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there is a in the sui and tang dynasties kingdoms, just into the honeylocust Lin said, I saw a big fellow, surface black cloth covered, carrying two meat and drink a way: "the mountain is I open, this tree is planted, I want to have this route, leaving buy goods road. The devil incarnate, you quickly leave money, otherwise, they don't want to here that!"

he is Tim cook, see pony horse came and act it out.

this is much like the sui and tang dynasties kingdoms mileage bite gold this scene.

apple update clause in June, 2016, buy virtual items in IOS, must abide by the IAP mechanism.Which means you have that I buy, I want to cut.

you say apple irregularities, he would say would have it, you don't follow.You said the monopoly, he said you go when you use the android, nobody forced you to sell the kidney;You say apple play rascal, he asked you tencent do never done such a thing, pony horse is what to do with jack?

he said it is actually a word, I am the apple, you bite me?

this is a software company and mobile phone port between the interests of the dispute.As a result, one do OS is a dad.

this kind of practice, can not help but reminds us of those ancient "chop slasher".

what does that mean?Traditional Chinese painting pay attention to poetry, books, paintings, printed one.When the collector to get a pair of calligraphy and painting, and cover them with his seal, prove that this is my collection of things, completely disregard will destroy the calligraphy and painting appreciation value.

the abnormal belongs to the emperor qianlong.Wang Xianzhi "Mid-Autumn festival posted" wrote a total of only 30 words, by qianlong kaka MAO built more than 80 chapters.

you are right, this thing is how to play and you decide, but you have to consider other people's feelings.However, this attitude refraction to the business, do not have so much to consider. they only one, the purpose of pursuing benefit maximization.

on April 18, dalian institute of finance and economics of a notice caused dissatisfaction with the students.Notification rules, if you find someone to order takeout, blackout 3, who report will reward 500 yuan.

it is reported that this is the school dining and apartment two center joint governance student reservation, the room irregularities, determines the take-away food leftovers, causes the campus environment burdens.

this is a typical together, in my site that you have to listen to me.

school is just like apple, canteen is its IOS, followed from the hotel is outside the APP.As users, students can spend their money on delivery, can also be paid to the dining room, apparently to cut school.

here's the thing, you didn't buy outside school, you must spend in the school.

then students are not so happy, say you this is monopoly.Dining room is very arrogant, "? When you leave school, you eat outside." is the whole report out a set of incentives, it seems that the dining room not only cultivate version, also cultivate spy?

this, many netizens, students playing along.

every holiday, dormitory can organize A travel, but where is the money?Dormitory A point delivery first, then inform dormitory B to report himself, then the dormitory B give 500 dollars to the dormitory.Next time, such as the exchange, the taste, the play.

in the end, peng peng and Pai Pai to know a lot of aspect a friend always have to watch our impulses, but any platform constraints, you don't so polite, forward thumb up good, mua ~

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