Ma Boyong appeared in pineapple science festival Emphasis has been placed on the baidu translation bilingual of west lake

glass heart or club, there are "medicine" to the disease in addition to artificial intelligence.On April 14, with "artificial intelligence" as the theme of the pineapple science festival officially opened in 2017, baidu with artificial intelligence DuerOS, face recognition, speech recognition, baidu baidu baidu AR technology and related products in succession such as appearance.Baidu translation is staged at the scene of the science festival "exotic accosted life guide", attracted a large number of visitors gathered.

in order to image an interesting show is full of the future life of artificial intelligence, the pineapple science festival has a special office "2017. Pineapple science festival figure ineffective hospital" avatar "doctor" will artificial intelligence technology, specializes in "urban white-collar" incurable diseases.Among them, the baidu translation in the pineapple science festival figure is ineffective in the hospital visit "glass heart afraid to strike up a conversation club could disease clinic", through interesting scene experience, let "patients" experience dialogue translation, text to speech translator, photographs, and other functions, "treatment" by the language of social phobia.

baidu translation of "translation" god get many visitors stop to experience, including the famous writer Ma Boyong and prominent bloggers dongdong gun.Two KOL had a presence, all by saying, "May the force be with you" said hello to to baidu translation, baidu translation seconds back "May the force be with you", the response speed for the two Star Wars fans thought that found the organization, endeavoured scene moving.Later, a visitor to baidu translation in English to say "easy like", baidu translation shows the result of the "thumb up a maniac" moment, this arouses dongdong gun's interest, rubbing their hands to a phrase to difficult baidu translation, have never thought baidu translation smoothly and accurately will "west of the east lama horn" out of the mandarin translation.For Ma Boyong came To hangzhou penned classic "for the West Lake than West, c plus total fitting for" the "difficult" statement, baidu translation xingshenjianbei, out "To the West Lake than the West, the as richly adorned or plainly dressed".Face is done "elegant writing" and "ground" to baidu translation, experience who are "easy like", said the unlock the strike up a conversation skills.

"How long have you had been in Hangzhou? I 've had been here for 20 years.'"

"I came to Hangzhou for two days."

"You 're so pretty. May I have your phone number? Do You have a boyfriend?"

"thank you, you are also very handsome. You guess."

"So I guess it 's all up to me."


looked inside, turned out to be a Chinese girl is the same man who speaks English well, and can let them to use different languages can also sparks, impressively is in which ACTS as the voice with the baidu translation.

baidu translation with accuracy and professionalism, has become the top of the similar product, the exhibition mainly show the phonetic translation, is a domestic initiative is the combination of the function of speech recognition technology, can be achieved in the English translation, speech recognition accuracy rate 97%, the industry's top level.In addition, another feature of baidu translation - translation function, image recognition technology based on baidu, and in-kind support long sentence, the word translation, menu translation of four scenarios, no input, taking pictures or words can get the translation.

as a highly user trust translation assistant, baidu translation in terms of efficiency, accurate and diverse professional performance.Currently baidu translation support 28 kinds of language translation, to provide users with machine translation and human translation, rich user choice.Open interface at the same time, also launched a translation service, convenient and third party applications or developers for translation services, create more likely.

relying on industry leading artificial intelligence technology, baidu translation show a strong professional capacity, taking pictures and introduce translation, text to speech translator, and other functions, to solve customer pain points to the greatest extent., simple to depend on science and technology as the life, is also baidu baidu translation ai constantly to upgrade one of the achievements of technology into products, and will continuously with professional and high-quality service user experience, let the user experience to the artificial intelligence's changes for the life.

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