What a apple: iOS 11 only support 64 - bit APP!


with the improving of the iOS device hardware performance, apple is the optimization of software ecosystem synchronously, so as to allow the user to get a better experience.

apple from iOS 9 has been phasing out old 32-bit APP, the reason is a 32-bit application on a 64 - bit processor and operating system environment cannot give full play to the equipment performance.And this trend more obvious in the middle of the iOS 10.

in the latest release of iOS 10.3, when user tries to run a 32-bit application can be reminded when applications need to be updated in future versions of iOS system in normal use.

this means that the iOS 11 and future iOS only will support 64 - bit application!

it is worth mentioning that in September last year, apple announced that it will clean up the App Store, remove the problem and the application of long time no update, and improve the quality of the App Store.Then, more than 50000 apps in the App Store has been removed.

apple really malicious: iOS 11 only support 64 - bit APP!

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