Trillions of tuyere next?Ali, jingdong, suning began to compete for the market!

May 10, jingdong issued to a JD - Business stratagem for the name of jingdong enterprise market.Customer business people carefully according to the Beijing neusoft Song Chunzheng introduction, counsel is given priority to with procurement scenario, the surrounding enterprises procurement organs in dealing with the wonderful skills and value, keep the delivery, the big four means, and relying on the jingdong cloud, jingdong financial, jingdong logistics purchasing things carefully in class.

trillions of tuyere next? Ali, jingdong, suning began to compete for the market!

this is not the jingdong ChuDu in the commercial market.In April last year, a commercial brand of jingdong ChuDu counsel, was promoted to counsel to the brand and the electricity purchasing height;Rolled out in July, "wing mining platform", achieve the docking between shopping platform and enterprise ERP system;In October, starting enterprises procurement project to move, to complete the enterprise purchase removed from PC to whole transition;Promulgated on December 6, in Beijing jingdong overall business intends to "Beijing", through the process of establishment of "the jingdong - chamber of commerce enterprise procurement exclusive platform", is member of chamber of commerce supply for enterprise overall employee benefits, gathered the purchase, all office supplies procurement, marketing gifts purchasing channels of rewards for purchasing different scenarios such as procurement plan.

on the other hand, collect, such as alibaba, suning electric business giants, are aware of the potential commercial market.By the end of last year, alibaba launched 1688 large enterprises procurement platform, non intend to purchase for the enterprise demand supply merchants screening, gathered negotiation skills.In this year, Tmall enterprise procurement channels, Su Ningyi bought have also launched, into the commercial market.Course after one year of xu li, this year is expected to become the quotient of the first year of commercial competition in the market.

trillions of tuyere next? Ali, jingdong, suning began to compete for the market!

the energy of the commercial market has always been to be reckoned with.

in the PC market, for example.Frequency over the years, because of better products like mobile phones, tablets, fire attack, downturn in the PC market group implied in this Zhuo loss level market.But the child confidence in its commercial market remains choice, according to IDC China today of a given set of data, to 2020, China's commercial PC sales volume will reach 55.58 million m at the mercy of 2016 to 2020, compound increase rate will reach 2.9%.Commercial article in this aspect, in 2020 to the year sales volume 9.24 million will be at the mercy of, 2016-2020 measured compound increase rate will reach 4.5%.

just extremely limited and potential commercial market, but to cope with electricity companies, this is still a piece of blue ocean.Have parts industry in the son and said, in the enterprise procurement market of China, exercise maximum business purchase only less than 20% of the enterprise.And what this means is that just the Chinese Zhuo loss of product and make a living doing things high proportion of electricity, grow fast, but the traditional Chinese enterprises using the Internet equipment and the proportion of the electricity system is still very low.

but on the other hand, traditional enterprise procurement model derived a lot of pain.According to former counsel interpreting teacher, tencent, jingdong Li Chengdong jing hui teng first person introduction, previous demand enterprises is through the process of offline gathered purchase will report or partial purchase way for traditional control, process including "- product submission requirements - budget negotiations - fulfillment of treaty - approval - order - walk single" hub, such as reporting process, low utility, great demand by the chamber and trading business from topics.

this also no wonder there are more and more companies are thinking about purchasing customs change, test with online purchasing, experience and the integration of offline way of purchasing mode, this not only has the foreign companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, and even for the authorities and companies.Actually, through the process of "net", the enterprise procurement can indeed become more efficient.According to Song Chunzheng introduction, relying on proprietary type electric business and scale value things, jingdong samples to measure the effect of the performance of procurement group buy promotion 50%, utility procurement comprehensive capital low 15%.

is, the industry of enterprise e-commerce market is generally positive.According to the property and information technology, ccid consulting institute issued "enterprise online statement exposition 2016 Chinese proprietary type" (hereinafter referred to as "cyber statement"), in 2016 China's e-commerce market group buying and selling business limited measure up to 19.8 trillion yuan, in the enterprise electronic commerce limited (that is, the enterprise online) market reached 15.1 trillion yuan, add 22.1% year-on-year.Sadie institute of looking at the same time, the future three years, the enterprise will flush the same add e-commerce market.

trillions of tuyere next? Ali, jingdong, suning began to compete for the market!

electricity purchasing dark war

by the end of the year "going to become the largest yield data provide one-stop goods platform", this is Song Chun is JD - the Business will put down the rhetoric on the site.Compared with competitive rivals, jingdong look quite high in the commercial market win the battle.

according to get to know each other, today China enterprise electronic commerce model: there are two primary trade self-supporting type remote desktop.In proprietary type mode, the electricity supply companies the same warehouse, logistics, after-sale skills, groups such as brand marketing one-stop skills, such as jingdong enterprise purchase, Tmall purchase.Makes the electric business enterprise is an open platform, for buying and selling business supply an online channels on both sides.

in 2016, jingdong enterprise purchase, Tmall for sequential self-reliance, the online shopping exposition of state performance, in the first half of 2016, in each big proprietary type enterprise e-commerce platform, jingdong mall, jingdong enterprise purchase and share of the market is the largest, accounted for 45.6%;Followed by Tmall enterprise procurement channels, 18.5%;Individual wealth vertical proprietary platform for rapid growth, the interpretation host components for the sale of business division TongXin city, its proportion reaches 8.6%, overtake Su Ningyi purchase in third.

", enterprise has the procurement is a trillion-dollar big market, the value is not so sensitive, and more considerate of procurement process, goods quantity, process and clearing system."Li Chengdong points out, "in this market, proprietary B2C model has a certain competitive edge. In addition, the enterprise procurement also need to deal with the utility topic, this is the opportunity of jingdong address."

this is Song Chunzheng releasing of rhetoric confidence address."From the beginning in 2013, jingdong in management into the enterprise market, makes every effort to use electronic commerce to handle the transparency of enterprise procurement, procurement cycle, purchasing utility and a series of weaknesses, make purchasing seamless connection."Song Chunzheng told reporter in the 21st century economy, in the enterprise market scale, jingdong have start the upper hand, at that time the camp mode compared with alibaba platform more market the upper hand, "we can give enterprise buyers of the same make out an invoice, the same charge, the same clearing, the same after-sale guarantee."

to cope with the future competition, Song Chun regular points out, jingdong will continuously devoted to corporate counsel clients ideas into practice, making the Internet better technology in the enterprise's internal operations, make enterprise procurement market move to line up."Based on jingdong" gossip itself ahead of the upper hand, in theory we can closely holds the industry a certain position."Song Chunzheng told reporter in the 21st century economy.

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