From panda to COINS virus, a continuous history bear children


"in the world would have no virus."

this sentence by making face in the past two days, the currency virus across the world, like a villain fade away for a long time suddenly ZhaShi finalise a return of the king.

think of viruses wreak havoc before that time, and look at it today, the feeling is really not a: the history of the virus, like our history.

today, we will talk from the perspective of entrepreneurship, why the history of the virus, like a bear children history.

with three typical cases of the virus, to his entrepreneurial stage:

  • first startup - panda

  • - the second undertaking Heartbleed

  • the third startup - WannaCry (COINS)

from the panda COINS virus, a continuous history bear children

first startup

show off enough attention, however, millions of users and no use

panda like bear children first startup phase.

skilled, started to dazzle your own technology, using only their knowledge, want to get more attention, by the way, still can make some money.

from the panda COINS virus, a continuous history bear children

in frequently make virus in 2006, the creator of the panda with the limited knowledge and ability, a spoof let several millions of the national virus infection.Can be used as a typical case of that age, did not earn any money.

from the panda COINS virus, a continuous history bear children

second entrepreneurship

hard work and hard work, through upstream and downstream still move brick

Heartbleed differs from panda, is like a second venture, gradually entered a stage of exploration.

because the experience is still lacking, the whole business of thinking is not mature enough, what all to grope for your dry, may earn a little interest, but there is no business ideas.

from the panda COINS virus, a continuous history bear children

in 2014, a code for a blockbuster loopholes Heartbleed was exposed, global nearly two-thirds of personal account and password affecting e-commerce sites.

hackers take advantage of this loophole, get a large amount of data and information such as user name, password, need these data to find the organization, and then sell it out.

from the panda COINS virus, a continuous history bear children

the third business

product artistic conception, every multinational reap millions of paying customers

after the accumulation, in front of the WannaCry today as the product of the third time we venture, a clever idea, perfect preparation products.

from the panda COINS virus, a continuous history bear children

by WannaCry virus pop-up, we can find some interesting details:

to internationalization, from design to language not only has a business model, understand the human nature, also can make money one pace reachs the designated position, product range is ever upgrade after all.

more accurate target groups: virus outbreak in the student body, first the thesis is the most precious property of graduates.So a product must locate those with pain points of the target population.

more good interaction experience: eye-catching red UI, extorted copywriter, and match the FAQ "customer service" button.In terms of business, want to pose a "interactive products", is to be simple and direct, don't let the user experience of product were confused.

support for internationalization language: a virus can do more language support, to ensure the accessibility of "extortion", appears to be its spread fully planned.We are doing a product, is there any forecast to its potential overseas market and users?

more about user psychology: countdown seconds to fully take hold of crowd psychology.Important files are locked, the countdown will speed up the consumer's decision.If a product can not catch the user's psychological, will not be able to quickly implement the features and requirements.

easier payment link: the decrease of the intermediate links, the choice of bitcoins pay channels is not easy to be traced.In terms of electricity, the lifeblood of a product is how to deal with payment link.If payment link has a problem, not only can not profit, will lose a lot of users directly.

of course, our point of view is not how hold WannaCry, a startup project to do so, the effect of the drop is as WannaCry overnight millions of paying customers.

"viral", indeed as expected only viruses do best..

jump out to, WannaCry is no longer merely a virus, which isn't the money pit approach is a very "mature" business model?

from the panda COINS virus, a continuous history bear children

it is easy to see that the whole three stages is the whole "virus" business growth.Gradually enrich itself, with the progress of technology, the diversification of means of payment and the understanding of the global market, this particular business system with our business growth and accumulation of elements.

from the panda COINS virus, a continuous history bear children

virus reverse though as a typical, but it is to learn to take account of the iteration is worthy of our entrepreneurs.How to improve the user experience, product, customer service, UI design, internationalization, marketing psychology, pay channel..

a virus did, then we entrepreneurs?

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