Jiangsu who learn to | guizhou big data why emerging industry?

not long ago, people magazine blockbuster launch "jiangsu: who to learn, to learn what" thematic planning, to observe the anatomy of chongqing, guizhou, quanzhou, shenzhen, hangzhou, wuhan and other places the development of the bright spots and experience, reference for jiangsu local party and government cadres.Today launched in guizhou.

jiangsu who learn why | guizhou big data industry boom?

in the past, we say to guizhou always colorful original ecological environment, the emergence of in my mind will think of remote geographical position, economic development lag behind.Now, guizhou is China's first major data comprehensive experimental zone construction, big data, "tall" industry in the national front row, fast refresh the traditional impression of people."In China, said that big data must think of guizhou, said guizhou will think of big data."An entrepreneur, after observing the world information industry development trend of guizhou.

xi: guizhou development big data is reasonable

"guizhou make big data, with what?"This is the biggest of many doubts.On June 17, 2015, xi jinping, the general secretary to big data of guizhou industry development, planning, and the actual application situation is introduced after said: "I understand, guizhou development big data really makes sense."So, the general secretary to understand what is the "truth"?

jiangsu who learn why | guizhou big data industry boom?

guizhou is a poor boy "handsome", here the natural environment is good, the resources endowment, but the overall development level is still relatively backward.Guizhou rich in resources, but still in the early stages of the development of industrialization, long-term with extensive resources exploitation is given priority to, the lack of modern industrial structure, it is difficult to rapid economic growth.Both GDP and per capita GDP, guizhou is in the national ranking, poverty among the top.But based fragile ecological environment in guizhou, if continue to extensive development, it will be difficult to protect good ecological.The reality of the contradiction between development and environmental protection, the decision must take the path of corner overtaking, spanning development in guizhou.

long-term development of research, make guizhou is sensitive to abnormal data industry.In 2013, have experience in zhongguancun Beijing municipal committee Chen gang, transfer of guizhou provincial committee, guiyang municipal party committee secretary.On September 8, 2013, guiyang city people's government in collaboration with the management committee of zhongguancun science park "zhongguancun science park of guiyang" celebration, attracted a group of from Beijing science and technology enterprises in their homes.Beijing enterprises frequently mentioned the word "big data", let the big data and guizhou first met.At that time only a few cities in China such as Beijing, chongqing, nanjing industry development of big data is proposed, and guizhou people quickly realized that "the arrival of the big data, make with the developed areas in guizhou really stand on the same starting line".In 2014, Chen gang is put forward, with the experience and advantages of the zhongguancun help guiyang big data industry.Since then, the zhongguancun and guiyang city has carried out a more close cooperation, in guizhou province as well as big data can realize industrial development corner overtaking "number one project".

just at this time, big data "beautiful girl" in this fashionable avant-courier, also phase of guizhou, the "handsome boy".Because, guizhou is acknowledged as the most likely place for the construction of data center in southern China.Data center biggest characteristic is energy-intensive, electricity costs accounted for 50% of the cost of spending - 70%, half of the spending is heating/cooling, because the machine equipment need to heat dissipation.And cool climate, four spring-like in guizhou province, some data center was built in the cave, don't even need to install air conditioning.Guizhou electric power resource is very rich, not only power support stability, and have price advantage.In addition, the air cleaner in guizhou, and away from the earthquake zone, provides a safe environment for information devices.It is took a fancy to advantageous geographical conditions, including three carriers, many companies will data centers built in south guizhou.

big data as a development strategy of "engine" of guizhou

if theory of "truth", many parts of the country also has the conditions for development of industry of big data, and has better advantages and opportunities.However, only the top of guizhou, the "truth" for the development of large data into "power", driving the development of industry in the national and global big data industry occupies advantageous position in the landscape.

strong forces from the local government departments, is a large data of guizhou industry leader in one of the main factors.In recent years, the country has a lot of local government in promoting the data industry development, but is the first in the province of guizhou power to promote the development of the region, the strength of the big.In April 2014, guizhou provincial people's government with alibaba, signed a strategic cooperation agreement cloud computing and big data.In June 2014, the government set up big data industry development in guizhou leading group, then the governor Chen min 'er group leader personally.As a result, large data industry become "head of project" of guizhou, take the lead in starting all over the country.

