The worm hit?Why scare yourself!Blackmail virus distance how far are you?

this weekend for a lot of network users is an extraordinary weekend, for many web users, may be the latest Revelations worm terrified, in view of the media to the spread of fast, morning time, news about the worm attack blackmail is overwhelming, Internet users see reports "fearful", also afraid I got infected, but small make up to tell you is that you may not need to be so nervous.worms come? Why should scare yourself! Blackmail virus distance how far are you?

the exposure of the worm is terrible, but after a series of survey found that there are several types of the user is actually don't have to worry about:

the first: if you are using a MAC OS user, then you don't have to worry about, because this worm attacks Microsoft users, mainly for the apple laptop users can drink besides meat, can rest easy, after all, the somebody else all "disdain" against you, you why embarrass his little heart?The second:

just mentioned is to use the MAC OS users don't have to worry about, that if I were a Microsoft user, that is I to worry?Small make up to tell you, is not so, if you are using the latest Microsoft win10 system and opened the automatic update Settings, then I think you can drink together and use MAC OS users meat rest easy, because Microsoft as early as march to patch repair loopholes, if you have the patch updates, what are you afraid of that?Not afraid, is not particularly!

the third: if your computer is not MAC OS system, and there is no use win10 system more open automatically update Settings, but if you are a perennial at home using the computer will not connect outside the family network of individual users, also need not to worry about, because operators have restricted access to even closed port 445.In addition to this, of course, cloud computing users is in a state of relative safety.

say so many, have you out from the panic mood?If yes, the small make up the following words may heart again for you just to relax tense, some might say: small make up, do you mean?Yes, you're right, small make up is like the feel of the base base...worms come? Why should scare yourself! Blackmail virus distance how far are you?

the relative safety of the user, we mentioned note that are relatively well, since it is relatively safe, it must also have relatively dangerous users, which users will be more dangerous, move more easily?Don't worry, let us one by one to say:

you should note that in the worm attacks the effects of user in colleges and universities, enterprises and other people more concentrated mostly in the environment, and yes, if you are in the midst of a collective office environment, you may be more dangerous, if you don't have a close port 445 and using Windows 7 and Windows xp is even older version of the system and no new patches of Microsoft user, then you the effects of the high risk of absolutely beyond your imagination.And the virus attack is relatively fierce, within the same local area network (LAN), if there is a terminal baited, that may be involved in more than one even within the same local area network (LAN) terminal equipment, all my day, ready to implicate the nine generations of a family, imagination is terrible.

so if you are using equipment in collective office environment, it will do well protection measures, to update the latest patches, to backup the important data files, form good habits of using the Internet, network security to you will play a very important role!

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