Once with equal HTC, Intel is how decline step by step?

630 million yuan, on Thursday, HTC announced at that price sale mobile phone manufacturing factory is located in Shanghai, take cover information technology co., LTD. Shanghai star will get HTC Shanghai land and building of the factory.The proceeds are mainly used for HTC VR sector investment.

had told Intel equal HTC, is how step by step decline?

as early as 2015, the market is coming from HTC to sell factory is located in Shanghai, the HTC comment on the rumors.

as the world's biggest smartphone foundry and manufacturers, HTC cell phone sales peak at about 43 million units, worth up to 200 billion yuan, become the biggest winner of the android market.Why is now reduced to sell their land to survive?What makes ms wang pressed all bets on a VR glasses?Geek jun today will give you something about HTC incarnations.

had told Intel equal HTC, is how step by step decline?

with Intel's love/hate

well-connected ms wang, father wang for Taiwan's famous entrepreneurs, known as "konosuke matsushita" of Taiwan, the Taiwan business community and the society has the very high status and prestige, make the wangs have profound impact on the political circle, and has a good business relationship.Its founding of Formosa plastics group is the whole of Taiwan's biggest private manufacturing.

had told Intel equal HTC, is how step by step decline?

bring wang

children father, should be the most "second generation" enterprises granted a path.Perhaps mother jiao Yang in the United States to achieve self-reliance, ms wang was not executed father for many years to build up business empire, confidently chose their own businesses.

in the second sister xue-ling wang computer company after lurching had enough experience, ms wang have the basic cognition on business.In September 1988, under the husband Chen wenchi set up referral, ms wang with 5 million yuan of the money to buy American businessman hands VIA VIA company, and began to forge a chip, to push Intel and also lay the foundations for the later creation of HTC.

had told Intel equal HTC, is how step by step decline?

bring VIA VIA chip

at the time of Intel, the IT industry is the existence of LongDuanShi completely, no enterprise can have the idea to save such a giant fire.And newborn calves are not afraid of the tiger wang through mergers and acquisitions, make via master the core chip research and development capabilities.In spite of the compatibility and stability than Intel, but the performance of the VIA did in the original factory, Intel price is much cheaper.

with good performance and high cost performance, coupled with the americans in patriotic enthusiasm.VIA quickly became a second to the Intel chipset vendor, this let the Intel never dismiss the Orient enterprise.

after via chase with compaq victories, HP and other large customers.Intel aware of their situation more dangerous, don't fight back may be via a head.So, Intel dogged with intellectual property via forward steps.The two sides in the intellectual property rights that make so much noise.

had told Intel equal HTC, is how step by step decline?

now AMD, mediatek is also rise, both sides realized that continue no benefit for each other, in 2003, Intel and via "exchange authorization" settlement, and make via temporary exit the chip area.

in this case, that'd be a smartphone.Fearless spoiler in the industry, she always loved to do, after all, in the streets of nokia's s concept of mobile phone just popularization, the smartphone is unprecedented in advance.HTC is in such a do not belong to their own age was born.

had told Intel equal HTC, is how step by step decline?

bring about ms wang

from the dopod HTC

at the beginning of the HTC was established, and contract manufacturing PDA Windows CE system, compared the function of the machine at that time the device is too advanced, plus the awareness is not high, did not attract so many users, no user company has been losing money.But ms wang can only rely on profits via robbing Peter to pay Paul.

until 2000 cooperation with Compaq (has been incorporated into HP) to produce the iPAQ was born - the PDA in 2000 is listed as one of the strongest in the guinness book of world records PDA.

had told Intel equal HTC, is how step by step decline?

bring iPAQ

when Bill Gates got demonstration prototype, but also affirms the HTC smartphone by heart and do this a few years of technical accumulation, with HTC for a very long time relations of cooperation.

because HTC innovation is always in front of us, we are chasing the HTC.

to ride, HTC produced machine can always pick up the latest Windows Mobile system.As the market began to improve, HTC share is also growing in the field of smart phones.On July 1, 2002, HTC and via joint venture to create a new brand, Dopod Dopod.Main mobile phones and handheld devices product design, business all over Taiwan, mainland China, Hong Kong, China and southeast Asia.

had told Intel equal HTC, is how step by step decline?

bring dopod

the system function of smart phones is various, will produce the high cost.The operators have to HTC olive branch.Find a HTC operators around the world, let the custom contract mobile phone, at that time, with the lowest cost of HTC will expand to global brand.

this win-win-win situation continued in 2008, by the carrier t-mobile, Google, HTC three work together to build the world's first with a smart phone - HTC G1 Android operating system.

the function of the rich, exquisite smooth system interaction for consumers to shine at the moment.Although at the time of android little-known, but there is no doubt that in the next few years, it slowly eroded the market share of symbian, and iOS keep the feet of the tripartite confrontation trend.

had told Intel equal HTC, is how step by step decline?

bring the world's first android HTC G1

since a few years, HTC can compete with android's bonus, become industry peak.

  • in 2010, HTC smartphone shipments for 24.6 million units, accounting for 1/12 of the total global smartphone shipments.

  • in 2011, HTC share climbed to 9.1%, sales reached 43 million units, become the biggest winner of the android market.