in guizhou, big data has been in "strategic" position.The guizhou provincial party committee secretary Chen min 'er said many times, not only the big data as industry innovation in guizhou, looking for the "blue ocean" strategy choice, even the big data as a global "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" guizhou development strategy of the engine, with big data leading the economic and social development, better serve the broad masses of the people's livelihood, improve government management ability.This means that big data is not only a big data industry development, and it is to big global data promote the development of guizhou.Based on this, in June 2016, guizhou industry development leading group "big data" officially changed its name to "big data development leading group", vice secretary of provincial party committee, governor sun zhigang coalesced, team members include province each WeiBanJu a second in command, the mayor of the provincial-level leadership and related enterprises.

jiangsu who learn why | guizhou big data industry boom?

in October 2016, the administration of guizhou province set up a large data, this is the first large internal data management institution, its job responsibilities include industry development strategy, to study and formulate the big data research making big data business measures, etc.Current director ning-yu ma was born in 1976, after the job is in guizhou province by committee, director of the letter.At the same time, guizhou has also formed many business organizations, including the large data of guizhou industry alliance, big data application industry development research institute, guiyang in guizhou data inquiry, guiyang big data assets evaluation center, etc.

in addition to the profound reform system, also from the aspect of policy planning for large data in guizhou industry development.On February 25, 2014, guizhou government prints on the application of several policy advice to big data industry "and" big data application plan for industrial development in guizhou (2014-2020).File clearly put forward, in 2017, initially build the domestic first-class data resource center, to provide comprehensive and professional large data analysis, mining, industry chain services such as organization and management, and realize the output value of 300 billion yuan;By 2020, the big data base industry is built, the big data driven related industry reached 450 billion yuan.On January 15, 2016, the NPC standing committee in guizhou by the big data application development in guizhou promote ordinance.Local laws and regulations, this is the first major data specified the use of big data ownership, promote the healthy development of industry of big data.

industry competition inevitably accompanied by voice.The big data "clear", is not only the theoretical foundation of the industry development, also is a kind of competitiveness.In may of 2015, China's first "big data" strategic key laboratory was established in guiyang.At present, the laboratory has launched "DT time - from the" Internet "to" big data "X" to the block of data - a sign of real big data era ", "innovation drive - the rise of several Chinese valley" theory achievements, such as system this paper discusses the background of the age of big data coming, puts forward the concepts of data with Chinese characteristics and expounds the strategy of guiyang big data view.At the same time, guizhou is also planning to build high-end strategy in the development of Chinese big data, a think-tank.Depending on the solid theoretical preparation, guizhou is grabbing big data industry say the commanding heights.

big data of guizhou industry open "right way"

under the background of comprehensively deepen reform, promote the development of industry of large data, the government should be how to "push"?How to better play to the functions of the government?Guizhou found big data industry open "right way".

jiangsu who learn why | guizhou big data industry boom?

watch big data industry in guizhou, case to "will" and "race".The "will", mainly promotion, fair.Since 2014, guizhou big data industry development seminar held in Beijing for many times, attracted a number of big data enterprises and personnel in guizhou.In may, 2015, 2015 guiyang international big data industry exposition and big data era of guiyang summit held around the world."Fair" is not only a major exhibitions and competitions, but also a careful preparation and planning ideas of high-end communication meeting.Premier li keqiang, congratulation, vice premier of the state council makaay address on hand, ma, ma, lei jun, Zhou Hongyi, terry gou, and other entrepreneurs to present.Number of expo upgraded to national 2016, prime minister li keqiang attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech, the meeting again to attract a large number of projects.

and "game", is mainly two contest in guizhou.One is the big data business model contest.On September 14, 2014, "the cloud guizhou" big data business model competition officially start, raise business model, and to inspire good ideas.The first competition to achieve 94 high quality projects.Competition is more popular in 2016, team 13000, number 13000, both at home and abroad and attract a large number of big data and application program.2 it is pain contest.Pain from all kinds of social phenomenon and problem, has yet to be met and widely desire demand, namely the pain points, unearthed will produce a series of chain reaction.Competition not only from domestic cities participants, from abroad with technology and project the dreams of people, many investment institutions came to the scene to find good projects.

