How can the headlines?The headline mass recommended for fighting!

head provisions announced today

every time open the headlines today, see "who you care about is the headline", in my heart is full of excitement, I little people finally have the chance to make headlines.Indeed as expected after 90 more narcissistic, need more exposure and attention!(please don't spray)

in fact, at every opportunity assigned to each people always have different time, in the face of the media buster, the first batch of meat, the second batch of soup, a third group of...Want to smell a little broth now smell are struggling (who will save my exposure?)And enter your time too late, can only as their hobby, conveniently earn traffic money spent!

just apply for headlines don't know also applied to a particularly difficult by large comprehensive, a hair, every day is good luck was soon passed thank headlines (jun), it is said that new period is particularly recommended, so the traffic, the new period is struggling (a pot of cold water splashed all over again).Looking at opening the headlines on the first day of the advertising income is 0.31, the second day is 6 points, heart in drop of blood, is not enough I brush headlines traffic fee, do how?So to study how to obtain large amounts of recommended method, hey hey.

earnings figure

must first understand why make headlines robot to recommend your article, what algorithm robot mechanism, the so-called enemy and know yourself, fight, hey hey ~

headlines on how can? Headlines mass recommended for fighting!

this is today's headlines recommend robot mechanism, this picture is concise and clear!Other:

it is best to start in the headlines, because if starting from WeChat or other sources, it is easy to other since the media or other media.So let's actually itself is original articles, but then sent to the big machine may be judged to be secondary forwarding, the reading will be a big impact.

understand the headlines recommendation mechanism, as to the headlines on how are we to get traffic, top headlines of life?

1, big love story, but the first robot to be able to read your story, what the hell?

basically machine can only understand the words, so your content is to see which parts of the audience, must be clear, you write is football, for example, you have less to kobe Bryant, you less write jokes, otherwise the machine understanding wrong, pushing the wrong crowd, readers are not interested in, hit a little, soon is not recommended.If I can get the original identity will be better.

2, fewer photos, brief paragraph

on social media, reading scene changes fragments content is popular, hd no large + a small amount of words become prevail.Actually across the list of well-known large, mostly is such a style.

3, hot spot is king

with hot spots in moderation.A hot shows potential consumers are more first, secondly we recommend system is also on the real-time monitoring of the entire network, is a hot topic, on the system overall recommended amount will be big.

4, focus, professional

focus is to point to have a clear positioning, to what people see, focus on what areas.And according to the requirement of rapid development is a new media, much better than competitors.

5, attaches great importance to the comments, more interactive

although the headline number does not like the male, emphasizes the operating, but by looking at the comments learn the user's mental attitude, and actively participate in the comments, help the creator to write more popular articles.

6, have the attitude, a view

no matter whether you admit that people are position, there is no all people agree that a point of view, so the article can only from your standpoint, striving for some highly publicized, even if it means to offend others.Attitude, a point of view, to spread.

7, readers are very important, the click enter to exit is invalid, or even negative effect.So title party should have limits, to avoid the reader.

8, of course title or extremely important , the attraction of the title is more important than the traditional media era.In content of celebrity, star, famous companies, as far as possible in the title, suspense title effect is very good.

9, a little skill, in order to guide the readers' cognitive brand, increase the active subscriptions, can be more mentioned in the content of media brand.Of course, if there are pictures, video, such virtual image is more wonderful.

peak elder brother, please let go ~ ~

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