Entity shop, how the different industry cooperation to detonate flow (mobile phone shop case)

a yesterday a friend asked me how to open the cell phone store to do promotion, do activities to detonate.The mobile phone industry is more special, product standardization and the price is very transparent, and homogeneity serious marketing methods and means.Regular promotions is hard work, for this feature, we design a set of extraordinary solutions, through the different industry cooperation in the form of a fission.

entity shop, how the different industry cooperation to detonate flow (case) mobile phone shops

the solution step is like this:

the first step: make super gift

gift marketing have been widely used many businesses, a variety of gift vouchers, coupons, discount CARDS, how much to buy how many can say that these products have been used.

choose gifts is mobile phone film project, the cost is low, the single value is higher, the cost of the membrane on the market price of two-thirds of the yuan in the 20 or so, in our super gift choice of product standard.But free sticker on the market promotions are many, most of them buy mobile phones give sticker) simply send sticker services to highlight the unique value of us.So the value of our gifts need to be further shape, our molding process is like this:

1, our sticker service without any threshold, you with your phone come I will give you a free paste, do not need any fees.

2, our sticker service is not a sticker, is for life, as long as you have needs can come at any time, unlimited, and also without any consumption threshold.

3, the mobile phone service card (we name) stores selling price is 99 yuan/zhang, you can directly buy in the store.

4, is to give this service card to make a good carrier, make a nice with a face value and number of PVC card.

this model is worth feeling came out, this gift is very attractive.Do you think made the association will not very high, so that you have read through the following process you will find too overflow, you'll want your customer with a cell phone every day come over sticker.

entity shop, how the different industry cooperation to detonate flow (case) mobile phone shops

step 2 get union merchant

if it is free in the street to the card, the value of again good, product value, has suddenly become a waste.Trust value will plummet, but if we were in place is to be able to further enhance the sense of worth.

we choose the precision through different industry cooperation business, such as restaurants, salon, gym, etc.

note 1: a card issued to a threshold (further shaping the value at the same time help cooperation promotional)

note 2: business negotiation and cooperation needs certain skills, must let businesses feel you are in, to help him rather than he will help us to send the card, it is very important.If negotiations effect fine can get his drainage products from merchants are here, to strengthen the effectiveness of your promotion.(this point is more is not opened, are interested can talk with my private)

entity shop, how the different industry cooperation to detonate flow (case) mobile phone shops

step 3 propaganda fission

this step is critical, if done well can make customers get the exponential growth.It needs help to some behavior and design a rhetoric.

are you * * * king the boss came to store customer, wang's boss and we played hello, let's give his clients in special discounts.Our manager said to us, as long as it is the king of the boss to come over to customer, we will be able to give him a piece of the value of 99 yuan mobile phone service card, the card is not registered to your friend you can use.

but we the cost of the card is not low, need you to give us a little publicity, don't need you to send us the door of the advertisement, as long as your sticker before and after the paster all mobile phone effect and photos on this card circle of friends to go, can you see?(note: this word can be further optimized, the step that the vast majority of customers will agree)

(key point: staff with pictures, use our phone touched him on the phone) I add you WeChat, put the photos to you.

WeChat ID very natural to each other, and the customer will not disgusted.

note 1: detail is the key, the process and play a lot, the brain think about what you can open hole.

note 2: this step will also need to build value, let customers feel sense of preferential treatment.

note 3: the shape of your cooperation business value, actually also is in shaping our own value.

entity shop, how the different industry cooperation to detonate flow (case) mobile phone shops

step 4 field to

because our housewarming new site, in order to feedback the old and new customers ((activities) end-to-end all card to store customer can enjoy a 100% winning lottery, the prize has...(most of the prizes can be through the different industry cooperation from merchants there integration)

this card that is to say, there is also a function is to participate in the lucky draw for free.

customer at this time has been very cool, free pastes the membrane, and received a mobile phone service card worth 99 yuan, also take the prize.This time will do some product to action is relatively easy to many.Result of implant and link set also has a lot of skills not analyzed one by one.This step is set to the customer to find a cool feeling, then have trust and goodwill on the stores.

step 5 interactive conversion

through the above steps we obtained the accurate WeChat customer information, can through continuous interaction, further transformation to the customer.

specific method and train of thought can be reference to micro marketing model.

entity shop, how the different industry cooperation to detonate flow (case) mobile phone shops

cost analysis:

if by this way of drainage into the shop, 1000 customers, we pay cost is 1000 film and some labor costs about 3000 yuan.If the phone with an average of 200, then to the shop customers as long as 50 people to clinch a deal a single, can clinch a deal the single profit is 4000 yuan RMB.I think every store to store brought not only 2%.

in addition you also get?

1, a queue for consumption atmosphere, the atmosphere is the most need of new stores, may not be able to spend thousands of dollars to make activities are make out;

2, 1000 precise target customer information, this is esau yards to send water what to more affordable, and they all in your store experience, the store has a certain trust and goodwill;

3, 1000 new customers into the store, don't forget that you have sent 1000 card;

4, set off the publicity circle of friends, everyone in the circle of friends propaganda again, even if only 50 people see a circle of friends message, is 50000 the amount of publicity, if the hair flyer, how much would it cost to print, spend how many money ah.

summary: different industry cooperation is an enormous leverage, if each other and other marketing strategy combination application can make a huge marketing effect.

I'm zhao Atlantic (WeChat: VIP36524S) a store server, 8 years, the Internet 2 years related experience, now focus on the transformation and upgrading of physical stores, different industry cooperation and the Internet.Welcome to communication!

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