Mr Wang cronyism into pain points Meituan power figure emerged

yesterday, the reporter learned that, recently Meituan run away a large number of senior executives to tide, the outside questioned the company's ethos of cronyism.Whether zhihu or no secret, riddled with departing employees complain.And an internal circulating out Meituan figure, more let investors.In 2017, Meituan can struggle on, has become an annual hot Internet circles.

this Mr Wang figure, many Meituan flee the high-level by drawing.Reporter noticed that Meituan power figure core for Mr Wang's relatives and classmates;While his early Meituan eight king kong, have left the seven.The rest of the a, has been marginalized in the cat's eye.

at present, Meituan a technical backbone team, regardless of the huge options, all have to hungry?

Mr Wang's management ability, the front of choose and employ persons, and authenticity Meituan performance data, is becoming the focus question.

"Mr Wang like to use one of their own."A person close to him told reporters.Such as the group head of financial and personnel Guo Wanhuai is his wife.

at the beginning, Mr Wang reuse his cousin YanZhiHua became the general manager in east China area, the latter to buy the price of the room is very casual, "is a family in charge."YanZhiHua 80 yuan to buy rooms, for example, 80 yuan to sell, even if there is no margin or even losses, cousin Guo Wanhuai also accept according to the order."Purpose, just to give YanZhiHua gold, up flow and performance."

in 2014, 26 years old, educational background of technical secondary school YanZhiHua Yao Juntao, replace the original Shanghai area general manager Meituan Shanghai regional cries.

then, is the core team of dozens of people to flee.

Yao Juntao is one of the "eight big king kong", seized for Meituan siege, in internal popularity.Since then, Yao Juntao was forced to transfer the cat's eye, is the only one left in the group of eight big king kong.

Meituan former COO GanJiaWei, for Meituan established a powerful push team, sets a is responsible for the company's rapid expansion.

but in GanJiaWei Meituan for four or five years, finally the task.

a person fact: once, GanJiaWei and Mr Wang had a big fight at the office, at that time the biggest differences is that Mr Wang doesn't want to, so the financial don't have to be made public.As a COO GanJiaWei pointed out: "that you put your account LiLi clear.

how much Meituan valuations, GMV clinch a deal amount how many, I don't know."

due to the financial and personnel go to Mr Wang wife Guo Wanhuai charge, related email not cc GanJiaWei, the Meituan COO of core data, actually did not know.

Meituan insiders pointed out that Mr Wang reuse is not relative, is the classmates.Meituan original COO davids, original Dai Binjiang legal representative, Meituan platform and wine tour enterprise group President of cat, technology executives executives Yang Jinfang MuRongJun, the background, catering group CEO Wang Huiwen, all the classmate of Mr Wang.

the individual has a natural affinity and Mr Wang, once disagree and professional managers, libra will naturally fall to Mr Wang "own".

Mr Wang cronyism into pain points Meituan power figure emerged

in Meituan, cat and GanJiaWei feud, ending GanJiaWei did out.

and GanJiaWei have the same fate, there are six other transformers.The difference is that the original Meituan south four regional general manager zhang qiang, Meituan sales support Liu Yinfeng and Meituan QuZhiYuan, director of sales training, leaving voluntarily chose where to network.

just two years, where as the net President zhang qiang.

the rest, the original Meituan northeast regional general manager Mr. Wang, as baidu executives delivered now, for baidu take-away, head of the north China;The original Meituan COO assistant district and Shanghai general manager zhang xu, now as E bag wash executives.

the eight king kong, the original Meituan Huang Hongguang regional general manager of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, the original north four regional managers Huang Dong, all in the early days was sidelined, go.

at present, Meituan beauty division of many executives at departure, has declared is the division of China north song, general manager of the just."Since then, there will be a large number of high-level leave."

the expert points out, whether a company can long, thanks to the founder of the scientific management system and restraint.Mr Wang to create whatever is, in the choose and employ persons cronyism not taboo.Meituan this family management, will certainly to cause trouble.

in general, if a founder in handling interpersonal relationships, according to the brioche, rather than just apply for, can produce "own people" within the organization and the difference of "outsiders", of "war brothers, father and son play soldiers" family atmosphere.Countless experience shows, this is the root cause of enterprise collapse.

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