The secret behind the WiFi was rubbed

nowadays, most of friend home have broadband, home WiFi coverage is the norm.However, when using WiFi we can always meet these blocked core: friends couldn't brush the male god photos, video card, suddenly will alert when the dear friends, are likely to have "the net to steal" in rub your WiFi!!!

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why WiFi rub frequent be

there are two kinds of reasons for the WiFi is ceng, password be cracked , or password Shared .Dear friends, you know, most of the neighbor's level of hackers may like us, not to crack the password!So most of the ceng network behavior is through the free WiFi software , to put it bluntly, is your password be Shared!

WiFi is the secret behind the ceng img_height

so, dear friends ceng WiFi was silent.Even dear friends never put, happen to relatives of similar software in the home, and even had your WiFi, close the password still be Shared!

WiFi by ceng harm large

friends might say, WiFi password sharing it doesn't matter, so long as does not affect their own speed.Dear friends to be vigilant, WiFi is ceng is not only a password is Shared, and a lot of other hazards, such as:

1. Individual privacy can leak;

2. Hackers may by taking Intranet from your net silver , payment account information such as;

3. Once the bad guys with your home network to wrong, then a check is IP dear friends , will bring unnecessary trouble.

WiFi is the secret behind the ceng img_height

please rub up treasure dian

1, regular check whether there is ceng network equipment connected

dear friends can pass the router's management interface, or on the computer to download computer butler, can query your WiFi is stolen .

2, improve the difficulty of password

dear friends for the sake of convenience, often set their own network password into 12345678, 88886666, the password must be cracked points minutes.The correct password is digital, a combination of letters and symbols , letters can also be case-sensitive, try to avoid a pure digital password;If you want to set up more advanced, can increase the length of the password , select special symbol set.

WiFi is the secret behind the ceng img_height

3 , often change password

because of the trouble, most people often may not change home WiFi password, in order to raise speed, guarantee the safety, recommend friends to hard-working, change your WiFi password on a regular basis.

WiFi is the secret behind the ceng img_height

4, hide the WiFi name

to a fundamental forms, hide the WiFi name, ensure that others can't search your home network.Specific steps are as follows:

the first step, learn to log into the router management background website, initial account and password , generally, these information are at the bottom of the router.

the second step, the login router management set the background, enter the url, for "" or "" commonly, input the initial administrator account password, such as "admin".

the third step, in the background management page to find "wireless network Settings", check the "hidden WiFi " (also called "open wireless network broadcasting"), or close the SSID broadcasting "open", save the WiFi will automatically restart after connection.

WiFi is the secret behind the ceng img_height

5, don't install wi-fi cracking software

please use outside flow or the use of safe WiFi, so-called WiFi crack in the mobile phone software uninstall , close to a guest need WiFi, if equipped with a similar APP, also please connect WiFi again after unloading.

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