Artificial intelligence: catalyst, giant of science and technology to accelerate the layout

Basic conclusion

ai first write to the government work report, the subsequent catalytic densely populated.On March 5, 2017 for the first time the government work report, to speed up the research and development of artificial intelligence and other technical people and conversion.Ai first into the government work report also means that it has risen to national strategic height.Subsequent catalyst, the ministry of science and technology minister wan gang said two sessions after the China's innovation and development of artificial intelligence program will come on stage, the related topic of artificial intelligence event driven factors, industry is expected to again at tuyere, on April 1, 2017 IT leaders summit, plan for new era "smart" issues;On April 6 to 10, Libratus poker robot senior team to visit China, will stage the man-machine war;Chinese chess player KeJie April and AlphaGo ultimate battle hotspots such as followed, will continue to catalytic theme.

artificial intelligence into capital, the future market potential is tremendous.Since 2010, domestic artificial intelligence gradually into the outbreak period, artificial intelligence, enterprise growth in great quantities, a series of start-up companies in the field of artificial intelligence, investment and financing institutions into public view.65 startups get total investment of 2.91 billion yuan.In China in 2016 the size of the market reached 23.9 billion yuan, artificial intelligence in recent two years, China's investment in the field of artificial intelligence is also significantly faster, according to the "2017 annual meeting of China's IT market is expected to" artificial intelligence market scale will reach 38.1 billion yuan in 2018, the compound growth rate of 26.3%, the size of the market potential is tremendous.

Google, baidu, tencent, ali international technology giants such as layout of industrial chain, speed up the development of the industrialization of "artificial intelligence".Since 2010, a series of start-up companies in the field of artificial intelligence, investment and financing institutions to enter the public vision, artificial intelligence is becoming a hot spot of new capital, in 2016 China's artificial intelligence market size to 23.9 billion yuan.Companies also rushed to the layout of artificial intelligence.Represented by Google's giant enterprises through vertical acquisition, trying to build complete industry chain from the base layer to application layer, to speed up the product of artificial intelligence to the ground.Domestic giant BAT mainly from its own huge amounts of data, through the way of "investment + cooperative" layout application level in various areas, accelerate the "AI +" in the application layer to the ground below.The artificial intelligence in areas such as speech recognition interaction and image recognition has become, in baidu brain, for example, the speech synthesis request quantity 250 million, speech recognition rate can reach 97%.

national development and reform commission (NDRC) to form a artificial intelligence, boost the development of artificial intelligence.Recently, the national development and reform commission high-tech company released 2017 "Internet +" major projects to support projects list.List published 22 project, there are four AI company on the list: baidu, hkust xunfei, tencent and chongqing zhongke cloud cluster technology.Concern is to support the project are these companies based resources public service platform "artificial intelligence/artificial intelligence cloud services platform", in the name shown in artificial intelligence project basis, standardization and other features.Learned, baidu, tencent previously approved by the national development and reform commission approval, the relevant national engineering laboratory, build the AI to build artificial intelligence based resources and public service platform, and hkust fly, cloud from science and technology in speech recognition, face recognition has advantages such as subdivision industry.

investment advice

two investment, grasp the investment opportunities in artificial intelligence.

1) AI technology layer: the advantage of the underlying technology co., LTD.Advice to focus on hkust intelligence (cooperation with fudan brain artificial intelligence technology), sai for intelligence (intelligent recognition technology applied in the battalion, intelligent transportation, medical, wisdom education etc.);

2) AI application layer: application of company products have been put into a particular industry.Advice to focus on hkust xunfei (with the core technology of speech recognition and intelligent voice interaction products)

risk warning

policy support not exceeding the expectation ";Artificial intelligence (ai) penetrating less than expected.

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