Ma huateng, WeChat be rectified!Wechat business emerge "sure" mode?

ma huateng, WeChat be rectified! Wechat business emerge

recently, WeChat has become the focus of the news, the arrival of 315, ma to rectify WeChat, focus on "the proposition" is the wechat business!Wechat business after 70 and 80 after 90.

many people experience is legendary, some people are very inspiring, some people are very cute, some people are very smart, some people are very cunning, some people are very shameless, some people are very poor also very hate

is the most hateful, some false news, with high frequency to send the wechat business advertising, a lot of people may not know, wechat business of mobile phone is not just a WeChat, several, dozens have

ma had to rectify, because before is the problem of payment, the bank of China shall be ordered to WeChat to rectify, the reason is that how the unlicensed WeChat third-party payment platform, access to countless cheated user

ma huateng, WeChat be rectified! Emerge wechat business mode of

now wechat business more and more rampant, maybe you were cheated!Said the true traditional wechat business model has passed, WeChat be rectified, wechat business emerge "sure" model, is no longer used in the mobile phone has dozens of wechat business, need more generic flow plus,

since since the rise of media platforms, rise from the previous site can best represent the media is personal webmaster, it is the embryonic form of media, and then develop to the blog, microblogging, WeChat platform.

now most can represent the news media is numerous information platform, for example: today's headlines, sohu news, information, netease news, headlines, UC baidu hundred etc.

ma huateng, WeChat be rectified! Emerge wechat business mode of

however, since the media traffic is free, now almost all of the news media platforms are open to individuals, enterprises, institutions, and so on, it also benefits the at present the country put forward the sharing of economic trend

now the news media platform of eighteen years old, as long as you or have a business license will be able to apply for, can release you already in your point of view or marketing is soft, then we why want to come?Each platform is playing mechanism, may not know this problem, you can play, combined with your advertising, but you could not accurate to you?

this is not more than before you use software plus it?

ma rectify WeChat, wechat business do not change, can only do the third person, such as "to die"!

so how to use the media to drainage?How to you on wechat business the new model?Then you have to grasp the good time!+ "fish"

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