn't expect they have other figure.But it ain't him.

on the other hand, it also very silicon valley.Can the silicon valley in the history of human wealth in volleyball, largely because of its arms young idea emerge in endlessly, and nation from the commercial world even more."Fast forward, break rules" (Facebook's corporate slogan), "to make a better tomorrow" (Twitter early motto), these proverbs can only come from silicon valley entrepreneurs at this age, middle-aged people (especially executives) will not open the mouth.

in fact, many technology entrepreneurs have a fixed route: in order to achieve, they first destroy an industry quickly, and then again and again through the law of the block, and then apologized for what they have done...

now, back to wu said Mr.Launch of the silk road, wu bray just hoping someone willing to use it.Unexpectedly almost overnight, a phenomenal business got up.Shortly after his record sales figure to Variety Jones look, see each other at a glance: silk road to $100 million in sales for its first year.This is not, after the calculated brushstroke zhang Variety Jones and predicted: the silk road in the second year of sales of up to $1 billion.And as the sole owner of website, he will take the huge profits.

business is still in the high speed growth.In order to better manage everything, haven't finished 2012, wu Brett decided to give himself a comprehensive upgrade.He hired a Variety Jones to be his coach "CEO", each course to pay him 60000 dollars.Up a Jones, head to mine is like that he was carrying in the dry, so must always taut strings."Don't act thoughtlessly. To understand our drug laws in the United States noses complement to each other things make big could be sentenced to death... so at least can ensure that don't kill."

but at the time, wu mine seems to be more concerned with the growth of the web site, rather than the harm.For a Variety of Jones reminds, he only replied: "let's go all out buddy."

4, divided life

the rapid expansion of wu bray was supposed to be very assertive, but he will never be like karan Nick or Brian chase, openly on Forbes or the cover of time magazine.

on the contrary, he had to live more hidden.His pseudonym Dread Pirate Roberts (hereinafter referred to as the DPR) has become a Techcrunch, Gawkeer big site to talk about, and he himself still hung in the streets of San Francisco, found in large and small coffee shop and the library.He sometimes indulge in Internet cafes, using dating sites to catch the girls.But most of the time, he is alone.He had neatly in one apartment, only tell roommate call Josh himself.When friends and family asked about what he monkeying around on the computer all day long, he will say, what's he doing currency trading, or rather, his secret engineering in the development.

unable to publicity, all have to use a pseudonym DPR many of his deeds.Among them, the murder of Curtis, Green is a case of a mine, not only the most arouse scorn willingly paid $80000 for the murder of remuneration, and, in his Green have been maintained by "body" - chin leaning on one side, in his folder...

in the beginning, wu bray was afraid.He had sent letters to "killer", according to their conscience "a little", but soon, he began to justify for own behavior."It's irritating, his piss me off, I had to kill him... I just want to let others see, how much cheating a little heart."

science and technology to change the speed of a person is really fast enough.

in 2011, wu bray was a researcher at the laboratory for $300 a week.He slept in the basement, and the only property is the head of a bed the two big black garbage bags, a clean clothes, a dirty clothes.Suddenly one day he "bible belt", like Uber, growing company founders have come up with a "big business", and soon by a cable and a few lines of code that creates a had never experienced in my world.

in the world, the law formulated by him, by his power to allocate, in a word, he is god.

but the god is very poor.The silk road haven't grown into a unicorn, wu bray increasingly paranoid.Forging a number of identity, not only for yourself and, in order to ensure personal and property safety, he fled to the Dominican republic.As for personal property, he mostly COINS have replaced, and there are others in the offshore accounts.

wu Mr. Doubt is not without reason.In early June 2011, the then Gawker writers of Adrian Chen just published a report about the silk road, and senator Chuck Schumer call the department of justice to turn off the site.Mine then, wu asked all employees will be the driver's license or passport to his real name scan, to prove that they are not spies.Then, he has a strong password in computer, and start to apply for citizenship.In the end, he also listed a list, for the day of "ally McBeal" formulated the emergency measures.

5, wall house fall

mine uzziah had hoped to buy servants in general can behave after fierce, but his mistake.Tech thing is always the same day, not a few years, the silk road became a mess of the problems we face at home and abroad, outside the thief (hackers) attacked a blackmail, are simply the ghost blackmail played a DPR himself...

so before long, the murder was wu's customary means.Throughout the first half of 2013, and in the library cafe chairs, wu bray is then knocked on the keyboard to "order" to kill.However, the master of programming and business talent, obviously is not qualified in this area.Because the original --

he last hired to murder of Green, the so-called old guns, turned out to be the U.S. drug enforcement agents. that is to say, Green's death was a "sham" elaborate design, and the blood that is to use forged out of a pot of tomato soup.Mine black didn't know at that time, follow the "business" exposed to various clues, agents had locked him - the DPR never showed up.

but wu bray and silk road fatal flaw is more than that.Or simply said that they are in the technology, was destroyed by technology.At the beginning in order to strengthen the security of the silk road, wu he employs many hackers, but even so, accustomed to pursuit a hackney-coach agents finally caught early coding an error, and on the basis of the IP address of the searched to a cafe.A frequent visitor to mine and wu is there.After get the clues, the FBI, IRS, DHS and the DOJ, and other organizations are ultimately;After all the evidence together, all point to the same goal: one afternoon in October 2013, a library, that holding the hand hard typing, heavy eyebrows mine younger black eye, black.

press down pour, the billionaire with only two dollars in his pocket.

6, the silk road is broken, but the abuse of science and technology that will increasingly turbulent

now mine of already in prison, and also with the world's top drug Lord joaquin, boltzmann in a prison, in this sense, either he has become the most famous in the history of the Internet criminal, or has become the United States has recorded the most unseemly genius.

just writing for the brenner pass, I don't understand, how can one mutation how quickly and thoroughly.Later, the many interviews, wu bray materials (including diaries, chat, etc.) also read much, I finally understand: he is not alone can be the same metamorphosis.Many tech entrepreneurs have the suspicion.Mine just uri is subversive on drugs, others are on the taxi, hotels, social subversive;Wu he finally has been jailed for destroying the lives of many people, others are established, to history of masking his own destruction.

or that sentence: umm he never thought of the silk road will breed such crime.I interviewed dozens of familiar with his people, they all told me that he is kind and compassionate.He will help the old lady crossing the road, will give people surprise with a thoughtful gift, in an E-mail to "Fudge" instead of "Fuck" - even after the silk road opened. but later, he was changed.The dividing line between right and wrong is a bit fuzzy one day, one day a little fuzzy, until in the end, both completely confused, and wu is finally became the DPR.

dark prequel: Internet web of beginning and end of the

mine from Ukraine to the DPR, who also don't know which day began to change from

there is only one thing is clear, that is: see their creation was used for evil, wu Mr. He could do nothing, until finally he himself became a holding a butcher's knife.

to build for tomorrow technology in the modern age, people seldom go to think how people will use their own work doing evil.But we are really has reached a turning point.Time has come for a trump, silicon valley's responsibility is no longer "fast forward, break down", but think about how to prevent the terrible abuse of science and technology.

sadly, wu bray himself had not learned this lesson early.And since has been sentenced to life in prison, so he only missed forever.

in the future, you are my children, not to download The tiger sniff the App snuffed innovation!

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