Eay the easy to send you with their own hands "guillotine"

eay the easy to send you with their own hands

easy to founder eay suddenly issued a statement, accusing big shareholders Letv embezzling 1.3 billion, lead to easy to fall into crisis.Letv responded, said is Letv buildings as collateral, easy to be taken as the main loan for 1.4 billion, which left yi to 100 million, 1.3 billion is Letv away.

it is the way it is.

, founder of the eay as easy to send such a statement, a bomb was thrown.For the original is easy to say is "sent the final ride".No wind, whether to use the easy to money whether legitimate or not, can change a cruel fact, easy to have completely failed in car war.

a issue for users and the driver, was not a question of big shareholders' embezzlement, but can you get a taxi, can you mention money.The fact, has become very difficult.

in Letv Revelations after money problems, easy to driver in the continued loss, the user of taking a taxi is becoming more and more difficult.Especially in this period of time, the driver after the withdrawal difficult, take a taxi to become the norm, and thus formed a vicious circle.A taxi driver less and less, more and more difficult, to lose more and more users.

easy to continuously "the last three days of return" activities, has exposed the problem.

if a company is not too short of money, would not be so overdraw their credibility, again and again "the last three days" are not in the end, an end of "the last three days" and "the last six days," easy to charge back to activity completely addicted to it.This kind of addiction is the thirst for funds, in order to lure more users top-up, to alleviate pressure of funds.

from the perspective of the effect of reality seems less obvious, also can't so much the driver won't be able to withdraw.According to the easy to the official version, because "is working with the relevant departments of information interaction platform for data docking".This story is too far-fetched, data docking and withdrawal are two different things, and it is not for a will.

the real situation may be, easy to capital link near collapse.If easy to cash-rich, I wouldn't last so long "withdrawal" failure, also won't again and again "the last three days return".The car is no longer fighting subsidy wars, itself also does not conform to the normal business logic.So, the only possibility is easy to need prepaid phone money to sustain her life, charge that can only be endless to return to activity to absorb funds.

even if eay said not to come out, the problem has also cover up.When as a founder of eay out said, this problem will not end, just the problem exposed, lest by this relation.And this, also will be easy to killing almost, I'm afraid there is no leeway.

run is inevitable, even if it is easy to book still have money, I'm afraid also bear the user runs.Now, so many people go to easy to for money, those who used not for money, will also add to the team.And because of mistrust of the easy to, also will not continue to run the driver and can't get people don't want to lose more money, money don't want to fall in, all the driver ran away, the passengers have no reason to continue to stay on.

as for someone says eay to hit to repurchase, I think the possibility is very small.Easy to close to the credit of bankruptcy, how much value?The need to build a question mark.Eay even to think of is easy to recover, to revive the also is not easy, all the drivers and passengers ran away, is equal to the buy a facade.Losing credit is for an instant, built up is very difficult, especially have been discredited.

put aside those conspiracy theories do not say, no matter between eay Letv entanglements, is easy to the problem of itself, is in fact, this is inevitable.Letv now the only thing to do, not to play spat with eay, but solve the problem of the driver's withdrawal, users take a taxi or a refund.If this problem is not solve, easy to only a dead end, impossible to have the opportunity to rebirth.

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