In huawei how to do research and development of a kind of experience?

the answer turns self-knowledge by netizens, the hope can help you:

1, the salary, salary now is unified university 9 k, 10 k of graduate students and doctoral about 12 to 14 k;Five social insurance and one housing fund according to the wages, bonuses grade A/B + / B/C/D, within each level also have no, A general 5 to 7 months, B + for 3 to 5 months, B is 2 to 3 months, C if some departments have A little bonus, but most of them are no bonuses, D belongs to cutting performance.

annual bonus is commonly found in May 4 - communication, about 5-6 month to account.

A/B + employees every year there is A big chance to pay rises, B pay almost no opportunity.About once every three years the aaa, salary by 20% - 30%, aims and the time of the fresh graduates income level by qi, otherwise can't recruit fresh graduates and older workers also by seniors heels;

2, subsidies: no car allowance, food subsidies, phone allowance, accommodation allowance, etc. Any subsidies.If after work overtime to 8 PM, can yourself to background to apply for 7 yuan in the snacks (before tax), but if you don't apply for no, other than the application time and no allowance.In addition some department to work overtime to ten after playing back can submit an expense account;

3, transportation: company generally or in the suburbs of the city development zone, drive to rush hour earlier if it takes 30 minutes to 1 hour, bus is 5-10 yuan per trip, how bus can choose shenzhen headquarters, smaller research institute are just one bus, usually before start at 7 o 'clock, have to get up early to catch up.In addition, there is no charge for overtime after the choicest evening bus;

4, attendance: before confirmation before eight o 'clock in the morning to the company credit card, can be flexible to 9 PM after positive charge, but owe an hour working hours during the month is lacking.Can have 2 times a month to forget brush card chance and 2 times forgot to take my card, but if often forget brush card or card will affect individual performance and department performance;

5, meals: own hangzhou institute, partial repast, people still have a lot.General consumption $5 in the morning, lunch 10-15 yuan, 10 to 13 yuan, dinner canteen provides microwave oven, can bring their own food.Because in the suburbs, the park near the small restaurant is less, so most of the solution in the canteen, a car can drive several colleagues go out eating out,

6, overtime, Wednesday and Friday don't have to work overtime, can add don't add on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday didn't live also basic need for a stay, belong to work overtime rules;Have a lunch break at noon, can buy a bed, some departments can even sleep until 2 o 'clock to work, evening also can be used to sleep all night.

due to the whole company huawei has relatively large, so a project from the project to really start to research and development about several months of quiet period, during the overtime is not much, but once the project is all kinds of hard drives a point, with hair version, work overtime at this time is much, LZ was staying overnight 7 days in a row, watch the fireworks in the engine room across years of feeling is not the average person can understand.

in addition, each month the last Saturday is required to work overtime, or double wage settlement for the holiday.The usual weekend work overtime is to look at the department, general will have to work overtime records, not do unpaid overtime, but each department is different, have a plenty of settlement for paid leave, have a plenty of settlement for overtime (double time), paid leave when they leave, the in the form of double wage settlement to you;

7, promotion: because huawei for many fresh graduates every year, so I want to by seniority upper that have to wait for a long time, the internal upgrade litres is generally 2 years (this year's undergraduate/graduate level in general is 13, 14 Dr Fresh level), the first to do skill appraisal, then promotion, salary depending on the ability to increase around 500-2000, but the internal rank for promotion to management duty or internal transfers such as or more important.

external poached people generally rank higher than native, but there are native stock, airborne no stock.

in addition, if we can get on well with the leadership and the leadership and leadership, or have a PPT, credit, brag, over trifling skills, such as a promotion way will be faster than others (big companies failing);

8, stock: before leaving huawei is made from equity for options system, estimation is also see a lot of old native to stock in hand, let a lot of new employee dissatisfaction, in addition to the stock will have to pay to buy huawei, equivalent to the deposit is the company that will share out bonus every year is due, yielding around 15% to 20%, year-end performance above B has a theory of the rights issue, but the probability of B minimum;

9, opportunity: if this is the school recruit, suggest or huawei as a springboard, club for viewing the long-term development of the situation.Reason is that the school recruit in large probability will be randomly assigned to each department, HR university I've ever seen do Java assigned to do the FPGA test, also like I want to do this kind of product manager assigned to do the embedded research and development.If the assigned task is just interested in you work, also might as well stay for a period of time to see if it is valued.

in this big company, huawei's move into the role of people tend to only do screw, ability and technology growth than small companies, can a promotion and pay increase quickly tend to only one or two "locomotive", huawei, promoting the "locomotive" culture, and "car" tends to be abandoned or ignored.

if you want to transfer is more difficult than job-hopping also in huawei, department of wall is severe, the control is in the same way, if you want to transfer or to other departments for department agreed to release yourself, the other department agreed to receive to pass.

in addition, said from huawei out would be better to find a job, is not, because there were so many people every year from huawei's departure, and as I turn the embedded Internet product manager, more difficult to find a satisfactory job;

10, atmosphere, the whole atmosphere of huawei or thinking, serious and engineers relative partial hardware, even if the project manager to do web or mobile Internet and has more or less hardware related experience.If you want to go to that kind of lively and blood of the company, huawei may not be well suited to, secretary department will organize a birthday party at the end of two months the longevity of dividing a cake together.In addition, occasionally also organize some activities, such as XX good voice, small games, such as;

in addition, the r&d department can't on the network, such as Google check information such as the permissions have to apply for opening line (department of quota restrictions), there are also many websites after open the permissions limited access, no WIFI, etc., in the company information security management is very important.

11, striver protocol: employee volunteer to give up the striver agreement the mandatory overtime (namely after work overtime) and annual vacation with pay, also can not sign the agreement, but will have certain influence to the year-end assessment and year-end bonuses;

in addition, the employees did not sign the striver agreement not qualified promoted to management post, rank promotion will also be affected by some.

12, research and development of long distance: this is a rotating CEO of huawei, can reduce travel expenses, so-called beyond the research and development, is the essence of which is on a business trip for a long time to work, but no any travel allowance works, some foreign research and development for a year.Additional work in huawei have the opportunity to travel to the institute of various areas, such as shenzhen headquarters, can take to go to Hong Kong shopping, also have the opportunity to go abroad to communicate (premise is you very NB);

13, other: huawei in general is still developing upwards, as more and more after 90 to join huawei, should be able to inject more fresh blood and vigor.In addition, if the end is want to venture or relatively smart talent, suggest or not to go to huawei, because as you stay with huawei staff days longer and longer, and you will slowly as they become, lose your passion, and lose your clever, then slowly became the kind of person you hate before;

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