Tencent on arbitrary apple lai, forced to stop WeChat playing and they were afraid it is not money

under the terms of the apple update In June 2016, the APP Purchase of virtual goods (such as gold and equipment within the mobile game, paid content subscription, online member services, etc.), must abide by the IAP mechanism (to buy) within the In APP Purchase, application, and shall not be through the third-party payment platform.

apple's new rules (Source: sina science and technology)

why apple is pushing IAP mechanism?Because under this system, apple can charge 30%.The bullying behavior, although unsatisfactory, including tencent, also helpless, after all is in somebody else's IOS turf.

apple VS tencent?But around mobile payments game

however, tencent cannot easily acted on the apple's "advice".

apple with tencent game, mobile payments on the surface.

true arrive at that time, how do we think of the arbitrary apple?

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