Ma do not electricity, ma WeChat do not QQ, this wang jianlin was very embarrassed!

the vast majority of people believe that electricity, ma do wrong, alibaba is essentially do financial, the original pay treasure is the practice of ali can kill many rivals, the ant gold suit is ali's main business, so Mr Ma will say later don't do business.

ma do not electricity, ma WeChat do not QQ, this is wang jianlin was very embarrassed!

liu is Mr. Ma's way, the original jingdong also use pay treasure, but soon found that the hang of it, also on the financial way.

the early stage of the electricity is to provide them with the flow of blood transfusion, once the mature financial business, to get money, money money, money of closed loop channel, to sell the goods business becomes insignificant.

ali pay treasure to precipitate a huge amount of money, grab which bank to talk to a large certificates of deposit, the balance of benefits can guarantee, why the bank now, pay treasure to find trouble, all day is to ali's neck, just don't let ali Posting precipitation funds, to be handed to the bank, that is to forcibly interrupted his cash flow, is equal to break his income.

alibaba is the most profitable company in BAT, 2016 operating income of 143.8 billion yuan, profit of 68.1 billion yuan.Profit margin of nearly 50%.

ma do not electricity, ma WeChat do not QQ, this is wang jianlin was very embarrassed!

a lot of people know ma started with QQ, WeChat, WeChat to chat on QQ almost every day.So most people are of the opinion that ma is playing social.Wrong again, ma is on the game!

as early as 2003, tencent launched QQ games, large user base with QQ, QQ game has 200 million level of active users, is the world's largest "leisure game community platform".

800 million large users of ma in his hand, and on the way to the Internet game, faster than any in the development of a company.With nearly a QQ, any game login directly tencent, ma have the huge advantage of any game company can't provide.It has been proved that tencent to earn in the game field is rich.

tencent reported in 2016, the gaming business revenue of more than 70 billion, nearly fifty percent of tencent's total annual revenue.Ma, in other words, more than half of the money is earned.

but in time, it seems, tencent is dry but alibaba.Tencent limitations due to user groups, a long time only in the Chinese market and the development of Chinese around, it's hard to enter other countries into the mainstream Internet companies, but alibaba is different, ma from inception in the global market, has been successful, and now no matter size, power or technology, all for the best opportunity, within five years, Mr Ma is likely to be won the global Internet first.

ma do not electricity, ma WeChat do not QQ, this is wang jianlin was very embarrassed!

and wang jianlin, a fortune by building a house selling house, although is the richest man, but still want to transition, after all, the real estate is more and more bad dry.In January of this year, wang jianlin was announced wanda basic successful transformation.Wanda group is no longer a real estate enterprise, and more and more like an entertainment company.This point, wang jianlin was very embarrassed!

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