Signal that more stores re-emergence, electricity, road have how far?

signal that more stores to rise, electricity, road have how far? ma long said: "not store not line, just your entity shop".

when electricity is the most popular brilliant, entity shop shivering, afraid of accidentally leather by electricity.But with the growing electric business, the market becomes good and evil people mixed up, make the lack of a sense of trust between the user and the electricity, so that the electricity, the more difficult it is to do.In the current era of mobile Internet, instead of electricity to the traditional industry, and in recent successive entity shop counter attack case more and more, one after another signal seems to be telling us stores.

1. Interactive open consumption age

90.00 after consumers because of the comfortable home environment and weak concept of money, and likes to try new kind, pay more attention to interactive experience.On the type of clothes, they pay more attention to fashion, brand and style;On food, they focus on the characteristic and experience, and preference for fast food consumption;On the trip, paying equal attention to pay attention to appearance and quality;On travel, pay attention to freedom and entertainment.They like and consumption habits in fact is not satisfied with the current online shopping, they are more adapt to interactive consumption, official store rise a good time.

2. The cost of electricity is higher and higher

although electricity all the way to sustainable development, but now its cost is almost the same and the cost of physical stores.Artificial, Tmall buckle points, the promotion cost, delivery, financial cost and after-sales service, if the gross profit margin is not more than 50%, so electricity almost impossible to maintain.And electricity cost increase all the way, the corresponding is entity shop rent is declining, there is no lack of among them some of the landmark shopping center stores.

3. New retail concept of

in 2016, ma first proposed "new retail concepts," think "in the future ten years, twenty years, no such thing as a e-commerce, only new retail".In fact, the new retail is the combination of online and logistics.After the new retail is put forward, and eight times a year, ma overweight entity business, may also is only the beginning, it seems that this is Ma Yuntie heart to do well the new retail.signal that more stores to rise, electricity, road have how far?

4. Increasingly rich store labeling

in 2017, people are flocking to a store's literary style and also for the spirit of a shop waiting for months, even more feelings to a theme restaurant full of the whole street.It, mobile Internet era, people's preferences and pursuit will become diversification, some people like to feelings, some people like lively, some people look for the spirit, someone will not considerate services not two.And store more and more abundant labeling, just to cater to the new consumption idea and way.

5. The price is not to judge all the core of the

may be cheaper electricity suppliers to defeat the important factor in the entity shop, but as people living standard unceasing enhancement, although prices can affect the consumer to a certain extent, but not the decisive factor.In reality, there are some entity shop, they sell it yourself the items with the hand, and began to draw cartoons and other historic stories very fun, attracts the group after group of young people.Entity shop to play now is humanities, innovation, feelings, and all kinds of experience, this is the modern way of consumption.

6. Black technology entity shop?

the amazon in the recent new store black science and technology, when you are shopping, took away directly, don't line up.Only need to enable the corresponding mobile phone APP, can let you all take the goods directly to your shopping cart, after the user of your departure, will all the shopping for statistics and automatic payments.In addition, the virtual strong black shoes technology, can in the limited in store display 2000 pairs of shoes, not only can choose, and can place the order.

7. New instructions of the physical stores

in fact, when electricity lasts hot, stores have been subtly changed.Maybe you haven't go in a restaurant, when you again in one day, you will find all the decoration is very different, what is full of artistic breath, small and pure and fresh moment deeply attracted by you, then after some take-out or have you been to the restaurant to eat?Actually not only the electrical contractor, entity shop has a variety of the launch of the new style, new activities, are waiting for you to explore and discover.

there are more and more signal indicates the entity shop is making a comeback, like a few years ago the rise of electricity, so with the entity shop trembling days are gone, and electricity, the rest of the way how far is it?signal that more stores to rise, electricity, road have how far?

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