How far is P10, huawei from collapse?


recently, huawei's trouble is no sleeps...

such as recent days P10 allegedly shoddy, huawei really spicy blind senior pollen eyes: originally publicity when speaking for my own use is UFS2.1 flash memory chips, the result is found by consumers is not entirely UFS2.1 specifications, which also mingled with the UFS2.0 specifications, even EMMC5.1 specifications of the flash memory chips. news like this, can't let this group of pollen a face of meng forced to eat the melon, look down at the glory of my mobile phone, the in the mind feel glad: ok I pretend bility is not enough!

well, shoddy things we press, and talk about how huawei is a company.Early period of time, the 35-year-old veteran is a disguised form, surprise to fire a handful of huawei, if coupled with vice President of huawei Li Yuzhuo because of family's resignation, we appear to be such an attributive: huawei company is a high pay, it's an impersonal company!

know huawei's friend, the indifference of human don't strange, don't say, recently hired employees must have been to Africa, this is traditionally routines;Of course, have to admit that treatment must be good.Listen to huawei's friend, don't like to recruit local graduates in shenzhen huawei, because local people too safe, nonlocal people come in, he has easily aggressive and energetic, especially when not married. so we could understand the original intention of huawei repel and 35 years old staff: when you are not youth, value is not in, leave your he2 yong4?

huawei branded on the spirit of the Wolf genes, this spirit forged the culmination of made in China!However, the matter of the today's Revelations P10 shoddy, can't afford to let the pollen chilling, huawei really changed?The purpose of the consumer supremacy is out of date? I don't know this is the occasional scandal broke out, this is still for a long time, when an enterprise is not in the interests of consumers first, then, enterprise culture must be changed at a deeper level.

five years ago, ren zhengfei, wrote a book: huawei is under a fallen will?Its spirit in time of peace prepare for war, speakers ambitions, before I wrote in an article also has a more intuitive evidence: entrepreneurs must read: ren two things unknown.The head, with his own style holding the course of huawei, I don't know, today is a lucky or unlucky? in the past 30 years of success, whether can continue to glory in the next 20 years?Once the accumulated brand value, will continue to win the trust of consumers?When companies are facing crisis, huawei remember whether consumers supreme purpose?

this brings together a series of problems, and made me start thinking about the problems in the title: huawei from how far is it closed down? the sanlu milk powder is how scenery infinite, only a melamine, is completely overturned a company;Former enron, is how; only overnight declared bankrupt; the experience of his predecessors, YanJian enough for others to follow, this, huawei, for other companies as well.

just glanced at the news, millet TV 2 because of false advertising is sentenced a compensate three back, if the rights of people increased and became even more millet can also so blatant fraud? in the same way, in the face of people to China for P10 flash question, huawei's official response despite the fact it, say what experience well, this isn't stare eyes nonsense? this response, is ultimately disregard of consumers' rights and interests.You know, lost heart of fear for the consumer, brand again big also can't afford to support a better future!

huawei is made in China a benchmarking, if huawei is also in favour of shoddy to deceive consumers, hidden keen to do business, so, made in China becomes a german-made road will remain elusive...Fraud is can profit at the moment, but the date of the scandal, the damage to the brand not simply stop at the excess profit taking, it will hurt the brand's own credibility. once that day comes, Mr Ren has been muttering "next collapse is huawei", will no longer be just think of the paper, it could really be reality: who said huawei would not fail?

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