LCD TV or obsolete Skyworth bet on OLED growth in embarrassment

after the Yangtze river waves steady, before the wave died on the beach.Now silence already a long time of surface and volume of brewing this eliminated a life-and-death contest.

as a modern family essential consumer electronics, from TV since its invention in 1928, continuously creative, bear the important role of improving the quality of people's life, from the original black and white TV to color TV, from the CRT TV to flat-screen TVS, from the LED TV market mainstream to OLED TV coming events cast their shadows before them, every time the arrival of new technology products, all the people of the audio-visual experience up to a new realm.

thought LCD TV has taken the color TV set level into "being", because the LCD television image is clear, the picture is beautiful, energy saving energy saving, environmental protection health, light and convenient.But OLED technology make the quality of color TV and user experience more of the upper floor, OLED TV to replace LCD TV for experts in the industry, some manufacturers recommendation, prices rising gradually, reputation is bullish.

LCD TV face death?

LED LCD TV on the market at present, occupies the mainstream status.Reviewing the process of LCD TV along the way, it is not hard to see, LCD TV is can stand the market test, accepted by consumers widely recognized a television variety.LED LCD TV not only replaced the old CRT TV, and defeated appeared almost at the same time another kind of types of flat TV, plasma TV.

compared with the traditional CRT TV, LCD TV with environmental protection, energy saving, the advantages of the clear, healthy, less space, thus the user's comprehensive experience to a new level.This is LCD TV gradually will be the key factor for other types of TV out of the market.

but now LCD TV nightmare suddenly seem to have come.Skyworth recently at a new conference, launched which television.According to the new executive director/CEO skyworth digital holdings co., LTD, skyworth group co., LTD., shenzhen skyworth RGB electronic co., LTD. - President Liu Tangzhi said: whether surface or quantum dots, LCD TV is a thing of the past, skyworth believe OLED will eventually substitute for LCD.He and predicted: the technology progress and industrial upgrading to bring new opportunity!

Liu Tangzhi this, gives the main quantum dots and surface of samsung TV, such as changhong an embarrassment.But it is mainly to highlight your product.That which is currently skyworth launch OLED TV's flagship product.In order to speed up the OLED television, Liu Tangzhi breaking new technology and new products, and the price of usual mind-set, in March of this year to blow the OLED television depreciate storm, help skyworth OLED TV achieved 351% year-on-year growth, let person sigh, shows the OLED TV development space and huge market potential.

if konka, Letv, millet, and use this strength to promote OLED TV, may not sparked a huge response in the industry and society, but easy to be questioned just a publicity stunt, after all these brand in the Chinese television market the map, not leading role.But skyworth is totally different.In the current Chinese color TV market, skyworth in ear, market share nearly 1/5, movements have a bellwether.The efforts in promoting OLED TV, is likely to cause other brands actively follow-up, to avoid falling behind.Since such, rapid advances OLED TV, LCD TV defeat, however the possibility of increased greatly.

although as updated products, OLED TV now is like concealed, but now the market is an era of fast fish eat slow fish, if future OLED really can be a color TV set industry upgrading products, then falling who half at the beginning, the future is likely to be eliminated - market out the sort of reaction are slower enterprises, in the history of China's economic development are common.

LCD TV are facing life and death choice?

OLED will be replace the product?

maybe OLED TV to replace LED TV and a very slow process, although just differ a prefix, but its inherent technology differs.Consumer acceptance of the OLED TV in general, mature industry chain, OLED TV itself has a fairly long process.Even if the OLED can replace the LCD TV, so far, there is no more than three to five years, it's hard to say who is winning right height.

in general, the advent of new technology products, due to the powerful r&d, production and construction costs and marketing costs, plus a new product in terms of scale temporarily difficult to go up, cause the product cost is higher, the product prices.But skyworth in OLED TV is doing the opposite, listed on the OLED is offering up a price war, at the beginning of this much surprise.

of course, this way of marketing is immediate, makes the skyworth OLED TV sales jumped more than three times over the previous year, would be a backwater of the color TV market, get sullen, will also be other manufacturers home stirs the heart to act happy.

not skyworth a great eye.The invention of the creator is a south Korean company LG OLED technology.This technology also help LG high-end market in Europe and the United States have the armband.In addition, samsung, SONY, panasonic, etc., Japan and South Korea in power OLED TV brand.But at present the three suddenly slowed his steps, to wander on OLED wait-and-see attitude, only the LG in the effort.Perhaps LG in China than other countries and regions to promote OLED TV easy to succeed, but in China, LG want to succeed, that it is difficult because the south Korean government joint U.S. missile defense system in South Korea sade, provoked a mass of Chinese consumers for south Korean companies to voluntarily, bring huge shadow LG OLED TV promotion.Of course, the emergence of this situation, skyworth promotion OLED TV was infinite imaginary space.

a single flower does not make a spring, full of spring.Skyworth can climb up a shout, was it?The answer is unknown at present.In skyworth, if other manufacturers home hungry, actively follow up, then the OLED LED will replace an - if I didn't remember wrong, the first announced the production of CRT TV, skyworth.

of course, the premise of metabolism, is a new living than replacement, has a large, distinct advantage.In promoting the upgrading of various kinds of products, TV LCD TV is a good varieties, has a wide color gamut, long service life, environmental protection and energy saving, ultra-thin outstanding characteristics such as appearance, but that doesn't explain the LCD TV is the limit of color TV products.Compared to the liquid crystal TV, OLED is disruptive innovation, not only has the traditional advantage of LCD TV, OLED is also very obvious advantages: such as more energy saving province electricity, image more clear and beautiful, thinner lighter, especially heartstrings, OLED TV can be folded, can wear, the illuminated the characteristic, effectively reduce the blu-ray harm to the human eye, more environmental health.

maybe just on these advantages determine OLED will replace the LCD TV, that is too optimistic.As a new television variety, to get consumers fully accept, flying off I'm afraid there is a way to go.

skyworth bet?

new officer arrived three fire.As skyworth's first President, Liu Tangzhi Liu Tangzhi hope do OLED TV to life.

this choice is put all your eggs in one basket.If you win, skyworth ahead of other brand finished upgrading, leading the industry development, from the position more steady, more firm, may even become more proficient, into a world-class color TV enterprises, with South Korea LG, samsung formation potential of the tripartite confrontation.

although OLED sales situation is open, but how many OLED TV skyworth is sold, only know skyworth himself, skyworth, released just as a nouveau riche growth data.If this growth is produced on the basis of the base is not big, the sales of skyworth OLED are big, otherwise, wouldn't be so coy skyworth, selectively with data.Besides the increase is created on the basis of the price war, shows that the market is still in the early stages of breeding, consumers are heading for the price, the one for the upgrading of products, some embarrassing situation.

but if lost?It is not without warning, I wonder if Liu Tangzhi thought about this problem.The flat TV campaign plasma and LCD television, once the number of lists of color TV industry in many years of changhong betting on a plasma TV, building, put all your eggs in one basket, lost as a result, losses.

changhong skyworth tomorrow yesterday?Now, I'm afraid who all dare not sure.

the answer to this question, we only for time and market to reveal.

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