Bus WIFI, who can catch this hot potato?


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with the advent of the era of mobile Internet, people more and more strong demand for mobile Internet access, the construction of the public free WiFi network is also in full swing, including bus, subway and other public transportation WiFi suddenly become a hot land, everybody can think of to share.

however, the development of things is not smooth, as expected, the nation's largest public transport operators in WiFi 16 WiFi after after more than half a year of large-scaled announced a temporary closure of guangzhou, Shanghai, shenzhen, foshan, fuzhou, tianjin, changsha and other places of bus WiFi services, only Beijing and kunming "as a model city", it let people doubt about the outlook for bus WiFi: what potential bus WiFi?How to profit to maintain the business development of the enterprise?

outlook is not optimistic

from 16 WiFi scale promotion bus WiFi blocked it is not hard to see, bus WiFi prospect is actually not as we imagine.Take the highest level of Internet development of Japan and South Korea and other places, the construction of domestic bus WiFi also is under the planning and construction, the scale is needed to put into operation, the profit or not does not treasure, which makes the domestic bus WiFi struggling for development.

first, bus Wifi users use frequency is not high.Although China has a large mobile phone users and bus travel in Internet, but the proportion of actual use WiFi in travel few and far between, why do you say that: generally, bus travel belongs to short-distance travel, travel is in a hurry, the length of stay in the car the basic user within an hour and a half, so, you can visit online behavior mainly at the top of the bus for some news or read e-books is given priority to, the consumption of flow actually not much, so the user does not generally choose open bus WiFi APP to get to the Internet, this is for the promotion of public transport WiFi constitute the larger resistance, user scale rapid breakthrough in a short period of time.

second, bus WiFi construction of high input costs.In the case of profit model is not yet clear, if you want to continue to scale operations, difficulty is quite large.It is reported, 16 wifi throughout the construction process has invested nearly 600 million yuan to buy the hardware equipment, pay the media fee to the local bus group, purchased from carrier flow and internal management, technical operations and human cost, two pieces, one of the biggest is the media and traffic fee.In guangzhou, for example, ten thousand vehicles a year to bus group pay the entrance fee is as high as more than four thousand ten thousand yuan, and a year in guangzhou region traffic fee, also want to pay twenty-four million yuan to operators, all, only guangzhou will spend nearly $100 million a year, such a high cost to investors.

finally, after the charges not for business.This is also the key point, the WiFi limited advertising revenue is difficult to support the high operating costs, lead to make ends meet, management dilemma.16 WiFi, the author also used on the bus to see live video, but in addition to login into the login screen, actually does not care about the content of the load on the app, therefore, for advertisers, in the advertisement is placed above, the feeling is quite limited, in addition to just enter the login screen for a few seconds advertising value is higher, the inside of the app basic won't go to browse content, so that advertisers advertising hits limited, naturally hindered the sustainable development of backward charging mode, then the bus WiFi operator is difficult to profit from it.

user limited scale, high cost, profit model is hard to find become restricts the free bus WiFi scale to promote the main sticking point, we must seek effective ways to solve the three problems, perhaps can continue to promote domestic wi-fi network coverage and public transportation development, speed up the pace of the construction of Chinese "wisdom city".

how to break through the dilemma

although bus WiFi development difficulties, but speaking out of turn give up now, too early, we can only in constant groping forward.

first, break through the user scale.We can start first by the segment of the market, develop the user habit, then gradually expand the business.For example, in shenzhen has a lot of tourist lines, these lines are generally journey far away, the travel time is longer, the line, users will be more connected wi-fi to listen to music or watch the video to spend a long time, is a stronger demand for Wifi.Therefore, we can start with these lines as a breakthrough point, priority management, establish a demonstration and cultivate the habit of users to use public transportation WiFi, then spread to other lines.In this way, can save a lot of cost, also can slowly accumulate experience, serve as a reference for the follow-up to optimize the operation and management.How specific market segments, of course, each city is different, only in-depth investigation and research, slowly but surely to be productive.

second, to seek the support.For the construction of the high cost, can bus WiFi operators on the one hand, with the aid of state and government policy to strive for the preferential or subsidies, on the other hand, can rely on traditional operators, adopt different industry cooperation pattern, operators to the partnership, cooperation is divided into, as long as can get benefit, believe operators will also willing to cooperate, so can greatly decrease the cost of pay the traffic fee to the operators.

in the end, create profit model.Mentioned above, the current bus WiFi to charge after basic is given priority to, to the user is free of charge.Through the research we can find that bus WiFi for the real needs of users, rent charge, it might also be possible.In this way, the bus WiFi ladder operators can take charge mode: using the monthly traffic usage rules within a certain range is free, more than the prescribed scope will need to charge a fixed fee, after reach a certain limit, set up an unlimited traffic rent;Live to see such as the Internet platform habit of users, the demand for public transport Wifi is high, even need to pay monthly fee if the price between 5-15 yuan, it is perfectly acceptable.To charge mode is not recommended, since after we consider trying to charge mode, cultivate a batch of high flow bus WiFi users, after all free "lunch" perhaps not everyone love to eat.

16 wifi closing time we don't know how long it will last, don't know will there be a "brave", but this is the trend of the development of The Times.How to break through the dilemma, we need to use the social forces, after all, it is also a public enterprise benefit people from all walks of life, is the symbol of a country's development in high speed Internet, as for to realize multi-win-win situation will still be trying to explore.

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