guizhou on "cloud" is not only the game brand, and it is a name of system platform.Big data industry development and the key and difficult, "barriers" is to break the government data.In July 2014, in the wave of China unicom, alibaba, soft, such as the support of enterprises, to start the "cloud" in guizhou system platform construction in guizhou, this is the first to the government, enterprises and institutions at the provincial level data integration management and sharing of cloud service platform.Today, the platform covers the electronic government affairs, industry, traffic, environmental protection, tourism, business, food safety, and other fields, subdivide the 41 application system, offer 50000 gb of data volume, set up the government to open standard for data integration.

big data industry development, and ultimately to land on a specific project.The choice of guizhou is, from the easy to do data center, call center with two things.In the data center construction, guizhou in China telecom, China mobile, China unicom three major communication operators and foxconn, huawei expensive Ann new data center as the core, gathered a group of international and national level, industry data center.At present, only three carriers built of standard data storage server capacity reached 160000 units.In the call center construction, guiyang was reclining at the table of call center has reached 100000, plans to 2017, 200000 seats.

plan in the future, draw the outline of the blueprint of a top-level design of guizhou, referred to as "34533".Is around "where does the data come from, who where data, data to apply the" three big problems, insist on "application data is a resource, is the core, the purpose of the industry is, safety is the guarantee" four ideas, to build the infrastructure layer, platform layer, cloud application platform layer, value-added services, supporting the product layer "five industry level, gradually built the" big data center, big data service center, financial center data "three centers, implementation" to the big data improve government management ability, to the big data to promote transformation and upgrading, improve people's livelihood by the big data service "three purposes.

guizhou big data digging ever deeper "diamonds"

big data industry in guizhou national level and industry wide recognition and support.Li keqiang, the prime minister praised in guizhou are growing on a tree "wisdom tree", big data industry is opened a "diamonds".On February 25, 2016, the country's first approved construction in guizhou national comprehensive experimental zone, big data for the first units glorious mission of the development of the data.In addition, hebei, guangdong, zhejiang, hubei, tianjin and other brother provinces have also to other large data of guizhou industry development.

big data of guizhou industry of "friends" is becoming more and more big.As of May 2016, guizhou big data of industrial and commercial registration information industry enterprises has reached 1.7, alibaba, foxconn, baidu, qualcomm, HP, IBM and so on more than 200 international and domestic well-known enterprises in guizhou, the three big domestic telecommunication operators, such as huawei, tencent data center has come, the ministry of education, ministry of public security, the ministry of civil affairs, general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, the national tourism administration and other departments related data has been stored in guizhou.At the same time, the server chips, smart phones, wearable device and data cleaning, mining and trading all kinds of new technology, new products, new forms and new business model was born here.At present, large data industry for more than 200 billion yuan, with big data leads the added value of electronic information industry of guizhou rose more than 80%.

jiangsu who learn why | guizhou big data industry boom?

guizhou talents short board, also gradually for long.With the vigorous development of the industry of big data, guiyang and guizhou has become an attracting entrepreneurial innovation talent "discourse", "your drift" has become a trend."Drift" to guiyang from north to guangzhou, as business people are more and more, the shortage of education resources in guizhou, even become the seventh college students defined in the country.Apartments, talents, of course, "green card", the scientific research of start-up capital and a series of preferential policies and provides guarantee for entrepreneurial talent innovation.Statistics show that large data driven guizhou new employees 40000 people, the industry reached 160000 people, about 22% of total guiyang talent.

guizhou provincial party committee standing committee, the guiyang municipal party committee secretary Chen gang big data promote the development of guizhou as a "rolling snowball" fashion.At present, the "snowball" has a certain volume and weight, then will be rolled out, the greater the spawned a new industry chain -- upstream, on the basis of the data center, call center, a large number of enterprises within this;Middle to large data transaction, data value by deep mining;Downstream, centered on data applications, a large number of innovative enterprises try to myriad possible.

from the magazine 2017, originally titled "refresh data industry guizhou impression"

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