Tencent and unicom so "self-destructive future" playing with consumers really good?

what was supposed to be 2017 vientiane update, beaming, but because I bought a phone card tencent and unicom launched, get fed, play games when see a tencent and unicom launched phone CARDS and name is "king card", thought tencent and unicom launched, it should be good, don't hesitate to apply for a, fedex's true not slow (because it is in the same city)

tencent and unicom so

after the hand, very happy to activate tencent and unicom so

see here again decisive impact cost 100 yuan, and activate the privilege.tencent and unicom so

promoting the free flow of application of the above, go to try it.

tencent and unicom so

results and guess what?tencent and unicom so

don not make, then look at the assistant, said to be manually activated tencent and unicom so

thought that give it a try, this time the in the mind has already started to worry some.

tencent and unicom so

really, what do you guess here?R!!!!However!Charge!No!The verification code!!!!!!

since not receive verification code I just wonder whether my mobile phone, so I tried it on other application, the results are useful, that is not my phone, later to call 10010, customer service is very polite and I said I will record the report is good, I waited for one day, the results give me a 400 call, said the 400-677-8899 let me turn 6, I did, according to the customer service of dealing with the business of tencent video, when I talked about my question, guess what?Again to find I find 10010 (China unicom customer hotline), is looking for group electric business processing, he can't deal with this, is very good, this is China unicom isn't it.

can't, then call 10010, it is important to note that this time I played for a long time to have a customer service through, let me find you when I mentioned the 400 phone group electric business, customer service and I said not this department!When I a face of meng force, and the other familiar for you record, and report.

can't I think of the telephone call 400 again, and I said, could not, has a group of electricity, they are responsible for processing the card of things, I said: "China unicom customer service said no, and you say, how should the whole that I now?"Results each other is asserted that the department, can't I have to hang up the phone.

in the afternoon, there was a 0431-81300260 this phone call to me, said I this card, I thought this might be mysterious group electricity?Results of the other party say not specifically to deal with this card, they are back office, what all processing, I thought that, no matter what, will solve the problem, each other after asked some questions, let me bring software uninstall, download from the new, the machine shut down from the new open, in the "king of card assistant" under the above to the new activation (this kind of feeling like you are in Internet cafes, as a result, system has a problem, network call you from rev machine is a feeling or bad that I say?The other said not make him, I say yes.

hung up the phone and put the qq games and video to uninstall, king card assistant cancel attention, and attention to activate, telephone also restart, but in the end or not make, I will give the phone call in the past 0260, as a result, no one answered...

here refers to mention is that customer service is and I said if you don't want to use, you can log off, ha ha, I can be close, and what about the phone?Actually does not return?This is kidding me?Although money is not much, this tone who can swallow it down!

a phone card, had been several parties united kick ball!The credibility of merchants in where?Or is only this problem won't hesitate to fill the phone card!

things here, I'm breaking down, to such a phone card, wasted a lot of time in the inside, finally can't, found out the king card assistant customer service.tencent and unicom so
tencent and unicom so
tencent and unicom so

this is the screenshot to contact customer service before, by the departure of manuscript I contact it again today, the result is still wait for my reply, from 5 to now, already 5 days passed, and still not solve the problem.Card in one's hand, I have tested the video, the result left more than 100, I gave up, say to customer service, advertising traffic...My membership without tencent video, maybe I really believed.

when things are going here, actually I no longer believe in love, my friends and I said a lot of people are online "pit", I was curious to get to the Internet to find, so I just think why not check in considering to don't online...

tencent and unicom so

tencent and unicom so

tencent and unicom so

this is tieba posts inside the tip of the iceberg, concrete is too many, we are interested can go to have a look, I want to say is, when I was in seafood gift boxes sold to consumers, I would have a taste, feel good, would like to purchase and sales, encounter problems directly call or send WeChat messages will solve the return package, such a simple truth, don't such a big companies will know?Up to now, 10010 customer service has been completely can't get through, if every friend in this situation, can use mobile phone to try and answer will be very fast, hehe.

as soon as the New Year, all want to get some new money, but really need not this means?Really sad, card after XiaoHao NaHua fees, this post is to want to tell you that when buying any product, still remember to check on the Internet, or really will hurt.

the above is my personal experience, if you have the same experience of friends, or friends like seafood, can add WeChat: tianyadeni0, finally I wish you all friends, the New Year, come true.

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