Apple mobile phone shop how much money?

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selling an iphone Maori ranged from 400 to 1000 or more.The key depends on how you do it?Apple mobile phone store high gross margin is also need to be designed.A friend a apple mobile phone shop sold 5000 units a month, and the average gross margin in 2000, a machine to earn a bucket of gold.Shall not refuse to obey!

apple mobile phone store how to make money?

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see core speed reading, do the real thing is released brothers must have angrily.Depend, Lao tze also do apple mobile phone store, where there is so make money?

yes, if only by the real thing is released, make out an invoice and don't make out an invoice, gross margin in 400-1000 caps.But this paper think from more angles on the apple mobile phone store how to make money?

review mentioned above case, the pin 5000 apple mobile phone, earn millions of cases.His pin was apple 5 s golden edition refurbished machine, a machine profits in 2000 or so it is not surprising.His shop in the industrial zone, happen to have the market, build a fire, the fire to make a rich and no for it.

one of my friends has more than 30 stores, then do quality goods trading were almost capital chain break.Although still want to insist to do quality goods trading, but ao however form.Funding pressure finally made a delinquent goods channels, contains the official replacement, used, refurbished machines, and other products, indeed as expected high gross profit to let him through.

apple mobile phone store how to make money?

apple mobile phone shop all you have to think of profitable ideas in the following aspects:

1, supply channels,

apple mobile phone brands is a global channel resources, China has a different version, version available in China mainland, Hong Kong, China and Macao, China, China Taiwan version,More foreign version, Europe, America, han edition, etc., may is the Japanese version of the most affordable.

the different versions of the profits.Limited to confidential to the businessman, this article contains below don't talk about specific accurate profit.This article just want to help do the merchants of apple mobile phone store, and in the future to do the iphone store's friend.Consider how apple mobile phone stores make money?

2, configuration parameter

32 g, 64 g, 128 g different memory, different color, different screen size, of course, the retail price is different also.

a lot of apple mobile phone shop in stock, and because there is no a full range of product specifications, and the loss of customers.Most of the apple mobile phone shop is opened with a third party, the advantage of sources has led to the resource advantages of the product.This is some stores to make money, have is not the main reason that how to make money.

3, special source

nuts machine special source, that is, trade, such as tail cargo, operators resources, prison break machine, used, machine, refresh machine replacement, 14-day phones, refurbished machines, officer, of course the most malicious is high copy machine.Whole sale or part of the supply of goods store, make money profitability also each are not identical.Of course, they are taking big risks.

4, apple mobile phone after-sales maintenance

high-end mobile phone after-sales maintenance profits space is still very considerable, spend 6888 to buy a apple mobile phone, accidentally brush screen is broken, can't upgrade it.So still want to take.

a trainee is apple mobile phone after-sales maintenance, open a shop only maintenance business gross margin can be done more than 60000 a month.It also does not include the sales profits from apple used phones.

apple mobile phone store how to make money?

5, apple mobile phone accessories

apple mobile phone accessories quality goods guest unit price are higher, if with some other brand sales, profit margins are higher than other ordinary android users.So, apple mobile phone accessories, high-end digital, intelligent hardware related extension product sales is also an income.

6, operators

operator business can bring revenue to mobile phone store, I have a detail in many articles.This article is no longer.

7, other invisible income

as invoice and invoice profit space not the same.

in a word, apple mobile phone shop how much money?Who knows who did it.This article only think of to the role of "introduction", welcome friends are doing apple mobile phone shop to talk about your ideas and feelings.

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