In addition to a ball-point pen "core" and these technology to our country manufacturing industry to conquer!

yesterday, a published by the People's Daily client "done! China has finally made a ball-point pen head, is expected to be fully replace imported" message once appear, spread across the network.Reported that "China's steel production overcapacity situation, still import some special category of high quality steel products, including ball pen nib on steel. As the world's largest stainless steel production base, taigang group palate, the independent production of the crack tip steel finally."

it is understood that after five rounds of nearly hundred times of tests, taigang free-cutting successively in materials, performance, stability, corrosion resistance and other 7 kinds of problems on a breakthrough, grasp the precious metal alloy homogenization, disposal of several key technologies such as inclusion, laid the important foundation for key material localization.Taigang not only responsible for the drafting of "free cutting stainless steel wire is used in" by the national steel industry standard standard committee review concluded that the standards, not only to fill the gaps in the product standard in our country, and to improve the relevant written with steel production and product quality level, to break the foreign monopoly, effective alternative imports is of great significance, also let us very encouraging.

besides a ball-point pen "core", at present our country is still in many industries, there are many core technologies still rely on abroad, let's look at:

a shock absorption technology, running shoes

in addition to the ball-point pen

professional running shoes brand SAUCONY has GRID suspension system, is considered to be the only can provide delay shake and stable function at the same time the bottom technology system, it can improve the stability of sneaker and delay shake performance.And at present the domestic brands have not overcome this core technology.

2, mobile phone system

in addition to the ball-point pen

the current core technology development belongs to foreign countries, the android system is based on the Linux Open source mobile operating system, it is mainly used for smart phones and tablets, founded by Google the Open Handset Alliance (smaller companies, Open Handset Alliance) leadership and developing continuously, while the iOS is a mobile operating system developed by the company, dedicated to the apple brand series of digital.

3, numerical control machine tool

in addition to the ball-point pen

CNC machine in our country at present or in the low-end products, high-end CNC machine tools mainly depend on import.Our country high-end CNC machine tools supporting CNC system imports 90% of high-end CNC machine tool accuracy of stability, reliability, there is still a large gap.Dependence on imported high-end robot, domestic robot needed precision gear reducer, servo motor and controller, and other core components, most direct procurement of foreign products.

4, high-end medical equipment

in addition to the ball-point pen

in the high-end medical equipment in our country are use, 80% of the CT, high-grade monitors, 85% inspection instruments, 90% of the ultrasonic instrument, magnetic resonance equipment, electrocardiogram machine are foreign brands.

five, automotive engine and efi system

in addition to the ball-point pen

the lack of core technology in the automotive industry, especially in the case of engine and other core components.In addition, in the gearbox and efi system, etc., foreign technology is a leading position.It is reported that Germany Bosch, the Delphi, Toyota subsidiary denso almost all monopolized the market share, China ems, Germany Bosch's market share has exceeded 60%.The personage inside course of study points out, from the independent brands to foreign brands, from cars to trucks, from gasoline vehicles to diesel, every Chinese consumers to buy a car to the three foreign enterprise contribution thousands of yuan of profits.

6, home appliance technology

in addition to the ball-point pen

at present, the color TV display technology basic mastered by domestic several big companies, but in terms of white goods, besides air conditioning, domestic enterprises have the core technology is not strong, including linear frequency conversion compressor (energy saving province electricity), DD direct-drive (reduce equipment failure rate), frequency conversion motor core technology such as smart dust compression and lightwave technology basic mastered by foreign home appliance manufacturers.

memory chips,

in addition to the ball-point pen

the annual production of billions of dollars in electronic products, but 100% of memory chips imported, if there is no import of memory chips, China almost produce a complete cell phone, a complete computer, a complete TV, a complete digital camera

8, electric kettle, automatic trip in the small spring of power

in addition to the ball-point pen

made in China in pot 99% of equipment and spare parts, but is unable to manufacture small leaf spring trip without electricity, making 100 the kettle, it is better to British manufacturing a small spring high profits.

9, 3 d printing materials

in addition to the ball-point pen

although the application in the field of 3 d printing has reached more than 1000 kinds of materials, but compared with the traditional manufacturing, did not go far enough.Part of the nylon material, ceramic material, photosensitive resin material and metallurgical powder material such as titanium alloy, our basic rely on import, the serious influence the health development of 3 d printing industry in China.

10, sensitive element and sensor

in addition to the ball-point pen

at present, the sensitive element and sensor about 60% dependent on imports, core chip about 80% dependent on imports, the Internet of things used in MEMS sensor is almost entirely dependent on imports.The sustained growth in China's vast market by foreign control and monopoly for a long time, not only caused the loss of economic interests, and for national politics, economy, military and serious effects such as information security threat.At the same time, seriously restrict and affect China's Internet of things, big data, cloud computing, "Internet +", and even the wisdom cities, especially in military industry and the whole development of weapons and equipment level and improve, especially practical problems and contradictions.

the old saying said: "knowledge is not enough, then can reflexive; also trapped, then to self-improvement".Now we are in "the fourth industrial revolution" period, the countries all over the world are scrambling to step in a new round of international division of labor battle, with comparative advantage gradually transformed, global manufacturing landscape will be recreated, it is both great opportunities and great challenges for our country, and more opportunities than challenges, believe that through the efforts of the several stages, our country will realize the "made in China power" has become "China to create power" great dream!!!!!

in this paper, the author published for headlines, does not represent the headline position today.

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