  • from 2008 to 2012, along with a few Windows mobile phones, HTC has released more than 50 phone altogether.

look back now, this is probably the most brilliant HTC.

wood show the woods, the wind will destroy the

history always surprisingly similar, in HTC heyday, apple for patent infringement will HTC to court, in spite of the lawsuit already via period is the norm, but then the American import ban, HTC is undoubtedly worse.

according to market research firm Gartner, according to data from the 2011 HTC smartphone market share quickly dropped to 4.7%, its sales volume has shrunk more than 1000 units.The next market changes, to HTC gloom:

  • millet, huawei, OV and other domestic brands with cost-effective advantage gradually occupied the mid-market.

  • operators naturally prefer to choose the cheap homebred mobile phone, and HTC custom models to reduce.

  • in the design of the innovation is the trend of The Times of now.The iphone 5, the samsung Galaxy S3 with excellent craft to win people's attention.

pass without the north American market, without the operators of large orders, don't come up with an amazing phone, I'm afraid doesn't even have a little market share.

had told Intel equal HTC, is how step by step decline?

in February 2013, the non show HTC has released the world's first full metal smartphone New One, adopted New Sense interface and super 5 pixels Ultrapixel camera, screen pixel density is an unprecedented 468 ppi.

the design of concise and spell able, powerful photos, the New page of the system, from the design process to the hardware configuration, and system optimization, the New one in each flow on the fuselage with HTC effort for this phone, the personage inside course of study is also well received.

had told Intel equal HTC, is how step by step decline?

bring about HTC one winning record (part)

awards of the New one, should be granted to help HTC to confront and regain dominance.But after the market has been flat reaction, and the samsung Galaxy S4 has disadvantage of competition.Although later denounced the endorsement of a huge sum of money brought in wang lee hom and launched a red version of the New One, but still too late, lots of advertising has samsung S4, severely under the HTC on marketing.

system completely lost its advantage, wrong treasure, in the design at the same time counter attack failed New One for HTC again fell into dilemma.Is called a quarrel, and the machine firewood high flame.HTC decided, like the G series, and then have a wave of the sea tactics, to gain market share.

had told Intel equal HTC, is how step by step decline?

bring red version of the HTC One

just this time, the mobile phone market has changed.The appearance of the domestic and foreign manufacturers, more and more cost-effective mobile dominates the market.Price

theory, HTC models couldn't people like millet;Theory of capacity, HTC is not like samsung self-sufficiency of the supply chain;Ecological theory system, HTC is not like domestic UI as practical customization features.At this juncture blindly push machine sea tactics, sink, nothing but hardly any ripple.

so, HTC phones gradually disappear in people's field of vision.

in 2016, HTC smartphone shipments fell to 10 million - 12 million, full-year revenue only nt $78.16 billion (17.7 billion yuan), compared with last year fell 35%, the lowest for 11 years, a net loss of t $10.5 billion (2.3 billion yuan).

just a few short years, completely lost.

had told Intel equal HTC, is how step by step decline?

focus, focus on creating VR

booking the first ten minutes, HTC Vive sales to reach 15000 units.This for $799 of new things, is a fairly good results.

the mobile phone market is troubled HTC need open situation in the new field.In numerous cutting-edge technology, HTC chose the VR, and HTC Vive also become HTC layout in the future an important pieces, this time to sell mobile phone factory to VR, visible HTC in Vive all bets.

had told Intel equal HTC, is how step by step decline?

in April last year, HTC was held in Beijing the "HTC VIVE China strategy and VR ecosystem conference", fully display their in VR strategic layout, and has repeatedly stressed the importance of building "ecological", will, Valve, Unity, youku, potatoes and other content providers also expressed a willingness to provide VIVE to HTC VR resources, including games, movies, etc.

"in 2009201, we used to be the world's most shipments of smartphones. We arrived at this location, we hope to be able to return to this location."HTC Vive China alvin wang graylin said in a conference at that time.

had told Intel equal HTC, is how step by step decline?

bring about ms wang in the strategy conference

as of November 2016, HTC Vive sales more than 140000 units.From market-research firm Canalys data show that China become 2016 VR glasses in the world's second largest market, shipments of about 300000, including HTC Vive accounted for 17.7%, ranking the first.

pay attention to ecological experience, software and hardware combined with proper, attaches great importance to the Chinese market, HTC seems from Waterloo learned a lesson, not on the VR head show do phone mistake again, dedicated to Vive did that at present the industry benchmark, experience the sense of immersion and interactivity to players.

had told Intel equal HTC, is how step by step decline?

bring players use Vive VR games

Vive launch and response to HTC has a clear direction for the future, even for the whole VR industry has played a pivotal role.And popularization for the virtual reality is not real, plus some limited usage scenarios, Vive HTC will want to return to the "original position" must have a long time to go.

had told Intel equal HTC, is how step by step decline?

Geek gentleman to say

from Intel and equal via technologies, and then at the head of the mobile phone ring half of HTC, is now the first mover advantage obvious Vive, let person sigh of the star of the island's rise and decline.

after the gradually faded in the mobile phone market, HTC radical of VR is itself no option, or the trend of The Times of the market, only let time tell the truth, I'm afraid.

had told Intel equal HTC, is how step by step decline?

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