Zhang: unscramble baidu layout and AI artificial intelligence era trend

baidu zhang: reading the layout of artificial intelligence and AI era trend

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from "artificial intelligence is a growth point of the Internet under", to "artificial intelligence" is the Internet under the act, and then to "the Internet is an appetizer, main course is artificial intelligence", li's tone in the artificial intelligence status more and more high, baidu's emphasis on artificial intelligence also gradually elevated to an unprecedented extent.

in O2O under siege, the changes of the mobile Internet time, baidu has revealed after fall in market value and influence the trend of tencent and alibaba.Ai will be related to BAT the claim, in the next five to ten years can be sustained by people mention - not just baidu, tencent and alibaba are equally important for that.

in January this year, li announced that former Microsoft executive vice President, artificial intelligence expert group President and COO, qi lu as baidu February, qi lu was appointed baidu and vice President of the board of directors.Qi lu subsequently conducted a series of adjustment, the in terms of hardware, founded the baidu intelligent household hardware division;In the aspect of system software, the original secret team upgraded to degrees secret division; to vice President Wang Jin baidu's self-driving group (L4), baidu map group of smart Car division (L3) and vehicle (Car Life etc.) connected to the Internet business merger, establish intelligent driving business group (IDG).

as baidu chief, zhang has just got a new job: who is baidu, chairman of the board of American research center.But in boao phoenix technology in an interview, he said that does not mean that you want to go to America to work, just a year will spend some time on the baidu research centers in the United States.

no matter how the outside world on the top of baidu, zhang don't mind.He stressed that he is doing technology, "engineer no different, all pretty simple" .

the talent of artificial intelligence for

like qi lu, zhang has also served as vice President of Microsoft, earlier, he was dean of Microsoft research Asia.

at the end of 1998, when Microsoft CEO Bill Gates think of ocean of China still has many excellent talents can service for Microsoft.Zhang is then assigned to founded the Microsoft Asia research institute in Beijing, for its gather talent, then baidu has not been established.After nearly two decades now, baidu is more americans can service for Chinese companies, seniority, ability, status are enough zhang conveniently became baidu new ambassador in the United States.

"in the global talent layout, not only in baidu, huawei also doing, many Chinese companies are doing, I saw some start-up employment abroad. Even"Zhang said.

zhang said he would not move to the United States, but in order to understand the institute's work, as well as the artificial intelligence of baidu to attract the world's most talented, will spend more time in the United States each year."I was at the Massachusetts institute of technology, after the CMU (at Carnegie Mellon university), at Stanford, at Caltech (California institute of technology) inside the school, the best after Dr Said that baidu is also my first choice."

on talent competition, baidu really want to hurry up.A few days ago, chief scientist Wu En amounted to leave let people sigh baidu lost one of the best artificial intelligence.Depth, deputy director of the laboratory and tencent announced the original baidu Zhang Tong joining and served as head of the AI Lab, let people focus on baidu AI brain drain.

when it comes to Wu En departure, zhang said, thank Wu En for contributions to the baidu, Wu En in office, baidu has made great development in artificial intelligence.The second point is that baidu's team is very strong, artificial intelligence in the jedi is a leading domestic level, there are also many top talents, baidu will also continue to seeking such individuals worldwide.

as zhang said, "the company people busy is normal thing", but as a number of artificial intelligence experts, baidu has become the fact that China's AI talent whampoa, various AI in China and silicon valley startups, including robotics, Novumind horizon, Pony. AI, the fourth paradigm, spirit deep pupil and so on, its founders from baidu AI research department.But zhang is not worried about this, he said, "sometimes the weather is sunny, sometimes it may rain, but the whole of baidu is sunny."

how to attract the best people in the world?In his view, for talents, salary is secondary, how to make them feel a place is the key.Company to give the resources, facilities, atmosphere and environment of freedom, and allow them to do research, to develop good product, affect a lot of users, and so on.Baidu has these conditions, and further increase global r&d investment.

AI the era trend

in artificial intelligence baidu has a variety of opponents, including the above mentioned sogou, focus on speech recognition xunfei at hkust, baidu, and baidu's various start-ups, and the other two of the most important, BAT, tencent and alibaba.

in early march this year, the ma in alibaba technology conference announced the launch of an internal code-named "NASA" plan of action, ali is busy recruiting AI scientists, such as the United States silicon valley for the program reserves of the world's top scientific research personnel, and budget "unlimited".

tencent's strategy of AI is gradual.Sources said yesterday, tencent's go AI "wondrous" victory over Japan's young players dint liao seven segments.Prior to that, "he" in tencent go (wild fox go) has over more than one hundred known human players, including China), KeJie, Japan meijin, South Korea's PiaoYanHuan etc many go top player.

but in his view, in the domestic baidu is doing the best domestic artificial intelligence field, leading many, do early, investment, talent is more strong.On a global scale and should be with facebook, Google, Microsoft and other belong to the first tier.

, he is very confident

li had talked about, the PC era is the most important traffic, mobile Internet era is the most important products and ecology, and enter into the age of artificial intelligence, talent and technology is the most important. zhang said, only from the point of entry, the scale of the industry a lot of times, the entrance of the PC era is a billionaire, mobile Internet is on the order of billions, and artificial intelligence is on the order of billions of times."The mobile phone is smart devices, sound box is also, computer, automobile, refrigerator are. There is electricity is calculated, there is calculation will be intelligent."

zhang believes that in the new era, the boundary of the Internet stretches, new industries, and the catalytic such as intelligent driving.This is a technology change life, change society, technology changes the whole trend of the economic structure.Every time to achieve the industrial revolution, technology promoted the reshaping of the human economic society, and the revolution of artificial intelligence will be more profound, "the eve, we are waiting for the dawn", and China, will together with the United States to play a leading role in this round of change.

as depth study of academic leaders, Wu En of departure brings another problem is that, baidu's artificial intelligence is in the transition from basic research to engineering application.

zhang said that baidu beauty institute for basic research, not only will have the technology to develop, also will do a lot of products.Large Internet company, often need to rely on real user scenarios and data for research and development, its basic research, product, service, often are closely linked.49


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